Bristol Palin NOT getting gift from Jamie Lynn :(

September 4th, 2008 // 89 Comments

It turns out Lynne Spears did not send Bristol Palin $60 pink burpcloths on behalf of Jamie Lynn. I don’t see why Lynne bothered denying the report because even a cynical bastard like myself thought it was a nice gesture. Until I remembered I have a penis then went around punching everyone within eyesight in the face. TOUGH GUY! E! News reports:

“I just got off the phone with Lynne. I can tell you that she hasn’t sent her any gifts, but that she does support Sarah and, of course, can empathize with their situation,” Curt Handling, Spears’ publicist at the Thomas Nelson publishing company, tells E! News.

It’s a damn shame. No fancy burpcloths for America’s favorite politically-polarizing pregnant teen. I guess Bristol Palin will have to wipe her baby’s spit the old fashioned way: With moose antlers or the hull of an oil tanker.


  1. rae

    who cares

  2. Sarah Palin's Boy Toy

    Sad, she will miss trailer trash shit.

  3. Randal

    Just wanted to take this moment to congratulate the new mother. You are a young and healthy young lady that will bring much needed joy and love to your newborn.

    May the little one be born perfectly healthy, boy or girl. All the best.


  4. Mo

    I am so sick of hearing about this litle girl.

  5. minniememe

    She did get those new brand of diapers “Luvs n Leaves”

  6. rough daddy

    of course the story aint true, how else would superfish get so many commentators!

  7. Hank

    I love to bang her into the headboard of an igloo. Dirty little Alaskan redneck slut needs it good!

  8. veggi

    It’s ok, her mom has plenty of cumburp cloths.

  9. Shut Up Randal


  10. File this one under “Who Gives A Shit”, I guess. Now, the supposed nudes of the the VP candidate….that’s the story you need to be telling! I seen em, and I doubt they are real. But who cares when this one isn’t!

  11. Jim

    I guess her “hockey mom” forgot to teach her how to close the five-hole.

  12. rough daddy

    very profound veggi #8

  13. #4 AGREED

    She was actually in MY town just the other day and I didn’t even find out til the 10:00 news. They put her on the fucking news. That she was in my town. what an exciting town I live in.

    Although one time I sat in the Peacock room at the Davenport and Jason Lee was in there smoking a cigar. Sitting in the same room with a famous person makes you famous as well, you know.

    So, what else is new? What did you have for lunch today? I had leftover Hamburger Helper and cottage cheese. Yum. Ok, not that yum. I’m bored. Is anyone else bored?

  14. National Enquirer


  15. mr sensitive

    I look at the parents and think, wow, what an attractive couple. I look at the kids in the picture and think, wow, how many retards did they have???

  16. rough daddy

    wow! #13? how much of a loser are you? being around 5th rate celebrities make you feel relevant? youll never be! just stick to checking the “dicctionnary” when i type…

  17. minniememe

    @16 Sounds like somebody’s cranky because their daddy hasn’t fucked him up the ass today

  18. rough daddy

    damn those are some huge sweater meats

  19. I would love bang Sarah and Bristol very hard anally then come on their ample breasts…. McCain is a complete douche bag but if he does get elected.. it will provide a plethora of masturbatory opportunities when ever Sarah and her hot daughters are shown on TV gigling those large feed bags.. so thats a plus I guess… Until the Dollar collapses anyways…

  20. Bristol

    I’m 17 and pregnant and not married, and I absolutely LOVE to be dragged out in front of the national media. THANKS MOM!

  21. rough daddy

    there ya go!!!

  22. Maury Povich

    #20 Please bring your loser boyfriend to my show. I would love to give you guys a paternity test. You must dress like a slut and he has to wear his hockey uniform and come out on stage flipping the bird. Call my office, k? The public needs to know if he IS or IS NOT the father. Until next time, America.

  23. LOL at #17

    Rough daddy, why don’t you just go back to mindlessly commentating??

    But seriously, what did you have for lunch?

  24. julia bella


  25. rough daddy

    heyyyy there’s our resident slut now=julia bella

  26. Tim

    Palin’s daughter is such an obvious slut! Perfect for my favorite trick – while she’s sucking my cock, looking into her eyes and start whispering a bunch of bs about how she’s beautiful and I love her so much and BAM – first big spurt, outta nowhere! And when she tries to pull off, no no no, somebody already put his hand on the back of her head! Sorry, little slut girl, you’re gonna eat every thick gob of salty semen. The more you dislike it, the more I spurt.

  27. Deacon Jones

    Boy oh boy what I would do to get my hands on those tits!
    No wonder the guy nutted in her, couldnt help himself

  28. julia bella


  29. rough daddy

    Hey fisted? @23 youre upset im interupting some arousing conversation between really lonely people at the office?

  30. Goodgenes

    Wow she is really pretty.

  31. Pat

    I love how Palin is proudly presenting her perfect Republican family, and they’re all sluts and retards.

  32. Come-Honor-Face

    say what you will, that chick is going to make x-tina’s fun bags look like pimples after she pops that kid out and she starts filling up the milk dispencers……….

  33. rough daddy

    you were waiting for me all along werent you bella?

  34. rough daddy

    this fisted guy#23 hes ready to blow jason lee because the man happen to work in entertainment,,,how pathetic are you?

  35. julia bella


  36. Venom

    Well, hopefully her second kid turns out healthier than the first.
    I mean come on, she is 17 and 5 months pregnant and yet she is way bigger than her mother who had 4 kids was at 71/2 months.
    Who do the Palins they they are kidding.

  37. rough daddy

    hey bella? ill bet bella is the last thing people think of when they see you right?

  38. Maury Povich


    That’s #34 screaming as he’s getting fucked by Jason Lee.

  39. Maury Povich

    Until next time, America…

  40. UK_Matt

    Great Tits. If she ain’t preggo in this shot, wow…they’re gonna be greater.

  41. UK_Matt

    Great Tits. If she ain’t preggo in this shot, wow…they’re gonna be greater.

  42. julia bella


  43. rough daddy

    now im included in everyone’s fantasies thanks to you julia bella

  44. Truth

    If you’re in that house, you’re trying to fuck the mom, not the daughter. It wouldn’t be all that difficult – her husband is distant and resentful that he’s the “wife” of a woman with an important career, and she clearly LOVES attention. “Gee Mrs. Palin, you look better than all the girls in my class!” would get you halfway there. Throw in something like “If you were my wife I’d want to be with you all day and all night!” and you’re helping her take off her pantyhose. Dim the lights, though…even the most MILFy 44-year-old mother of 5 (4?) has some junk you just don’t want to see in harsh light…

  45. sixpack

    nice rack. Where are the Palin bikini photos? THAT’S what we need to see.

  46. Rob

    I’d hit it…

    …then go directly to jail.

  47. rough daddy

    hey julia? put those krespe creams down and type something!!!

  48. Kennedy

    I think family members should be left out of political news. Has anyone been watching the DNC and RNC on CNN or BBC? Palin’s speech at the RNC was the usual rhetoric spoken by Bush. It should be no surprise that Palin used Bush’s speech writer to write her speech since they both sounded familiar with rants about how Obama wants to increase taxes, BUT Palin fails to mention that Obama only wants to tax the rich elite which eliminates most Americans from higher taxes. I could go on and on but, should not, so please stay informed and vote for Obama.

  49. Rob


    Yeah Hooray for socialism:

    In Obama’s “plan”

    “Providing Equal Pay for Equivalent Jobs
    The Act would equalize wage disparities between jobs that are segregated on the basis of sex, race, or national origin, but require equivalent skills, effort, responsibility, and working conditions.”

  50. Clem

    She’s orange and fugly.

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