Bristol Palin Got Plastic Surgery

May 11th, 2011 // 230 Comments

Bristol Palin has admitted to getting “corrective jaw surgery” in December 2010 which she not only claims isn’t plastic surgery but was a medical necessity because spewing absolute horseshit has become a new family tradition next to child birth relay races. Us Weekly reports:

“Yes,” she admits, “It improved the way I look, but this surgery was necessary for medical reasons…so my jaw and teeth could properly realign…I don’t obsess over my face.”
Still, “I am absolutely thrilled with the results,” she gushes. “I look older, more mature, and don’t have as much of a chubby little baby face!”

“How was I supposed to know magically no longer looking like I eat McDonald’s every single meal was a side effect of strategically performed corrective surgery? Now, if you’ll excuse me, my doctor just called and said all the fat in my belly has cancer, and I could die unless he sucks it out. Also, something about thigh scoops improving your cholesterol count. Isn’t science wonderful once you get past all the evolution stuff? Tee-hee!”

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  1. hankthemooncricket

    Just what the world needs, two Ashley Tisdales.

  2. Jeannette

    My husband had jaw surgery done to correct the his bite etc.. Same story as hers. Braces as a kid knew surgery would probably come around later. His appearance did not change nearly this much. Really you would only notice a different in his jaw if you were looking for it. She looks a lot different. He also had to be on a liquid diet for 6 weeks. Now that my husband is an oral surgeon himself I am curious to show him these pics and see what he thinks…

    • Deacon Jones

      Please do. I’m tired of reading Sarah Palin’s..,er, Beantown Babe’s rebuttals

      • Mandi

        Hahahahaa @Deacon.

      • Beantown Babe

        Wow–people get bitter when they’re provided with information! Sorry to bother you with facts!

      • Beantown Babe

        And BTW, as I said, I could not dislike the Palin’s more. I actually skipped work on the day Palin came to Boston to bring her tea party to Boston Common so that I didn’t need to go anywhere near that monstrosity as I worked in the area at the time. I’ve never voted GOP in my life.

        Having a certain level of education, intelligence, and life experiences enables you to separate politics from things that are completely unrelated. Unless you are confused because only Republicans get surgery in your area of the country?

      • michelle's cock

        I can’t believe you’re PROUD to say you’re from Boston. What a haven for bigots. The red nex…I mean sox were the LAST team to integrate, and even after they did, no one wanted to play there, and the families of the players who did would NOT go to Fenway.
        So, enjoy your racist past, “Beantown Babe.” As an outspoken commie-lib, I’m sure you’ve never heard a word about any of this, as ignorance is common with your ilk.

      • Mandi

        1. I don’t remember her saying she was “proud” to be from Boston (not that that’s a bad thing).
        2. Are we supposed to be able to control our city’s past? Are we supposed to live in towns/cities with only pleasant histories?
        3. Are you a little bit retarded?

      • um ok

        uh i know right. seriously DOUCHEBEAN go away no one gives a fuck

  3. Ed

    If she’d said “I did it and I love it” I’d actually have given her some respect. But now she still deserves zero.

  4. spek

    too bad there is no corrective surgery for being stupid…

  5. Bristol Palin Surgery Before and After
    Ella Farts-Gerald
    Commented on this photo:

    Ugly twat before, bitchface after

  6. adolf hitler

    i demand a certificate to prove what she had done!

  7. Bristol Palin Surgery Before and After
    Commented on this photo:

    More like a cross between Sarah Chalke and a latex Skeletor mask.

  8. Bringbackbabalu

    What is with all the liberal propaganda on this site? Talking about stupid coming out of someones mouth, why don’t you just make some Obama family posts. Bristol Palin really did nothing, yet millions of flawed, imperfect people make her out to be the antichrist. And Sarah Palin is 100 times worse. Fact of the matter, you are a fucking lemming fish! Palin’s autistic son would have done a better job as president than this stupid muslim radical we got stuck with. Funny all the people that I have met that said Palin was stupid “because they heard it on tv and it must be true” within 5 minutes they were lost for words, acknowledging that in fact they are the stupid ones. Why do any of these people even deserve to be on this site? Bristol Palin is just some girl, why don’t we put up some pics of all the retarded fat nerds that read and run this site, and post your whole family while your at it Fish. Can only imagine what kind of trash family you come from…people say you are asian…what are you bitter because you were sold into slavery as a child? I heard thats what they do in those inbred villages you are posting from. Or did a tiger with the face of sarah palin steal your baby brother out of your hunt into the jungle? Your stupidity speaks for itself, or you would have a real job. Anyway, next time I see a horde of lemmings running off a cliff I will look for the one with the squinty eyes and the 3 inch thick glasses that happens to be a virgin, and give you a salute before you fulfill your lemming destiny.

  9. FruitLoop

    Myself and the fine people of Alaska would like to apologize for this little piglet and her fucked up family as long as McCain says sorry for unleashing the Palin family dip-shittery on America. Now that their out there, the damage can never be undone.

  10. Bristol Palin Surgery Before and After
    Commented on this photo:

    If there was either urine or the blood of sasquatch prey dribbling off that chin instead of right wing jibberish I’d have sworn it was another kardashian.

  11. I'mAsian

    I thought except for her chin, that she had a very pretty face before the surgery. She looked youthful and sweet with pretty eyes, sure a bit full in the face but not in an ugly way at all. Now she looks older and unnatural and she looks like she had a brow lift too because her eyes don’t look the same.

  12. Bristol Palin Surgery Before and After
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    The cross earrings remind me of something Jesus said: If the work of the creator does not please you sufficiently, feel free to improve it lest thy vanity suffer.

  13. Bristol Palin Surgery Before and After
    oh i know
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    i’m not a fan, but she is improved…i suspect she had additional work done–all of it for “medical purposes”, of course….ummmm, right….

    • Big Ass Bunny Feet

      Hmmm i see some medically required veneers and and also some “safety first” lip injections. The poor dear. Thank god there are people out there to help people like her.

  14. Jennx0

    Hey Beantownbabe, I’d love to know where you went to get yours done? I’m assuming youre from Boston given the username, and I am too, and I’ve been looking into getting this done! I’d appreciate any tips. Thx

    • Beantown Babe

      I actually am originally from Connecticut and was attending college up here at the time, so I had it done while I was at home with my family in Connecticut. I saw Dr. Jeffrey Berkley, who has offices in Meriden and West Haven. He was a very good surgeon, but not a very good caregiver, as he sometimes said things that were not very sensitive considering I was only 18 and very scared. He is considered one of the top guys for that in CT, but again, a brilliant SURGEON. My surgery was done at St. Rapheal’s Hospital in New Haven, as they have a whole maxillofacial department, and they were all AMAZING. I would recommend going to see a couple people around here, to see who you feel comfortable with. Consultations can help with your decision making a lot. Check out some of my earlier posts regarding how it went. Glad to help in any way, its a rough thing to go through, but it will prevent SOO many problems down the line, its very worth it. I wish you the best of luck :)

      PS: In recovery, make sure to keep your nutrition up and not to lose too much weight by adding things like Ensure and Carnation Instant Breakfast to smoothies so you get all those vitamins and minerals.

      • Jennx0

        I basically have exactly the same sitch as Bristol over there… a receding chin which as a result makes my nose look bigger and my under-chin look chubbier. It’s not as bad as Bristol’s though but it’s something I’ve always wanted to get fixed though no dentist or orthodontist ever mentioned this option to me. Is recovery really that bad? I’m petrified of surgery… ha. Haven’t even gotten my wisdom teeth out yet. By the way, did you have to wear braces for a while leading up to the surgery?

      • Beantown Babe

        The recovery is rough, but its not horrific by any means. As I said in a previous post, the hardest thing is the liquid diet, but you can get really creative with it–soups, smoothies with fruit, mashed potatoes, noodles, eggs, yogurt, ice cream, apple sauce, all sorts of things. I did wear braces for many years before my surgery to correct spaces between my teeth, etc., but that was not required for me to be able to have the jaw surgery. They could take your wisdom teeth while you are under though! The nice parts of this surgery are that you don’t have to wear a cast at any point, or have physical therapy, wear drains, or bandages, and the stitches are limited. The swelling is most dramatic the first week, and much less so a month after.

      • name not needed

        hey BEANTOWN BABE- i dont know if you’ll see this since its been a week since your last post but…i came across this page randomly by searching bristol palin jawline after searching mandibular advancement after search jaw surgery…just trying to figure out if jaw surgery/mandibular advancement can make your JAWLINE MORE DEFINED. i had braces for about 3 years and was assigned to wear the rubber bands to help my overbite- by lengthening my lower jaw, of course- but i recall barely wearing them. i wasnt thinking that they would help define my jawline and fix my overbite. i have very full lips for a full white person. my top lip is already plump, so since i have an overbite, my top lip appears to be even bigger, despite my bottom lip also being kind of full. though i feel im getting cheated out of my natural facial structure, as my bottom lip is sucked in under my top lip and my jawline is softened by being far back from my overbite. by fixing my overbite, my bottom lip would appear fuller and parallel with my top lip, giving my lips an overall much fuller look. with the feature of a fuller looking bottom lip (and overall more plump set of lips) coming with the feature of a lengthened, more defined/strong jawline as a result of jaw surgery/mandibular advancement, fixing my overbite, i am suddenly VERY interested in jaw surgery, or whatever surgery bristol had. i also have TMJ, where my jaw clicks/pops/grinds when i extend/open my jaw, though it has become less significant over time, but i heard when the popping lessnes that the situation has worsened. ANYWAYS- through all of this, my MAIN QUESTION- does this surgery, when lengthening the lower jaw, further define the jawline?? your jawline probably hasnt become more defined since you had your lower jaw moved back, but are there pics of bristols profile face that show her jawline has become stronger or more square? i am fascinated that this surgery could give me the features that i naturally have but simply are hidden because of my overbite. i hope you see this!! couldnt ask anyone better

  15. Eve

    I thinks bring back babalu is a little bit crazy. About 10 years people like her started swarming comments sections of the net. Quite strange.

    Im wondering how long bristol’s recovery time has been. This jaw surgery takes ages to heal from, she seems to have just sprouted this new chin and gone out and about.

    Either way the Palin’s are a bunch of attention whores. Sarah didn’t go far enough in the entertainment industry so she switched over to politics. Her children are to ugly for both, so now they just get press for being stupid and desperate.

  16. Eve

    Sorry about the awful grammar.

  17. LilSawk

    Look. Scrubs will never be back on the air, no matter how many times Sarah Chalke dyes her hair. Accept, move on.

  18. AngelEm

    Wow, kinda pathetic.

    I have a fun idea, Fish. How ’bout you report on *relevant* people doing *relevant* things? Bristol? She’s just a kid of someone who isn’t even in office. Whatever she did or didn’t do to her face is about as relevant to the world as whether or not the ants at the park have recently remodeled their anthill.

    The Palins. Living rent-free in ‘Fish’s head. Kick ‘em out, idiot. You’re letting them do it and they aren’t even trying.

    • RasputinsLiver

      “How ’bout you report on *relevant* people doing *relevant* things?”

      Indeed. It’s like seeing a post and photos of Kathy Griffin or Serena Williams in a bikini, or any photo of Kirstie Alley.

  19. Bristol Palin Surgery Before and After
    Commented on this photo:

    So I too can look this way if I have my cheeks and chin filled with absolute bullshit?

  20. Buttercup

    Much cuter ‘before.’ She’s not even 21 is she? She doesn’t NEED to look older. Her face looks cartoonish now.

  21. Bristol Palin Surgery Before and After
    nay nay
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    I said to my boyfriend, “Didn’t she look better before?” He says, “I don’t give a fuck, she’s the afterbirth of someone who almost took down our entire country.”

  22. Bristol Palin Surgery Before and After
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    it looks like she asked for ‘the witherspoon’ chin

  23. RasputinsLiver


    Her and her whole country-ghetto snowbilly family are such fuckin’ white trash.

    Wish these pieces of shit’d go away.

  24. Bristol Palin Surgery Before and After
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    she’s right, it does look good. she looks a shitload better.

  25. Artofwar

    …Yea, If you’re skunk drunk enough to choose Stevie Wonder as the designated driver for the night.— yea, you would be in the frame of mind to notice the slight beautification of this widely viewed piglet make-over, has indeed blossomed into a full grown swine.

    This magical flesh doctor should be commended, or simply beaten to death in slow motion with a ball-peen hammer, just for adding fifteen more tic-tocks to this hog’s clock of inhumane public eye-ball rape.

    What the hell, kill the mother as well, why be lazy when you have a perfectly functioning hammer just within arms reach, just itching to do skull damage…..Artofwar

  26. Roxy

    I think they added too much chin, her face looks long and horse-like now.

  27. Just Fucking Say It

    Whatev. Vast improvement on that turtle face she had working before. It’s not corrective if insurance didn’t pay for it. No doubt she got the money from MTV for being the inspiration for “Teen Mom”. Royalties bitches.

  28. Bristol Palin Surgery Before and After
    Commented on this photo:

    By her jaw being misaligned, does she mean “double chin”?

  29. Mark

    I’d hit that

  30. sideshow_bob

    just last year she met reese witherspoon and thought “hmm…”

  31. the captain

    what for?

  32. No, Bristol, Roger Ebert had corrective jaw surgery. But if they dressed both of you in drag, the only way they’d be able to tell you apart is by your thumbs.

  33. Bristol Palin Surgery Before and After
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    sarah just pulled the puppet strings too tight. when she’s in relaxed mode the jowls flow out like waters through a reservoir.

  34. Bristol Palin Surgery Before and After
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    Charice might want to get the same procedure too.

  35. Bristol Palin Surgery Before and After
    Rough the π maker
    Commented on this photo:

    Those juicy tits can finally get the attention that it needs. Forgive me lord, I have used salty language, about someone who’s saving herself for you…

  36. Mike Walker

    They oughta bury that joke with it.

  37. terry

    For someone who claims to be soooooo conservative she sure has gone “HOLLYWOOD”.
    It’s the money baby! It changes 99.99% of everybody and everything.
    Now she looks like a goddamn tranny. LMBAO!

  38. rizzo311

    now if we could only get her to have her vag sewn shut…

  39. Bristol Palin Surgery Before and After
    Commented on this photo:

    um..this person does look better..but it it sort of scary that she does not look like herself anymore! she just needed to loose some weight

  40. People made fun of her weight and lack of chin before, now they rip into her for having it corrected. You liberal fuckwads crack me up. Every Hollywood drone has some kind of procedure, and the get a pass. I can’t wait for that plastic surgery whore Kathy Griffin to opener fake mouth about this.

  41. Enough. We already know the Nailin’ Palin series has legs at this point.

  42. Hawk

    Why did she have her nose done too?

    This doesn’t have anything to do with the upcoming reality show she’s starring in, does it?

  43. Timbo

    WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!

    I thought this was a celebrity website, not a politcal “trash the DAUGHTER of a political figure 4 YEARS AGO!”?

    I don’t know, maybe I got it wrong…

  44. aaron

    If I ever go swimming in shark infested waters I want to go with Bristol. No sharks would approach us because she’s so full of shit.

  45. Ismoss

    OMG this is hysterical. Watching the contortions some go though with anything related to a Palin is pathetic. The way the left hates is a real treat to watch. Anyway she looks great so who gives a shit.

  46. I don’t care about what this chick does to her face. The fact that this was funded by playing on the fear, uncertainty and doubt of the general electorate makes it reprehensible.

    These people are trash, no matter how much you polish it up.

  47. Bristol Palin Surgery Before and After
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    Nice weave, bitch.

  48. Shae

    Man, why wasn’t “Jaw Realignment Surgery” an option when I had to wear a spacer with a key to expand my upper jaw for like 6 months, then braces with those God damn rubber bands for 2 years? Horseshit. And I don’t mean her face for once.

    • Beantown Babe

      Surgery is usually a last resort for people who having spaces issues that are too big to be corrected by other means. Your docs probably didn’t suggest it because wearing all those appliances is a lot easier than going on a liquid diet for 2 months.

  49. loer

    If you look closely she looks like the JOKER. All she is missing is the green hair.

  50. Inmate 12236969

    What happened to the tolerant left, I can do anything with my body? Now they’re bitching about what she did with her body—shut the fuck up.

    What’s great is she didn’t need a boob job that I’m sure if she had small tits you lefty fucks would be bitching if she did get a boob job.

    • Mandi

      Inmate, you have no brain. No one is saying she CAN’T get plastic surgery. She can do whatever the hell she wants. But if you’re gonna get work done, just fess up about it. If this jaw surgery is true, then my apologies to Bristol, but I really believe bitch just got sick of her face. No big.

      Also, the “tolerant” attitude of the left refers mostly to basic god damn human rights. It does NOT suggest that we are perfect and don’t have a thing to say about anyone. Be done talking now please and thanks.

    • noooooooo

      “What happened to the tolerant left, I can do anything with my body? Now they’re bitching about what she did with her body—shut the fuck up.”

      Why does everything become a political grab, why can’t this just be a reality star in denial that they got a shitload of plastic surgery done and they’re so stupid they think no one will notice how far they actually took it. The big whoop is she’s a jackass denying that she went for the value meal package in the surgery options and is playing it off as a corrective surgery.

      It’s no different from people getting DD implants and saying they’re just using a new bra instead. They know and everyone else knows it’s a load of crap.

      “What’s great is she didn’t need a boob job that I’m sure if she had small tits you lefty fucks would be bitching if she did get a boob job.”

      Rofl lefty, what a load of crap. Anyone complains no matter what background they are when some jackass makes an obvious feature alteration and lies to everyone about what they did. It’s not limited to a political party at all but I guess you have such a hard on for the dems that you’re spouting this trash.

      Instead of telling everyone else to STFU why not actually comprehend what people are talking about and then decide to talk. I guess that’s asking a lot, why don’t you go GTL some more for the Jersey Shore auditions ya freak.

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