Bristol Palin Received Death Threats After Obama, Gay Marriage Post. Goddammit…

May 15th, 2012 // 114 Comments
Oblivious Junior
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Probably the worst thing that could’ve happened after Bristol Palin(‘s ghost writer) wrote a hilariously hypocritical blog post criticizing Barack Obama‘s support for gay marriage is an excuse for her to play the martyr, and of course, this being the Internet, she was handed that on a silver platter. Granted, comments can be faked, I’m not at all going to pretend she didn’t legitimately receive death threats for being an ignorant little shitbag which was the stupidest way to handle this. Via her latest blog post:

If you read the almost 3,000 comments after my controversial post, or read the entertainment magazines, you’ll see some of the most terrible words against me, my mom, and my entire family.
You’ll see hate in the name of love. People claim they’re just trying to protect the right of two people to love each other – a right I don’t contest, by the way – and then spew the worst words imaginable at someone they disagree with. If the agenda is love, why do you hate so intensely?
You’ll see bullying in the name of tolerance. Bullying is in the news lately, for good reason. It’s horrifying to see stories of young people taking their own lives because they can’t see past the hate of others. Around Hollywood, there’s lots of concern and great initiatives to try to encourage more kindness in this world. Then why do I get so many messages telling me I should die?

So right off the bat, if you’re one of the people threatening Bristol Palin, knock it the fuck off, you’re not helping. Her entire blog post – and all the backpedaling in this one – provided plenty of ammunition to run circles around her. Christ, she just said she’s in favor of gays up there and protecting their right to love each other, yet goes on to say the following horseshit:

Here’s a news flash, guys. Your hate and bullying don’t work. People see through it, and they don’t like to be pushed around. You think it’s completely obvious that you’re right, but this younger generation is more pro-life than their parents, and voters just keep defending traditional marriage. Why? Why would we if you’ve been telling us what to think for all these years?
Because we think for ourselves. And we’ll keep thinking for ourselves no matter what you call us. So keep sending the hate, but realize that hate doesn’t win arguments.

Also, she immediately loses any argument by touting the most oft-repeated, nonsensical line that you’ll see on almost any Internet comment thread on any site by people who know they don’t have a leg to stand: “Durr hurr I thought liberals were supposed to be tolerant.” Again, I’m not condoning death threats which are counter-productive, but if you think we’re just going to cede an argument because you can’t grasp the simple nuance that being tolerant does not equal accepting any viewpoint, especially those based entirely on legislating intolerance, you’re not making some witty retort, you’re a fucking idiot. Except none of this even matters because Bristol Palin just Kardashian’d every single one of us like a hot stream of piss right in the face:

Here’s the thing. In the articles and comments, I saw a lot of hate and a lot of bullying, but you know what I didn’t see much of? Arguments. In fact, this reminds me a little bit of the incident in an L.A. bar that went viral several months ago and will be shown in its entirety in my upcoming new reality tv show.

And that, boys and girls, is how you get trolled. Walked right into it

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  1. Bristol Palin Surgery Before and After
    Commented on this photo:

    Way too obvious new chin, looked better before, she was naturally pretty now she looks like a freak

  2. i’d like to take a dump on her newly giant chin…

  3. Cock Dr

    There’s more rubber in that chin than the Goodyears on my car.

  4. Joe

    They can do THAT for her, but for Roger Ebert, nothing…???

  5. Larry Jones

    This is what you get when you fuck with the Cult of LIberalism*, Bristol.

    *= a wholly owned subsidiary of al-Qaida.

    • The Garbage Man

      Yes, because al-Qaeda is a notorious bastion of liberalism and not at all a group of fundamentalist religious conservatives. They sure do love the gays!

  6. Yup

    Gotta love all the haters that want to fuck her and her mother so bad.

  7. Bristol Palin Surgery Before and After
    Short FB!
    Commented on this photo:

    Looks like she might know a thing or two about pork barrel spending.

  8. rican

    It’s not about accepting any viewpoint Fish, it’s about not resorting to hate, insults and demeaning a person because you don’t agree with his/her viewpoint. Stupid liberals like you think that they’re ceding a point if they can’t insult the other person.

    • Archie Leach

      Yeah rightwing reactionaries NEVER use “hateful” language nor demean their ideological opponents. In fact rightwing reactionaries are saints with no blemishes whatsoever.

    • Dramatic Puddle

      Smartest post I’ve read all day.

      One can be against gay marriage and other trendy social issues without “hating” the gays. Liberals throw that “hater” thing out there all the time because they can’t use their idiotic feel-good tactics to change minds, so they try peer pressure via accusations of hatred. It doesn’t work on me either, because I recognize that if the liberals can’t do better than that then their pet causes deserve failure. Liberals aren’t thinkers, and that’s why they lose in the end.

      I have the right to do my own thinking, form my own opinions, and express those opinions. You have the right to disagree with what I say and to not like what I say. The true hater will use insults and will try to assert his rights at the expense of mine; at the end of the day, I know I’m not what I’m called, so I move on just fine. Fish, you’re getting a bit too pathetic these days; how ’bout if you rein in your own hatred and stop trying to make something fun into some sort of liberal life lesson? You’re not bright enough to change minds and hearts. So do what you do well and make us laugh. Or please STFU altogether.

      • Larry Jones

        This is how they operate. They’re open minded, easy going and accepting of other cultures and viewpoints…….until they disagree with yours. Then they want to kill you.

      • Vandinz

        So claiming they (gays) should burn in hell isn’t a statement of hate, it’s love. OK, gotcha. GTFO!!

      • Larry Jones

        She said gays should burn in hell??? Let’s link to the quote. I’m waiting…

      • Brooke

        I’m a Democrat but I am in the middle on most issues. i don’t have a problem with gays and lesbians, but I can see where people who don’t want them getting married have a point. I’m for the civil union thing, because I think marriage could be a man and a woman and then a union is just the same thing with a word for same sex couples. I’m not against gay marriage, though, and if I had to vote yay or nay, I’d vote yay because I don’t personally see any major cons with letting Larry and George tie the knot. i just like the idea of calling them “united” I guess, but “married” is what many homosexuals orefer so whatev,

        But when people go on and on about the sanctity of marriage… come on. Palin’s got a kid out of wedlock from when she was a teenager and the dad is barely involved, even though I think they were engaged at one point in time. Straight people can’t seem to keep divorce rates down and there’s cheating aplenty. So that argument is incredibly weak to me.

        But the whole red vs blue thing… ugh. People have opinions, why do we have to choose a side? Sometimes I’m conservative thinking, sometimes I’m liberal, but either way, I just hate being told I think something because (insert horribly mean and general comment here). In this case, I think Palin’s argument against gay marriage is weak and hypocritical and lacking actual facts. She also doesn’t have any credentials other than having a joke for a mom and a disdain for condoms. Political standing has nothing to do with my disagreeing with her or making fun of her plastic chin…

    • I love that “The Superficial” is where you come to debate the hard hitting issues of the day.

      • Fish bashes both sides. Granted he likes to bash the “Right” a little more than the “Left” whereas I like to bash the “Left” a little more than the “Right”.

        At the end of the day, all politicians are assholes looking for votes to keep their cushy jobs.

      • JK

        Uh since when does this site bash the left unless it’s something truly embarrassing like a sex scandal? This is a tabloid site not the Daily Kos and I wish they’d keep out of politics and the crap their offspring say too as there’s far more interesting garbage to cover.

      • kimmykimkim

        Seriously! Where do you guys get the energy to argue like this? I can’t even read it all. Just give it up you guys! It’s not like there’s ever going to be an agreement between the two sides. Or keep arguing, all I’m saying is you’re all in a no win situation. Not a single one of us going to change the other person’s mind.

    • Next time when you get on your little soapbox and attempt to sermonize with Bristol in two-part harmony about not insulting people just because you disagree with them, try to avoid using the words, “stupid liberals” in the closer.

      Seriously, trying to keep from laughing at the irony is making my sides hurt.

      • rican

        I’m not sermonizing, justifiable stupidity, I’m calling fish out on his retarded statement and responding to an insult with another insult. As you can see, I’m not above stooping down to your level of intelligence.

      • dooood

        this is all a divisive distraction issue.
        nobody ever talked about it until george W bush brought it up for the sole purpose of taking attention away from the war and all the corruption in his administration.

        nobody should get married. ever. it is all absolute nonsense.
        it’s a bullshit institution that women are programed to be obsessed with from birth. monogamy is fine but marriage implies possession. as if your spouse now belongs to you.
        if 2 people care for each other and want them to be together, let them be together for as long as they want. it is nobody else’s business especially not the government’s.

        for people hatin on fish. please read his post(s) again and look more closely at the subject(s) of ridicule. he’s calling somebody who is an uneducated, ignorant, privileged hillbilly, an idiot.
        he’s not throwing around excessive partisan rhetoric.
        people have their own opinions and that can become clear but it was never a political broadside of mudslinging.

        @dramatic puddle, according to what you are saying, that makes you liberal.
        now i’m not talking about all the bullshit labels that idiot pundits and politicians throw at each other so much that the words have lost all meaning. i’m talking about the actual definition.

        Open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values.

        now if we could only drop all the divisive bullshit and be able to talk to each other like adults.

      • So basically, the your only point is the one on the top of your head.

        Maybe if you comb your hair rigfht and wear a hat, no one will notice.

  9. Death threats from “tolerable” liberals…….? NEVER.

  10. Archie Leach

    Wait what?? This walking hypocrisy with the intellectual development of a 12 year-old has a reality show?

    What the fuck is the shit-for-brains gonna talk about/do in this “reality show”? The tremendous experiences she’s had in her long life?

    • Larry Jones

      as opposed to all of the incredibly brilliant and insightful reality stars currently clogging my cable line up?

    • dooood

      he’s got you there archie…
      stupid sells.
      find a world class idiot, put them on camera. someone will watch it.

  11. wtf

    She looks like the result of Reese Witherspoon mating with that Audrina chick.

  12. Vandinz

    BLASPHEMER! So she doesn’t like the work of God and decided to have surgery? She going to hell. Bitch.

  13. yyy


    there were plenty of rational and calm arguments in the comments on her blog, most were. lol, can you imagine it the other way around? these people just try to play games. WELL dont you say this and LOOK. no look at your ignorance for a chance.

    i see bristol chose the easier route… being a follower

  14. Abby Normal

    How much threat could anybody pose to The Walking Brain-Dead?

  15. She does have a point. Only now it’s in the same place that Reese Witherspoon has hers.

  16. Bristol Palin Surgery Before and After
    Commented on this photo:

    “My name is Talky Tina and you’ll be sorry.”

  17. Bristol Palin Surgery Before and After
    Commented on this photo:

    Because there is no conference to address cognitive dissonance.

  18. Bonky

    Oh come on, sure we all want you to die, but none of us want to kill you. It would be nice to see you get cancer or have a stroke or get hit by lightning, but we dont want to actually do you any harm.

  19. Bristol Palin Surgery Before and After
    Commented on this photo:


  20. BlackAndWhite.Minstrel

    tl; dr
    1. Two people have the right to love each other but not the right to call it marriage
    2. Confused Fish is confused

    I’m already banned. Now I’m going to get double secret banned.

    • dooood

      meh.. let em call it w/e the fuck they want. who cares.
      but for the record all marriage is completely ridiculous.

      this is all so divisive and pointless. it’s all a distraction issue!!
      at the risk of sounding redundant, think about just what we are arguing about. gay marriage?!?! that’s the gayest fucking thing i’ve ever heard of in my entire life!!

      you want to be free? you are free! (as much as anyone else).
      you want equality? you have equality! (sort of).
      you want to talk with a lisp, dress fashionably, make out with dudes, dance around all effeminately and flamboyant as all hell, that’s fine! celebration!!
      but don’t disregard the fact that some of these mannerisms and lifestyles make some people uncomfortable.

      • fifiG

        Makes some people uncomfortable? You mean exactly how some people felt about interracial marriage 60 years ago? Unless you’re racist enough to think people should only love and marry within their own race, you’ve already proved my point.

      • Hey, guess what? Paying the same amount of taxes as your non-lisping, unfashionable, more-rights-having ass does makes some people “uncomfortable” as well. You want to retain that right to be “comfortable” and keep some people at a second class level? Then you can fucking pay for the privilege.

        I’m sure it totally went over your head that our founding fathers also resented like fuck having to pay taxes just like every other Englishman, but were given less rights, freedoms and unequal representation in Parliament for the price.

        Tsk. How totally “gay” of them to make others feel “uncomfortable”, what with their rights-demanding, powdered wig flaunting, and lace-cuff wearing lifestyle. They should just have disregarded their selfish, silly distraction issue wants, because all freedoms are basically ridiculous.

        Of course, only the nimrods who have ‘em through no effort of their own are moronic enough hold them so cheap.

      • CranAppleSnapple

        No one stops you from being an asshole, even though it makes all of us uncomfortable that you are one!
        If you are uncomfortable about gay people, that’s YOUR problem! They shouldn’t have to change or hide to please you! You are NOT more important than them! ASSHOLE.

      • dooood

        jesus christ dude.
        did i forget to say absolutely no offense intended?!
        did i forget to say it’s not me personally who feels
        intolerant or uncomfortable?

        has anyone read anything else i posted here ever?
        am i not one of the first people to speak out against all forms of prejudice and hatred when it appears?
        ffs give me a break man, just trying to make a stupid point.
        maybe it was poorly done and i can be as much of an asshole as the next guy but seriously calm the f- down plz.

        now that i know i upset people i sincerely apologize.
        but if you think i come down the bible thumping side of this argument, that is absolutely not true.
        i support equal rights for Everyone.
        *insert lyrics to ‘war’ by Bob Marley here*

        and maybe, just maybe,
        this isn’t the best place for serious politics.

        i bring a message of love!!

      • A Dude Who Carez

        Just like poor white trash makes me uncomfortable but if they want to live like that, more power to them. Problem is, people on the right (I am a libertarian) seem to want to talk the talk when it comes to freedom and liberty but they sure as hell don’t walk the walk.

  21. drunk at noon

    Ah, the old “you didn’t provide a cogent argument when you pointed out my hypocrisy, therefore anything I say is totes right and you secretly believe it!”

    She has truly become the master. Bow before your new overlord! She’ll come to the defense of traditional marriage by having kids out of wedlock! Take that, you super nice and totally OK homosexuals who are fighting the tradition of marriage!

  22. Jimmy

    “Said something stupid. Better change the subject by cherry picking the worst response!”

  23. Get elected the first Black President, and you’ll go down in history as the guy who made it legal for two dudes to get married. I mean, besides being a total socialist, but that’s another debate.

    • dooood

      i dare you to read a karl marx book and try to understand what socialism actually means.

      comparing these idiot heads of state we have to stalin or hitler is really getting old.

      • MoreBoobsLessStupid

        You do understand that socialism as evolved a lot since Marx. Check out the works of neo-marxist Antonio Gramsci and I dare you to not find some similiarities between his writings and current liberalism. This post by the dummy that runs this place is a good example, when I just came here for the boobs. Cultural hegemony by Gramsci is very similar to the beliefs of the Occupy movement, once supported by the Democratic Party today. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go get your lernin on and come back.

      • theoriginal LJ

        Antonio Gramsci????…ROFLAMO

        You guys are such assholes.

      • A Dude Who Carez

        Argh. Liberals believe in many things I don’t completely agree with but you know what makes them better than the “socialists” you folks seem to be wrongly comparing them to? They love this country to. Most libs I know will at least find compromise which is sorely lacking in this country. I used to be a republican. Got tired of people who won’t listen or compromise and find agreement in things….like they used to do it!

      • pfk

        Yep, taking dumps on cop cars is very compromising of those OWS liberals, and what love they show for our country by listing demands which specify all the things the creators and producers must give them for the privilege of being a citizen of the U.S. Of course, the only thing those meaningless, mediocre spoiled brats have to do for the privilege of living here is to take those things! People like that have been a dime a dozen throughout history, and our Founders (you know, the ones who wrote the Constitution, the basis of our freedom?) knew very well of their existence. Libs very much love themselves, but OUR country? I don’t know about that.

      • MoreBoobsLessStupid

        So to sum up your inane post…..if you love your country you’re not a socialist? Really? That’s your take? I personally think Castro is an asshole, but I think he loves Cuba. Your point was so dumb I almost just let it go…..but I’m here to educate to so I decided to take the time to tell you how stupid you sound.

      • pfk

        George Soros wrote in his autobiography that as a 14 year-old he hid the fact that he was Jewish (don’t blame him) while helping to round up Jews for the Nazis (kind of blame him), and in a fairly recent interview he said he had enjoyed it (really blame him for that one). Soros has also destroyed the economies of several countries (why? Because he’s god and they’re there.) Since Glen Beck outed old georgie on so many things, old georgie hasn’t had much public contact with Obummer, but they’re tight. Oh Glen, miss you so much, especially the mountains of proof you had for every take-down. And you did it in such an entertaining way. Gifted Glen.

  24. Bristol Palin Surgery Before and After
    Commented on this photo:

    BRISTOL? wow

  25. Bristol Palin Surgery Before and After
    Commented on this photo:

    You would think a concerned parent would have advised the poor girl to not be so liberal with the augmentations in order to conserve some semblance of a human face.

  26. Cardinal Fang

    I’m all for it. Gay marriage= one step closer to multiple wives and lowering that pesky Chris Hansen age. C’mon! Old enough to bleed…

    • dooood

      all nonsense. all nothing more than a partisan, divisive distraction.
      it wasn’t gay activists who brought this issue to the forefront.
      it was george w bush trying to deflect criticism over the iraq war.

      • pfk

        Links, evidence, proof? I don’t see that Obama has changed anything, anyway. Rather, he seems to have made many things that you libs whined about when it was George significantly worse. Doesn’t that kind of make you think that all of the hate these socialists ginned up against Bush among their unthinking zombies was for just that purpose? You know… hate? Loud, obnoxious, self-absorbed, morally narcissistic hate?

  27. OmustGo

    Oh yeah those evil Palins. Monty Python’s Michael too – have to be sure. Who here is better off today than 3.5 years ago? What the price of gas? That “hope and change” what you expected?

    • dooood

      if anyone has something constructive or positive to offer as a solution, perhaps a debate over revolution, i’m all for hearing that.

      but i think for 1 its pretty obvious that politicians be pandering hardcore. such as pandering to the lowest common
      denominator – (less govt. less taxes)
      second, congress has relentlessly blocked anything bam has tried to push through.

      it’s unclear to me whether they are all just in some kind of stalemate, fuck you filibuster, or they are actually in cahoots.

      • pfk

        Excuse me, but those 2 “budgets” Obama made a show of waving around never passed the DEMOCRAT CONTROLLED SENATE (the second budget was voted down UNANIMOUSLY. Mitch McConnell was actually willing to go with the 1st one in a bluff-calling move and Harry Reid basically said “over my dead body”, lol) because 1) they were ridiculous and 2) they were never meant to pass because Obama needs to run against a “do-nothing” Republican controlled House (which never got the chance to vote on them) since he can’t run on anything he’s done for our country. Thus, Harry’s reaction to Mitch. Paul Ryan has put forth 4 budgets so far, and those were the first budgets Congress had seen in 2 1/2 years because even though the democrats had super majorities in both Houses and an idiot in the WH, they didn’t want to show what they had planned for us before the 2010 elections. This is despite the fact that it is the law that a budget must be passed by Oct. 1 of every year.

  28. JOJO

    Hahaa I love seeing Fish get his liberal panties all bunched up over such a non factor like Bristol Palin

    • dooood

      i guess that’s amusing but what about how completely on reagan’s dick every republican is?

      what about if by some longshot, ‘mittens’ wins the general election and we have a POTUS with magic mormon underpants?

      you ever wonder why there are so many political satire shows?
      how Comedians like george carlin, J-stew, colbert, lewis black, bill maher etc. etc. have based entire careers successfully off of all the archived bullshit people in washington say?
      (it’s not all from man-bear-pig)

      • A Dude Who Carez

        Fact: Look at Reagan’s decisions as president and he’d be thrown out of the GOP right now.

  29. Cock Dr

    “upcoming new reality tv show.”
    Hmmm….wonder what that all about? The struggles of a young unmarried mother living in AK on less than 500k a year? The struggles of a young unmarried mother learning how to belatedly use some of the many birth control methods available in the 3rd millenium?
    The Palins do seem to know how to play around with the media. I hope THIS blog won’t fall for it again.

  30. damien

    Wow hate follows her hate..but that hate was ok i suppose….and the snide author is well rather pathetic

  31. JC

    You’d think she would have gotten that schnoz done while she was already under to get her Leno chin.

  32. damien

    if you think we’re just going to cede an argument because you can’t grasp the simple nuance that being tolerant does not equal accepting any viewpoint,

    the author doesnt seem to get it…he/she seems to not want too…no one says you have to accept it just that you have to conduct yourself in a tolerant way.the way you pat yourself on the back for having and look down the nose at those you pronounce not to have it..its called walking your talk..

  33. Bristol Palin Surgery Before and After
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m positive that Sarah Palin had a child with Down’s Syndrome, and that child’s name is Bristol.

  34. egg solo

    I assume her next move will be to pay someone to accost her with rainbow sprinkles on a red carpet.

  35. Joe Melnick

    So you’re jumping all over Bristol because she has the same opinion Barack had a week ago, and all the leading black pastors still have. Are you a racist or something?

  36. BSname

    Why are we hearing about the daughter of the vice presidential candidate from the party that lost the election? We dont hear anything about Alexandra or Venessa Kerry or Robin Dole. Who is keeping her in the press and to whose benefit is it to report on her opinions ?

    • The Populist

      Simple answer…she’s doing what all kids of famous people do: Milking her 15 minutes. Gov. Palin used politics to springboard into a high paying career as a “pundit”. Junior is following her and proving that vapidity may be a family trait after all.

    • pfk

      You’re kidding, right? Where were you a few months ago when the entire liberal press corps (pronounced corpse when Obama is talking about members of our military while using a teleprompter) was urgently chasing Sara Palin’s bus tour all over the country and pouring over every email and memo sent and received during her time as Governor of Alaska? Of course, this very same “Truth to Power”/”3rd Pillar of Our Liberty” press corpse was doing all of this while Obama’s DOJ was forcing American gun store owners to sell guns to Mexican drug cartels so that any violence done with them could be traced back to the big, bad US of A. This “program” was supposed to result in something being done about that pesky 2nd Amendment, you see, like getting rid of it.

      The answer is the press is keeping her in the press.

  37. Humunah


  38. Luis

    I’d do Bristol and her mom. And her sister, if she’s 18 by now.

  39. theoriginal LJ

    I’d bet 75% of the “hate” posts were paid for by the Kochs or Rove. It’s the only way the haters get to shout about being the victim.

  40. anonymoose

    Marriage is a contract with the state.

  41. pookiewookie

    She will do anything to keep herself in the news. The apple dont fall far from the tree..

  42. Psycobiff

    Superficial writer queer just needs to marry Levi Johnston and get the fuck over his jealousy for this chick.

  43. Bristol Palin Surgery Before and After
    Commented on this photo:

    … or on any fake girl in New Jersey?

  44. Bristol Palin Surgery Before and After
    Commented on this photo:

    No one said “derp!”. No one.

  45. brian

    So right off the bat, if you’re a left-wing Obama shill who danced on the grave of Andrew Breitbart, knock it the fuck off. You’re not helping.

    • The Populist

      Ahhhh, but go to any Fox TV website blog entry and read the hatred and outright racism that comes to the forefront. Sorry man…hate begets hate. Maybe it’s time we start arguing over the substance instead of quoting the likes of Limbaugh or Mike Malloy (to be fair to the right).

      If you can’t come at me with an educated point of view, you deserve the ongoing nonsense that will sink this country. No one to blame but the uneducated who can’t move beyond a soundbite designed to make them go bananas.

      • pfk

        Fox doesn’t censor comments like many lib websites do. Once posters figure out how to get around DISQUS they can say just about anything and this has allowed the liberal trolls to take over to such an extent that I don’t even read the comment sections anymore. The most vile posts on Fox come from liberals who pretend they are conservatives because they are trying to make Fox fans look bad, and they do this with even the most heart-breaking stories, which should tell you right there how progressives put politics ahead of suffering. It’s kind of like how Obama has been campaigning for reelection as our President for about a year now instead of actually being the President while many Americans are going through really hard times.

        Andrew Breitbart was a big supporter of gay rights. In fact, he was a truly sincere and genuine supporter because he didn’t use them like the left does. I read Fish’s interpretation of Andrew’s death here on the Superficial and then the first few comments. Then I couldn’t take anymore. Oh, and you’re a fucking imbecile.

  46. Adam

    Not great at reading comprehension I guess. You can be in favor of the right for two people of the same sex to love each other and be against gay marriage; those concepts don’t necessarily go hand in hand. But its easy to look past the fact that she supports a gay lifestyle when a) she’s a republican and b) she’s the daughter of Sarah Palin. If you want to hate on her for not supporting gay marriage then go ahead, but there should be no hate, in this instance, for intolerance.

    • The Populist

      Yet I would like to see proof of this “hate”. I will go to a Fox website blog to see comments on a story and cannot believe the hate and racist tirades towards black folks in this country.

      If you dislike Obama, go to town. But for people to call him a monkey, call his kids ugly, rip his wife for wanting kids to be healthier yet you can’t tell me WHY you hate him outside of those things or some bizarro made up shit about him wanting to take guns, I am sorry it’s old.

  47. Bristol Palin Surgery Before and After
    Commented on this photo:

    Shallow face-lifted republi-tard slut whore

  48. The Populist

    What would be nice for people who cry about this shit? Show me proof of these posts with screenshots. Until then, I tend to see most people like Sarah P, Bristol, etc as thin skinned with no idea what legit criticism is vs. “hate”.

    Sorry, tell me a lie once, okay. Tell me a lot of lies, I am not going to take your word for it. The Palin family has been caught in so many b.s. lies it’s not even funny.

    All time fave? The Palin’s whine about criticism yet Sarah had no problem running around calling Obama a terrorist when there is NO proof of this. I didn’t like it when people called Bush a Nazi thug. He sucked as president (my opinion and a fair overview) but I never wished him ill will.

  49. GhostofJayLeno'schin

    She’s not a family, she’s an unwed mother no one wanted. Just because others have love and commitment in their lives, she and her backward, homophobic family need to zip it. My Chin and real face are gratified she’s once again being pilloried for her ignorance, closed mind, and GED like writing skills. May you and your ilk die in poverty of mind, spirit and pocketbook, may your ovaries be broken, and your child taken and raised by wolves, he’d be more enlightened. Don’t speak of marriage in any form until someone actually asks YOU, since you’ve never even bothered to date for more than a year without a life inside you. How’d that abortion in AZ work out for you? Ignorant hypocrite.

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