Bristol Palin Got Plastic Surgery

May 11th, 2011 // 230 Comments

Bristol Palin has admitted to getting “corrective jaw surgery” in December 2010 which she not only claims isn’t plastic surgery but was a medical necessity because spewing absolute horseshit has become a new family tradition next to child birth relay races. Us Weekly reports:

“Yes,” she admits, “It improved the way I look, but this surgery was necessary for medical reasons…so my jaw and teeth could properly realign…I don’t obsess over my face.”
Still, “I am absolutely thrilled with the results,” she gushes. “I look older, more mature, and don’t have as much of a chubby little baby face!”

“How was I supposed to know magically no longer looking like I eat McDonald’s every single meal was a side effect of strategically performed corrective surgery? Now, if you’ll excuse me, my doctor just called and said all the fat in my belly has cancer, and I could die unless he sucks it out. Also, something about thigh scoops improving your cholesterol count. Isn’t science wonderful once you get past all the evolution stuff? Tee-hee!”

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  1. cc

    What a bullshitter! There are so many features that have changed…her cheeks, her teeth, the shape of her chin, around her eyes.

    • Since her bite looks pretty nicely aligned in the previous pictures, it is utter bullshit, but the only thing that’s really changed is her chin and the amount of fat in her lower face and neck. Oh, yeah, and a new hair color. It’s obvious that she got a chin implant and some jaw lipo. Any jaw surgery as massively corrective as she’d like us to believe so that everything would now “realign” *eyeroll* would mean months and months of healing and possibly a bone graft or three.

      • Beantown Babe

        Modern jaw surgery requires 2 days/1 night in the hospital, no jaw wiring, dissolvable stitches in the mouth and a few on each cheek. 2 months of liquid diet, and after 3 months, the swelling is 90% reduced. I know this because I’ve had it. No bone graft required, but certainly some bolts and metal plating. The cosmetic results are dramatic, because its changing the bones in your face. You’d be surprised. I was when people who I had known for years walked past me because they didn’t recognize me after the surgery.

      • Oh hi, I replied to you below. But they removed chunks of your jawbone, which is obviously not the case here.

      • Beantown Babe

        Yes, that’s true, my lower jaw was moved back, and hers was moved forward (it appears). Her cheeks were pretty chubby before hand, I don’t see why she would get anything injected in there. I would chalk it up to post-surgery swelling, which, as I said, can take up to a year to go down completely, 100%.

      • Big Ass Bunny Feet

        Her teeth are different too. She either had her gums revised or some veneers. Her lips a bit plumper and less lined as well.

    • Look at her lips(inflated), nose(job) and chin(implant), it’s all in the same ‘aligment’, it’s just been ‘altered’. You can’t push your jaw that much forward or back with that surgery anyway, it works in mms not inches. A chin implant is the only thing that can create that much ‘projection’(not to mention all the fat that ‘magically disappeared’ under her chin.
      ..Anyhoo, she’s full of BS,had the Hollywood special and now looks looks like any other wannabee famewhore. Dare I say, I actually think she looked ‘cuter before’. She just needed to lose the pudge.

      • Beantown Babe

        Look up how big millimeters are and compare that to inches, and you will see that nothing got moved inches. You would not be able to tell the change in projection unless you looked at her profile anyways.

        You would lose a lot of your fat too if you ONLY ate liquids for 2 months.

      • Beantown Babe

        @Big Ass Bunny Feet

        Those changes can occur with a jaw realignment. Before I had mine, you could clearly see a lot of my top gum when I smiled. Afterwards, because things were lined up properly, my top lip exposed far less of my top gum (nearly none now) when I smile, and my lips don’t look as thin because they were not being stretched across my face improperly and the bones underneath them were in correct alignment. Plus, mine were swollen (along with most of my face) for several months after the surgery to varying degrees.

        People are not thinking about the mechanics of a surgery like this. If you changed the alignment in something that was not correct on an area that has many delicate features in a small area, and is in a place that everyone looks at all the time, there are going to be many noticeable changes.

    • @Justi

      You seriously think her bite looks properly aligned in photo #4? Her chin looks like it’s being sucked into her neck. Sorry to point this out to you and Fish, who I figure didn’t spend several years in med school studying dentistry, but corrective surgery for an overbite, which she very much had and can cause all kinds of problems later in life, results in the sort of change in appearance you see in her new photos. Don’t believe me? Google overbite surgery before after, and look at the photos. Surprise surprise, lengthening the jaw bone makes the chin more pronounced. It’s oral surgery, not rocket science. I think her whole family is a bunch of nutters, personally, but people that are crying foul over this just look like a bunch of asshats, right up there with the birthers. It’s ok to have some bias I guess, but when it turns you into a shit spewing moron, it’s time to seriously reevaluate your conclusions.

      • Mandi

        Ok, I googled. I didn’t see any before and after pics that were as pronounced as Bristol’s. Also, if she lost “a lot of fat” then how come her body doesn’t look different? ( And is part of the procedure lifting one’s brow?…..

        @Beantown… you’re killing me. I’m glad you’re surgery was so much like Bristol’s, but from what I read, the consensus is that it SUCKS and no one came out looking like a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSON. It seems you and Bristol (if true) are in the serious minority.

    • @Beantown Just bc you had it jaw surgery, doesn’t make you an authority on it. Omg are you bff with Bristol and she told you? Are you her doctor?No?Then you’re just speculating like everybody else here. Not to mention going on insane diatribes that make you look hilarious.
      I looked @ B+As too, and sorry they dont look ANYTHING like this. She was cute before, not she looks plastic.

      • Beantown Babe

        It certainly makes me more of an authority than you, my dear ;)

      • Mandi

        Not really Beantown.

      • Beantown Babe

        OH REALLY?

        I think anyone with a logical, practical amount of common sense would see that my having had extensive discussions with oral surgeons, dentists, orthodontists, and nurses, combined with the experiences of seeing my own x-rays, pages of medical records, sitting there in the oral surgeon’s office as he physically measured the planes of my face, and going through the actual procedures would make my rationale just a TAD more educated than yours.

      • Mandi

        You’re not an authority on BRISTOL’S PROCEDURE. Just your own. TRUST US, we know you’re an authority on your own. Christ.

      • Beantown Babe

        Well, that’s not what you said initially (” @Beantown Just bc you had it jaw surgery, doesn’t make you an authority on it.”)–so in speaking about jaw surgeries, I am in fact, more of an authority than you. As I have a better understanding of what maxillofacial surgeries entail, thanks to my experiences, and you do not, you are in a far less educated position in order to be able to rule it out.

      • Oh my god, if I read another one of Beantown Babe’s comments, I’m going to have to charge her $200 for the session.

      • noooooooo

        “you are in a far less educated position in order to be able to rule it out.”

        Actually you meant

        “you are in a far less experienced position in order to be able to rule it out.”

        The difference is about as big as your claimed before and after images for surgery, please try to use them appropriately. Having someone perform a medical procedure on you doesn’t translate their years of training and studies into you, no amount of searching WebMD makes you equivalent to a doctor.

        Most photographers would have issue with the shifts in the face, the pictures shown aren’t retouched and so you have to wonder where some of those stretch marks went. They don’t just vanish bececause you’re on a liquid diet and given the contour changes there it is hard to rule out makeup as well.

        Naturally she’s being like anyone else by denying that anything else was done when it seems highly suspect. Of course she’ll probably never have to admit to anything with fans and the party scouring the world to protect her.

  2. Rancid

    Any chance she can get corrective brain surgery?

      • Beantown Babe

        You seem to keep missing out on a lot of details that I have clearly outlined for you. Her face, on the whole, is going to look significantly different thanks to the bones in her facial structure all being shifted, making the proportions and symmetry of her face being shifted and changed. The skin that covers your face is thin and can easily look different all over thanks to bone realignment and swelling. The residual post-operative swelling can take up to a year to completely disappear. Don’t believe me still? Talk to an oral surgeon–go see their book of before and after pics of patients. I could even give you the name of mine, Dr. Jeffrey Berkley in Connecticut. As I said, I had friends that KNEW ME FOR YEARS see me after my surgery, look me in the eye, and walk past me as if I was a stranger, that is how much they did not recognize me.

        BUT if you insist on being contrary and hyper-critical, then so be it. Maintain your opinions as they are. While I have demonstrable personal experience to back up my opinions, your case is purely subjective.

      • Mandi

        I don’t know what you’re replying to here, but even if your story is real (it is the internet after all), your outcome seems to be very rare. Your surgery had results just like Bristol’s? Good for you. And that must make her story true, right? Well, I’m guessing there are a few people whose results match Bristol’s after getting a brow lift, chin implant, and lipo. We’ll never know. I’ll admit it’s possible that she really got this overbite surgery, I just happen to think the other option is a lot more likely.

    • Yeah…too bad she can’t be as smart as some lame ass who leaves anonymous comments on gossip boards.

  3. Jennifer

    Now if someone would just wire her mom’s mouth shut.

    • Sizzle

      Comment of the day Award goes to….

      • weak

        Yeah. Really witty. You libs are a laugh riot all right.

        At least she shoots moose instead of defenseless fellow muslims.

      • Roxy

        That’s not better, the moose are defenseless too :(

      • jenyjenjen

        Wait, Bin Laden is now a “defenseless Muslim” (I refuse to touch the “fellow”). My God, you Republicans hate Obama so much that you are now siding with the man who killed 3 thousand Americans in the most spectacularly awful act of terrorism on U.S. soil since Pearl Harbor. Can Obama do anything right? I guess not. Your small minded racism shines through with your comment..

  4. BoozeRob

    She is a fug monster

  5. anonymoose

    she thinks it IMPROVED the way she looks?

  6. DOucHe BaGELs

    Palin: “Don’t I look great now! I feel so much better.”

    Douchbag boyfriend: “sure baby…great” *pulls paper bag from pocket*

  7. Beantown Babe

    I never ever thought in a million years that I would defend a Palin in any way shape or form (frankly, they all disgust me), but I had a very similar surgery several years ago and can attest to similar results. The difference in my alignment was too severe to be corrected by braces, and it did end up making a big cosmetic difference–so much so, I remember distinctly seeing people afterwards that I knew VERY well, not even recognize me and walk past me as if I were a stranger. I lost 10 pounds, it changed the appearance of my chin and lips, as the way the bones in my face were pulling on them is different. They took some extra pieces of bone off my bottom jaw and put them in my cheeks and made them more pronounced, which in turn changed the appearance of my eyes slightly. It also straightened out my nose a bit (I have a deviated septum). Its hard to believe, but the girl is telling the truth. The surgery was necessary, because my teeth were not aligned properly because of my jaws, and as such, they could not work together properly. This made the wear and tear on them incorrect, and if left alone, would have meant tooth loss in the future. It can be a very medically necessary surgery that turns out to have very cosmetic results as well.

    • Mandi

      Yeah me too!! I also had to make my boobs bigger because I had a heart defect, and I got ass implants to realign my feet. TOTES LEGIT.

      • Beantown Babe

        Its ok, you could learn something instead of being sarcastic, its your choice not to.

      • Beantown Babe

        I’m not sure where you are seeing 2 extra procedures in my description. The bone that was taken from my jaw and put into my cheeks helped to stabilize the area in addition to plating and screws. This was not something I asked for or stipulated, my oral surgeons felt it was necessary because of all the shifting around. I still do have a deviated septum, and actually feel that my nose is on the large side, but because of all the shifting around of the bones in my face, it did straighten out its appearance ever so slightly. Its still a deviated septum, just not to the same extent it was before as I did not have them touch anything in my nose.

        If you want to be contrary and argumentative, that’s one thing, but if you don’t have a medical degree or surgical experience, or have never had anything similar done to yourself, then I’m not really sure on what authority you can logically call bullshit on.

    • That’s nifty for you (and I don’t mean that sarcastically), and that’s usually what’s done when dental misallignment is that severe – but her lower jaw actually grew instead of shrank. I think it’s a chin implant and some jaw lipo – and both would make a difference to the rest of her face in the exactly the same way your jaw/cheek surgery and rhinoplasty did for the rest of your features. BTW, her nose hasn’t changed, and injectable filler at the cheekbones is cheap.

      • Mandi

        I was being sarcastic because after you initially defended the jaw realignment, you then listed two other procedures that are purely cosmetic (I’m choosing to call bullshit on the deviated septum) and explained to us why they change your face. Um.. duh. Next time I’m at the doc for a necessary procedure, I’ll just make sure they throw some extra shit in my face. Come on…

      • Beantown Babe

        If her lower jaw was recessed (which would make the under the chin area appear chubbier because there is less space for it spread out under there) then they most likely moved her lower jaw forward to correct the alignment. This would make her chin appear larger and more pronounced. As for that area and also her cheeks and under her eyes, those areas would still be affected by swelling, as it does take a full year for that to go down completely. The best way to tell if it was just a chin implant or the jaws were moved would be to see before and after profiles. If her chin just appears longer, then that’s that. If she smiles differently and the protrusion of the lower part of her face is different, then its definitely a jaw re-alignment.

        And to correct, I did not have a rhinoplasty or “cheek surgery”, it was maxillofacial surgery of the upper and lower mandibles (jaws). Bone grafting and plating is common in other surrounding areas to stabilize the shift in bones.

        Also, for general knowledge, the difference in my jaw alignment was 15 millimeters. When you think of that space, it is TINY, however, it is too large to be corrected by braces, and thus required the surgery. Its enough of a difference to make a HUGE difference in how your teeth and jaws work together, and how your face will look before and after things have shifted.

      • jenyjenjen

        I agree with Mandi, you started out saying it was purely a jaw thing, then they gave you a nose job and took bones from your chin and put it in your cheeks! Your little medically necessitated jaw surgery turned into massive facial reconstruction. You should have stopped while you were ahead Beantown. The more you blathered the dumber you sounded. Then you accidentally let the truth out. Oops!

    • Office Door Closed

      Jesus loves cosmetic surgery.

      • Beantown Babe


        Read again, dear. I did not have rhinoplasty (a nose job), I said that from the other bones in my face being shifter, it straightened out my nose SLIGHTLY. They never touched the nose itself. Its still deviated (crooked) and wide. Also, I never said they took “bones from my chin”–first of all, your chin is one piece of bone that is part of your jaw bone (which is all one bone). I said they took some pieces of my jaw bone and used it to put into my cheek bones to help stabilize the area in addition to screws and metal plating. It was by no means facial reconstruction, and as a matter of fact, I refused to have a number of purely cosmetic procedures that my surgeon said he could do while I was under, including a chin reduction and a nose job (though that WOULD have been covered by insurance as it was deemed medically necessary since I do have a deviated septum with documented breathing issues).

        I don’t think the problem is that at any point I sounded “dumber”–its just hard trying to use larger, more accurate terminology to people who have trouble reading (witness you misunderstanding pretty much everything I very clearly, candidly, and honestly outlined). The truth has been very much out there the entire time, you just didn’t use good reading comprehension skills.

    • ZigZagZoey

      Beantown Babe (I’m from Massachusetts too) ~ Was it awful? I’m asking because my jaw is majorly screwed up and has been for years. Lately it’s been worse. But I am OLD for sugery! 46. My dentist has never mentioned this to me, and he is aware my jaw gives me trouble. I had my wisdom teeth (4) removed when I was 35, and wished I had it done way earlier in life. I am a big wimp and am scared of surgery!

      • Beantown Babe


        It is a very rough surgery in terms of recovery. For the first week, there is a lot of pain and swelling, and its very hard to swallow anything. You get very week from not eating, and need help walking short distances in your house. Your mouth gets very, very dry. After that, things get a lot better in terms of being able to drink soups and smoothies and things, and the swelling starts to go down, but will still be quite significant after a month and a half. At that point, I had some muscle spasming under my jaw, and when I was given clearance to start chewing again, my jaws were very, very weak and had to mush up food still. I also found that I did lost partial feeling in the skin on my chin and lower lip. You also go through a period of time (as I have heard with any major surgery) where you feel a bit depressed, like you feel you have made a mistake, and cry a lot. Despite this (and I did have complications in my surgery related to the fact that they tried to do some teeth replacement at the same time), I am glad I had it done. The cosmetic difference is very nice, and I find that I don’t get popping in my jaw or have trouble chewing certain things and can smile normally now because my teeth fit together properly. I have a lot of genetically missing teeth, so I could not afford to risk further tooth loss later in life. There are definitely worse surgeries, as you don’t need physical therapy for this one, you can shower fine, the hospital stay is not long, and the stitches aren’t bad and you don’t need a cast or bandages or anything. If you have problems, I would have it done. Just make sure you have someone who can help you through that first week. I was in college and went back to live in the dorms 3 weeks after mine, and just brought a smoothie maker with me and lots of cans of soup!

      • ZigZagZoey

        Thanks for telling me, but I don’t think I wanna do it!!

  8. As long as it makes it easier to fuck her in the mouth! and if you can keep from picturing her retard-shit hole mother you might be able to finish.

  9. She should have her legs wired shut before she gets unmarried knocked up again.

    • michelle's cock

      Wow. Must’ve been up nights thinking of that one.

    • So she has a kid and is supporting that kid on her own and that’s bad, but when a bunch of welfare mommies spit out kids you libtards are the first in line to hand them our tax money. You are such a hypocrite.

      • If you think I’m a liberal, you’ve clearly not paid attention to my posts of wisdom.

        Getting knocked up and having kids as an umarried teenager is an irresponsible and moronic thing to do no matter what your political leanings. If you can find hypocrisy in there, well shove it up your ass.

  10. Bucky Barnes

    Excellent post, Mr. Fish. I love how you worked in a dig at the creationist cretins. On the other hand, the Palin clan’s reptilian brains could add credence to the idea that Adam and Eve cross-bred with dinosaurs..

  11. Bristol Palin Surgery Before and After
    Commented on this photo:

    She sort of looks like a brunette Sarah Chalke here.

  12. Cardinal Fang

    Corrective jaw surgery could also include laying off the donuts.

  13. Mandi

    She looks like a completely different person and it freaks me the fuck out.

  14. I Can’t Believe There’s Less Butterface!™

  15. I would do her and her mom. Maybe even her dad.

  16. cc

    Just wondering, was the need for corrective jaw surgery ever mentioned on Sarah Palin’s Alaska show, or anywhere else for that matter? Given this families famewhoring, you’d think any ‘medical drama’ would by played up for all it’s worth. Unless it’s a bullshit cover story.

  17. wallygator

    I’m a dentist and can attest to the fact that these surgeries are common and needed. The results in this case are subjective, I personally liked her baby face.

  18. Gaylen

    Obviously they corrected how little chin implant she had before.

  19. Cock Dr

    What a bunch of crap.
    She had a chin implanted, to make the rest of her face look less fat.
    The Palins will be milking the reality show money cow for a while now. Like many GOPers they talk a lot about faith & jeebus but what they really worship is CA$H.

  20. DOucHe BaGELs

    Nallin Pallin 2: After the jaw surgery

  21. Bristol Palin Surgery Before and After
    Commented on this photo:

    She had to have cheeks done too…

  22. Bristol Palin Surgery Before and After
    Commented on this photo:

    who superimposed her face on Shannen Doherty

  23. Richard McBeef

    I would fuck the shit out of her and her mom, based entirely on the fact I can’t stand those bitches or their ugly faces and fat asses.

  24. The Critical Crassness

    It was a medical necessity for her to have her jaws realigned, how else would hse have been able to get her mouth open wide enough to accommodate the Massey brothers dicks?

  25. Bristol Palin Surgery Before and After
    Commented on this photo:

    I liked her look before, like so many pretty young ladies, they change and they look good I guess, but not distinctive any more. Chin just a tad too large now.

  26. anonymous

    Bristol kind of resemble Amanda Bynes now.

  27. Rough the π maker

    I just realize the man who lost his entire face is just lazy for not getting more surgery. And his making the rounds like hes done. Show em how its done Bristol.

  28. Cher X

    I know jaw issues, I have jaw issues. That ain’t no jaw issue. That’s just straight up lipo and chin implant.

    Enjoy your new Mac Tonight face Bristol! You were prettier before….but just as useless.

  29. I said that already.

    I’d come on that jaw.

  30. The Lord Almighty

    Good start, but you need WAY more surgery tubby.

  31. Bristol Palin Surgery Before and After
    I said that already.
    Commented on this photo:


  32. Sugar

    I think she looks 1000x better now. She was ugly before. I need a chin implant! WAAAAAAH

  33. Bristol Palin Surgery Before and After
    Commented on this photo:

    Amanda Bynes + Aubrey O’Day =

  34. Rough the π maker

    His=he is

    Cause you wont be able to sleep tonight.

  35. still looks overweight, and she’s still a retard. surgery can only do so much

  36. TheJoaker

    Fuck it, who cares. She’s in the public eye and would like hearing less snippy bullshit from people on sites like this, and has the money to take care of it. More power to her. She “may” have lied about the surgery, but as long as we can’t prove something we don’t bitch more. She looks good. She likes it. And I don’t care about her, so I don’t need to know more.

    • TheJoaker

      This site is called the superficial, right? She fits right in

      • TheJoaker

        Doesn’t fix her personality, just now most Of us would be more willing to hear her opinions. And maybe use them to bang her mom strictly for bragging rights and potential blackmail

  37. I'm A Jerk

    What a stupid waste of money. She could have just hit the gym and sweated her double chin away and changes the shape of her face by sweating all the fat off of it. Now she just looks like a freekish crescent moon faced plastic surgery victim. Your face is pretty much the 1st thing that changes when you lose weight. Look at Raven Simone, she looks like Nicole Ritchie’s waaay hotter, slightly more tanned twin sister now.

  38. Bristol Palin Surgery Before and After
    Commented on this photo:

    “You needed an extra chin?”

  39. Bristol Palin Surgery Before and After
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    + Snooki

  40. FeelTheBurn

    Ahh, I just love basking in the acceptance of the tolerant left.

    Please allow me too introduce myself, I’m a man of wealth and taste. . .

  41. Bristol Palin Surgery Before and After
    im going 2 hell anyways
    Commented on this photo:

    Ack, mine eyes! Look at that hideous smile, that jaw is all kinds of jakked up! Just a stellar catch by Trig Palin, DDS.

  42. Office Door Closed

    Love that fat, desperate girl look.

  43. Deacon Jones

    Looking at these pics, it’s clear she had -

    1. Jaw surgery
    2. Nose job – look at the tip of the nose in before/after
    3. Lower eyelid reduction
    4. Cheek implants
    5. A shitload of lipo

    I think she has Michael Jacksoningitis – she hates her parent so much she’s starting to butcher her face/

    • Beantown Babe

      No, its not clear that’s what she had. If you move the jaws around, its going to change the proportions and symmetry of the face, and affect how other features look because of the change in bone structure under the skin. I don’t really see a difference in her nose at all. The change in her eyes is again going to be affected by the change in bone structure. Her cheeks were very plump beforehand, if they look different, its because of the change in her face shape and residual post-operative swelling. The change in jaw alignment made her face look longer and therefore thinner, besides that fact that with jaw surgery, you are on a liquid diet for 2 months, so you are bound to lose weight.

      My ability to authoritatively comment on the subject matter comes from the fact that I have had a similar jaw surgery myself. Reference my other previous posts for more info if you would like to learn more.

      • Deacon Jones

        SO what does that have to do with the fact that the tip of her nose in the “after” pictures look like Michael jackson’s?

        And she sure as fuck had a chin implant, regardless of whether they moved her jaw forward relative to her skull, it would not change the actual bone definition and spacing of distance between her chin and lips

      • Beantown Babe

        I still don’t see a difference in her nose.

        Be that as it may, YES, it absolutely change the bone definition in her chin. In my surgery, my jaw was moved backward, and it made my chin appear significantly shorter, and made my lips appear fuller as they were not as stretched across my face. In her case, the bottom jaw was lengthened, which would make the chin appear more pronounced, especially in relation to her lips. Reference Cash’s post earlier in regards to these types of surgeries and do some Googling and you will see.

      • VandaL

        So what you’re saying is, all those that had surgery around the eyes, mouth, brow, eyes etc wasted their money? Just sorting your jaw out makes you look totally different? No, I didn’t think you was.

      • Beantown Babe


        Your comment makes no sense. People who want their eyebrows done, or lips done, or whatever, purely wanting cosmetic changes would not be “wasting their money” if they are just looking for that desired result. Jaw surgery is a difficult surgery that requires a lot of recovery. Why would someone get their jaw done just for cosmetic reasons when it would mean literally not being able to chew for 2 months or more? Just because a medically necessary surgery happens to have a lot of cosmetic changes as well does not change the fact that that is what was done–he jaw was realigned.

      • um ok

        really? you’ve just polluted half this page with your crap about plastic surgery? no one gives a shit mate.

  44. VandaL

    Gods work wasn’t good enough then?

  45. watson

    nope i dont like. I just dont like my dear. Her jaw slant looks unnatural. I saw this on another site a few days or a week ago and people were defending her saying that she did not get plastic surgery but just lost baby weight. How does losing weight magically form a new jaw structure that is larger than your original one. Does this mean that Megan Fox also get jaw surgery?

    • TheJoaker

      Who cares if she looks like Megan Fox?

      • watson

        I dont care if she looks like Megan Fox idiot. The subject was changes in lower jaws you twit. Try not to spontaneously respond to things without thinking it over like you did above.

      • TheJoaker

        I didn’t say she looks like megan fox. I was replying directly to your comment. No one cares how Megan Fox got to her looks as long as she looks like Megan fox. It was a question and not an argument. Take your own advice and think before posting, if you think it’s so necessary to do so.

      • Mandi

        Joaker, I think I see where you’re going with this, but “Who cares if she looks like Megan Fox?” reads “Who cares if Bristol looks like Megan Fox?” which makes NO sense and probably why Watson lashed out.

      • watson

        Joaker just screw off. Just stop posting because all of your comments are useless. Clearly you just found the superficial today and cant stop posting. Like a horny virgin who has just seen a voluptuous woman with a superbly inserted chin implant.
        FYI everyone knows Fox had her nose done. I simply mentioned that a while back she looked different in the jaw department. The fish did posted a pic of her and she was looking different. simple statement. And your question is still ridiculous. You pulled it out of your ass that I said that Bristol looked like Fox. If only you could have pulled your head out as well.

      • watson

        Thanks Mandi! I pity that fool.

  46. Bristol Palin Surgery Before and After
    Commented on this photo:

    best plastic surgery results i’ve ever seen.

  47. Bristol Palin Surgery Before and After
    Commented on this photo:

    No, Roger Epert had corrective jaw surgery… though, if you dressed either of them in drag, you’d have to look at their thumbs to tell them apart.

  48. RoboZombie

    Why wasn’t she happy with what god gave her??? Is she saying god f f*cked up?? Anyway, she’s still butt-ugly and stupid, just like god wanted.

  49. Krystal Brown

    People need to get over it. Thousands of people get plastic surgery and if it wasnt for corrective realignment whatever whatever like she said, then I dont blame her for lying. People try too hard to get too involved in celebrities personal lives. She looks fabulous and I hate that so many people wanted to bring her mom into this (one comment was “wire sarahs mouth shut”) everything always has to turn political doesnt it? Bristol looks great, she looks more mature just like she said, and its no ones buisiness to care what she does to her body. Im just shocked so many people said she looks worse. (i dont see it)

  50. The real feat here is that you just tricked me into carefully examining pictures of Bristol Palin for the last 10 minutes. Good one.

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