Bristol Palin Lectured #OscarsSoWhite, Oh, Good

Don Rickles is ready? Let’s do this.

If you ever needed concrete proof that Christian conservatives in America are a shat menagerie of dumb that should never once be taken seriously, Bristol Palin makes a living regurgitating its talking points on the Internet. Which she just did in response to #OscarsSoWhite where you’ll be surprised to learn she took the position of whatever fucks another child out of wedlock into her vagina over black people. I’m as shocked as you are. Via Patheos:

[NOTE: Here’s the part where I normally quote the source material, but Bristol Palin’s argument is literally the horseshit white asshole canard of “not everyone gets a trophy,” so I’m going to spare you all of that to make up for the Justin Bieber dick in the Kanye post earlier. You’re welcome. -SW]

In fairness, Bristol was defending Stacey Dash who, technically, is black, so it should only be a matter of a time before her mom shoots her from a helicopter.

“Head of serpent Bristol soon become. Left turn you will, for Satan’s bride clear shot I must have.”

And I’ll go turn in my nerd card. That was uncalled for.

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