Bristol Palin is Accusing Levi Johnston of Rape

June 20th, 2011 // 158 Comments

Excerpts from Bristol Palin‘s memoirs have been released and surprisingly very little people are concerned with the fact that a.) someone published Bristol Palin’s memoirs and b.) she pretty much accuses Levi Johnston of raping her virginity away because that’s the only way a good, Christian-raised girl would have sex out of wedlock. Us Magazine reports:

In her new autobiography, Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far, the 20-year-old single mom reveals that, while drunk for the very first time, she lost her virginity to Levi Johnston during a camping trip.
Palin says she woke up alone in her tent, with no recollection as to what happened. Johnston, meanwhile, “talked with his friends on the other side of the canvas.”
When she confronted him about their sexual encounter, Johnston, now 21, told Palin what she wanted to hear: they wouldn’t have sex again until they were married.
But, Palin writes, they became intimate again shortly after.

Guess he was good at it.

Granted, Bristol Palin’s mom wrote a book comprised entirely of easily-refuted bullshit anecdotes and made millions of dollars off of it, when you claim someone had sex with you without your knowledge while you’re passed out drunk, that’s called rape. Or more importantly in this case, libel. Because, seriously, if Levi Johnston actually did rape Bristol in a tent, Sarah Palin is notoriously vindictive and likes to shoot things from helicopters. My thoughts on her politics aside, I’m pretty sure Mama Grizzly would’ve buried this kid under a glacier before she let people think Alaska isn’t Deadwood with snow.

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  1. CC

    That lying whore, just like her mother.

    • uh...

      Oh yeah, that is so difficult to believe. Cuz Levi is such a stand-up dude and all.
      What the fuck do you tools know?
      Hacks. Gotta love ‘em.

      • S'up Bitches!

        Personally, I have nothing against the Palins’. They are very talented Grifters, and with marks like you, they will continue to rake in the cash. You know what they say, “A fool and his money are soon parted”. Enjoy her new book.

    • hack alert

      You know who else shoots stuff? Jane Fonda. That’s right, commies. She shot the quail that was served at her wedding to Turd Turner. You can look it up.
      She also has the blood of American G.I.s on her hands.
      Yet, you’re all cool with it.
      Too bad Bristol didn’t come out against her mom like Patti Reagan did. You Soros-programmed drones would be hanging her likeness in the town square instead of trolling chat rooms trashing her.

      • Cardinal Fang

        Well said!

      • S'up Bitches!

        Hey, rube, check my previous comment. Listen, you can continue to be an uneducated buffoon, but could you ignorant assholes get the terms “commie” and “socialist” straight? I know that readin’ words task is hard for you back water inbred fucks, but just think of it as the same thing as when you started butt fucking your son. It’s hard to get it in at first, but after awhile, you get the hang of it.

      • Mama Pinkus

        so Caribou Barbie eats the wolves she kills?

      • Ok…why do you think we give a shit about Jane Fonda? She stopped being relevant about 30 years ago; way to be topical, guy.

        As for if Bristol had come out against her mom: in general it would increase my opinion of her as just about every position I’ve heard from Sarah Palin has been utter lunacy, however that one fact wouldn’t be enough to make me “hang her likeness in the town square.”

        Also, a forum is not a chat room; way to be savvy, guy.

      • joeyess

        “You know who else shoots stuff? Jane Fonda. That’s right, commies. She shot the quail that was served at her wedding to Turd Turner. You can look it up.
        She also has the blood of American G.I.s on her hands.”

        Do you know what we call this in the world of reality? A non sequitur. Yes, that’s right! A Non Sequitur.

        Look it up, genius.

    • Pippy Longcockings

      Just what I was thinking!

      • uh...

        @Matrim the point I was making was how skewed our media is. I have followed current events and politics for over 20 years, and just now found out about the quail thing, and would be willing to bet NO ONE here ever heard of it. That’s because the media NEVER EVER mentions the ‘right wing’ activities of revered leftists. Yet, every single time we get the ‘shoot a moose’ jokes with Palin, and that is known far and wide. Funny how it only goes one way. That’s all.

      • Bj

        WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK ABOUT JANE FONDA? Plus, hunting isn’t the issue. It’s the ignorance, the lying, the self-centered attitude, the attention ALL of the Palins’ don’t deserve, the tea party bullshit, the stupid words Sarah Palin makes up (‘refudiate” is so stupid, it taints the entire fucking family), her stupid show, aaaaaaand the fact she thinks she can save America with a couple of pathetic years as governor of ALASKA. All of the Palins deserve to be ass-fucked by a moose, in my opinion.

    • Big Ass Bunny Feet

      Maybe the Truth lies somewhere in the middle like she got drunk for the 23rd time and had consensual sex for the first time. I wonder what levi I’ll say about this. He better say something bc otherwise it would seem he is guilty. Meanwhile talk about overdoing it with that chin implant! Good grief.

    • cami

      Damn! another white women to spread her legs willingly then call it rape later. She is a lying sack of shit.

      • medge

        Shut your racist mouth. Can you imagine how crazy this board would have gone if someone had said “another black woman to spread her legs”? And somehow I am the first one to call you out on it. That just shows you the true status of racism in today’s society. Affirmative action is not just in schools and the workplace, it exists everywhere on a day to day basis in situations like this where people like you get away with saying horrible things about white people while they all just look the other way.

    • Monica

      Calm down Levi, you’ll have your say in your “memoir.”

  2. It had to be said

    She looks too much like Snooki. Todd Palin must be ugly because I’d bang Sarah, but not the daughter . . .

  3. Lemmiwinks

    Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker.

  4. Bristol Palin
    NYC I Banker
    Commented on this photo:

    In the precious words often muttered by Britney Spears … HUH?

  5. Venom

    A 20 year old high school dropout writing a book?

    A book about what? How to be an uneducated, fame-whoring, single baby momma?
    What the fuck has she done in life worth writing a book about?

    • Richard McBeef

      Uhh, dancing with the stars? Hello? Gawd. IDIOT!

    • It doesn’t matter anymore what a person has or has not done in their life, if they have celebrity then they will likely write a memoire. (For similar pages see: Snooki, the Kardashians, Paris Hilton) ….

    • dude!

      Yeah, just like your dear leader, B Obama. Writing books, and what has that tool accomplished?

      • re: dude!

        started an illegal WAR in Libya
        broke campaign promises about pulling out of Iraq
        sent 30000 MORE troops to Afghanistan
        2 million less jobs than when he took office [and where are the 'green' jobs?]
        gas prices – no end in sight
        housing prices at 1999 levels
        added more to nat’l debt than all prez’ before – combined
        took 16 hours to ‘pull the trigger’ on Bin Laden
        embarrassed on world stage after telling Israel to return to pre ’67 borders
        looked like girl at the bowling alley, golf course, and when throwing first pitch
        had to have tele-prompt-ers planted in the dirt at a rodeo to speak for 2 min
        made cracks about special olympics, Jessica Simpson’s weight [class!]
        slighted nearly all of our allies now, while kissing despot ass
        married a woman who looks like James Brown + a piranha

      • Artofwar

        …dude, if you are attempting to be sarcastic, your use of syntax didn’t quite pull it off. On the other hand, if you are indeed being pragmatic. Then you should simply be shot…..Artofwar

      • TaT

        This is a post about Bristol Palin not Obama. Keep your political b.s out of it. If you have such a problem, why don’t YOU run? Idiot.

      • dude!

        Hey art of whatever . . .bite me

      • Lemmy

        “”started an illegal WAR in Libya”"
        He didn’t start shit in Libya. It’s Gaddafi vs. his people in case you didn’t know.
        “”gas prices – no end in sight”"
        The president doesn’t control the gas prices – the world marked does. There’s literally NOTHING Obama can do to lower gas prices in America. It’s all up to how much countries like Russia, Saudi and Norway pump up out of the ground.
        “”added more to nat’l debt than all prez’ before – combined”"
        Kinda hard to change that when you take over at the cusp of the biggest financial crisis since the 30′s. Not even Houdini could make that debt disappear at this point.
        “”took 16 hours to ‘pull the trigger’ on Bin Laden”"
        He did in 16 hours what Bush couldn’t do in 8 years. Pretty fucking good if you ask me!
        “”embarrassed on world stage after telling Israel to return to pre ‘67 borders”"
        I don’t know what world news you’ve been reading. The 67′ borders-scenario are what most of the Western world agree about, including the UN and pretty much all of Europe.
        Talk about the pot callin the kettle black. “Class” and “shame” are two metaphysical concepts the right has never heard of. You just called Michelle Obama a James Brown-lookalike.

        Obama has disappointed a lot of people, myself included. But that’s because he hasn’t been liberal enough. He extended the Bush tax cuts and gave us the Bob Dole health care-plan from the 90′s. Obama so far is just Reagan in disguise.

      • “added more to nat’l debt than all prez’ before – combined”

        I always love it when I hear this one. It’s so easy to check, and thus, so easy to prove just how dishonest people (read: conservatives) are about this stuff.

        Naitonal Debt Accrued Under Barack Obama: 3.7 trillion
        Nation Debt As It Stood Before the Obama Presidency: 10.6 trillion

        So, no, he didn’t add more to the national debt than all other presidents before. Plus, a huge chunk of that debt is because of tax cuts for the rich and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In fact, he has added less to the debt than our last president…

        National Debt Accrued Under George Bush Jr.: 4.9 trillion dollars.

        Gotta love fact checking…

      • uh...

        Lemmy and Matrim: your checks are in the mail.

        George Soros

    • Uh, a helpful tip for the next time you’re caught misrepresenting your “facts” and you have egg dripping off your face due to a regrettable combo of ignorance and stupidity – blaming George Soros for paying off the people who were better informed and proved you wrong not only makes you look like a brainwashed party-line-swallowing idiot, it makes you look like a paranoid brainwashed party-line-swallowing idiot.

      Of course, if this is what you were after in the first place, then by all means carry on.

  6. JC

    Memoirs by 20-year-olds are awesome. They have such great insight into what it’s like to go to high school, and….um….high school….

  7. Lemmiwinks

    Coincidentally, Bristol’s new chin was fashioned from the keg she and Levi tapped that night.

  8. Richard McBeef

    Levi was drunk and it was dark. He was trying to feed it into her ass, where it had been many times before with blessings from the Jesus.

    • Melster

      He may have been aiming for the mouth. She talks out of her ass so much, I could understand his confusion.

  9. Haven’t these kids ever heard of Saddlebacking? (Dan Savage coined term for having anal sex to preserve your virginity. You know, for Christ.)

  10. Cock Dr

    I hardly think it’s likely she would fess up to the truth.
    She got tired of the “Jeezus says this is ok” hand jobs & finger fucking. Loosened up with copious amounts of Alaskan firewater, she jumped on that hockey jock’s prong like it was a trampoline.
    That wouldn’t go over well with the abstinence until marriage crowd she bleeds all those speaking fees from. Not well at all. Mommy would also have been mighty displeased.

  11. Bristol Palin
    Commented on this photo:

    Squeel like a pig girl!

  12. DrunkRussian

    Who is this chick again? She’s some daughter of some part-time governor of where? We may have to create a new “E-class” of celebrity for this chick. Right down there with Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Snookie.

  13. Willravel

    Rape is a serious charge. This should be investigated with due diligence. If there’s evidence Levi is guilty, he should be held responsible. If Bristol is found to be intentionally lying, she should be held responsible.

    • Yup

      Hear, hear!

    • cc

      As SP writer said, that’s some pretty serious libel. If that wasn’t the way things happened and I was Levi, I’d sue the the shit out of this empty-headed famewhore.

      • subwayduck

        Nah–the statute of limitations has run out for this chick.

      • MarkM

        Rape IS serious…stupid chicks that claim they were raped because they had sex when they were drunk…Not so much.

      • Artofwar

        …Yep, he raped her, all 37 times. Bitches akin to this one here, along with the she-cunts that defend her, should all be taken and burned alive at the stake. Fore they pose hazard to the deterioration of the space- time continuum……Artofwar

    • vitobonespur

      Ever hear of a statute of limitations?

  14. ck

    Looks like Snooki’s sister!

  15. Rancid

    Ever heard the term “slip into a comfortable pair of Levis”?

    In this case, the Levi slipped into her.

  16. Can

    Correction: “easily-*refudiated* bullshit”

  17. vandal

    Why does her head look longer and thinner in the first pic (the one that’s done the rounds) and in the others, it’s short and fat (which is what I really she think she looks like). Photoshopped?

  18. adolf hitler

    if he was drunk too, then she raped him!

  19. Who could have guessed that teenagers drinking alcohol while camping out in the woods could have resulted in sexual activity? I mean, who other than EVERYBODY?

  20. Rape?

    It’s not rape when you fuck an animal, it’s beastiality. Get it right morons.

    So a baby rhino took it while half conscious…big deal-at least she shat out a welfare check if she needs one.

  21. See Alice

    Rape is a serious crime . Unless your a left winger .

    • uh...


      • JPC

        “Fucking win” = right-wing slang for someone who has reached adulthood yet still doesn’t know the difference between “you’re” and “your.”

        And you wonder why that “lamestream media” (brilliant name, by the way. Did Bristol come up with that one?) acts like YOU’RE all complete fucking retards.

      • watson

        Umm to the poster called uh… your full name should be uhh.. duh. really your posts are just stupid. No better yet, they are crazier than bat shit. Especially the one where your response to someone’s post that Bristol is a liar was to say that Levi was falsely claiming to be a victim. What does posing in Playgirl have to do with someone crying (maybe falsely) rape? Let me guess, you think the O’Reilly No Spin Zone has no spin right?
        If you believe everything you read or hear then you are in for an very interesting life.
        The superficial is for funny crazy people, not crazy crazy people.

      • uh...

        Fuck you, watson. Talk to us after you start paying your own bills, punk.

    • Of course, if a sperm gets lucky right wingers consider it a legally binding gift from God.

      • dude!

        Think there are a few libtards who believe in God . . . not just right wingers. Only fools believe that to be a right winger is to believe in God. Know plenty of atheists who are right wingers, just as I know some atheists that are left wing socialists. Put down the remote and step away from the “mainstream media.” The MSM will squash the few remaining brain cells you have.

      • Well, certainly the conservative reactionary movement in America today absolutely rejects the teachings of Christ. Perhaps the funniest example of this was the recent frenzy about “going Galt”, cribbed from another book they either didn’t read or understand, Ayn Rand’s incoherent, incompetently plagiarized from Nitsche handbook on objectivism.

        So certainly their most recent hero was an avowed atheist. And a hypocrite, to boot, since when she got old she made personal use of all those programs that drove John Galt to shrug so mightily.

        Believing that a young woman should consider the seed of her rapist a gift from God that she must carry and raise is not synonymous with being a Christian, and it is particularly revealing that you would think it is.

      • watson

        yeah i got fucked last night how bout you? and yeah my bills are payed. what the fuck does that mean anyway “pay my own bills”? You see what you just did? You imagined something without any prompting. You straight pulled it out of thin air. I think that is a telling sign of psychosis. Yeah i said it. You are fucking crazy. And your comebacks are … well akin to a limp dick. At least i pay my own bills by holding down a job, not writing pure bullshit and sell it to the ignorant masses of which you are one of. What a waste of trees.

  22. rough sexy

    She likes getting raped. Sound to me Levi didnt keep his promise in the second encounter….

  23. Shortly after his first “rape” of Bristol:

    Bristol: **Hiccup** Levi No, no don’t you can’t, we did it once and it was … a … mistake (she says as she rips off his boxers and grabs his manhood in her hands)

    Levi: **Burp** Yeah, a mistake … let’s have another **Burp** mistake now …

    Bristol: You know, I really **Fart** shouldn’t do this **hiccup** again, you raped me **hiccup** the first time (She chortles as she mounts him)

    Levi: Rape, yeah, so when you were gargling my man juice and taking it up your bunghole screaming for me to drive ito your alaskan woods deeper, you were REALLY yelling stop!? sure … You talk too much, just shut up and do me already.

    • Cock Dr

      Too many multi-syllable words for Levi to be plausible.
      They both look like animalistic grunters to me.

  24. Girlfriend doesn’t get sympathy from me.

    The *first* time she was drunk (at 17, no less) AND
    The *first* time she did it AND
    She doesn’t remember it.

    Excuse me, but I call HORSESH!T. Cuz you did it again. And you held hands with him at the RNC (all for show, I know, but you did it), and you were “engaged.”

    A publicity whore, just like mamma.

  25. UY

    What’s with the trend of getting plastic surgery that doubles your age?

  26. Bristol Palin
    Commented on this photo:

    Libel Per se! The kind where conduct of a criminal nature is alleged!
    Ka-Chin! for Johnston.

  27. Doc Schweinstrudel

    White is not good for someone so huge.
    White is not good for somebody not good

  28. Gal

    It was all his fault. The 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th…times too.

  29. rough sexy

    This chick looks weird. why would a young girl like this have face altering surgery to this magnitude. She cant be on my list of fat chicks id screw. she just cant im sorry.

  30. rules of rape – unless she is capable of consent, it’s not consensual. Sorry,libs – you lose on this one. Nice to see this is the party of compassion.

    • uh...

      Amen bro

    • The Listener

      My layman’s take on the matter (not an attorney):
      The problem is that she said she drank alcohol and then woke up having no recollection of what happened. So she may have given consent at the time, but simply cannot recall doing so. And unless there was a date rape drug in the alcohol she consumed, the assumption will be that while under the influence of alcohol her judgment was impaired, but she was still capable of giving consent. Levi is presumed to be innocent until prosecutors can prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The burden of proof would be on the prosecutors.

      • JPC

        “You lose on this one” – Yeah, we should all believe Bristol. The woman wakes up to find she’s lost her virginity by way of rape, then decides to consensually fuck the rapist “shortly after” (read: immediately after). Because that’s what happens in the real world.

        The woman who actually spoke the truth for a while about abstinence-only education not working, only to start saying the exact opposite when she realizes she can get tens of thousands of dollars in public speaking fees. (Because apparently right-wingers will pay that kind of cash to any high school dropout as long as they’ve been on TV and say the “right” thing)

        Yeah, I trust her.

      • Deanna

        I’m pretty sure the legal standard is that if you are too inebriated to sign a legal document, you are also too inebriated to consent to sex. Of course, our society is so screwed up and misogynist that rape case proceedings don’t typically have room for this line of thinking, since the defense is usually too busy trying to shed doubt on the veracity of the victim’s testimony by digging out tests she cheated on in fourth grade.

        Oh, and I’m a leftist, and if Palin’s claims are remotely true, Johnston should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Stockholm Syndrome among women raped by their romantic partners isn’t so uncommon.

    • Rules of having a fucking clue — it would be a very…let’s be kind here and say unique…girl who, having been date raped while intoxicated continued to have consensual premarital sex with her rapist until a baby was born from the union, flirt with the notion of marrying him (just when she’d slipped from the media’s radar) long after an initial and supposedly acrimonious break-up, separate again (’cause hey, Dancing with the Stars) and then bring up the said date rape for the first time in any public forum as a part of an (Lord, have mercy) autobiography for which she needed a juicy excerpt.

      It’s called critical thinking. I know it’s got that thinking part, which may not sound like fun, but on the whole I’d recommend it.

      • vitobonespur

        Well said, Equinox!

        My take on her story, being somewhat less kind, is that she is as full of shit as a Christmas goose!

    • Hey Hick Fuck You

      Yeah. Then why didn’t she call the cops, or at least tell her mother, whom she is so “close” to? Sorry rethug, you lose again. By the way, we are the party of common sense, which is something a rethug knows NOTHING about. Maybe if you slapped your Brother’s dick out of your mouth long enough to do some research, you would realize that.

      • but did this girl actually say, poor me poor me i hate levi he is an ass and raped me omg make a huge deal….or did she just simply say, i actually dont remember losing my virginity it sucks but it was my boyfriend who did it so it doesnt matter so of course i continued to have relations with him? i dont get where she claimed rape?!! i just read the USA article and they didnt quote her as saying she was raped either. the key word here is rape.. and Fish is the one who misleadingly used it!!

      • Deanna

        Most rapes go unreported, Hick. Why don’t YOU hit the Google before spreading misinformation about a very serious subject on which there are vast amounts of empirical research to disprove your points?

  31. brit

    Just a dab of eye shadow away from an audition for Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert

  32. Reggy

    The appropriate venue to broach the topic of being raped is:
    1) A police station, shortly after the incident, since rape is a crime.
    2) Telling the person who’s writing your memoirs for you, years later.
    Only one answer is correct. Choose wrongly and you’ll be thought of as a tard.

  33. dork

    Gosh, why did this fame whore decide to talk about her “rape” in a book instead of taking appropriate action? Trying to appease the moral majority who keep writing momma those big fat checks? The only thing worse than rape is a false accusation of rape, especially to make a quick buck. Someone please make the Palin family go away. They are a cancer that eats at the soul of our country.

    • Soviet Snow

      Just as soon as we get rid of the commie/muslim in the White House.

      • Amy

        You do realize that Communism and Islam are not a, er, common ideological pairing, right? I mean, there’s the whole atheism thing in Communism whereas there’s the whole God thing in Islam. Fundamentalist muslims generally are in favor of the idea of a theocratic states – communists not so much. Historically they have their differences too. You know, that Afghan thing.

        But if you are just talking about paradoxes then I’ll see your presidential commie/muslim and raise you one Alaskan virgin/whore.

      • Hey Hick Fuck You

        Dipshits like you make me laugh. LOL!

      • vitobonespur

        You actually still believe all that horseshit? Why don’t you tell the truth and just admit you don’t like him because he’s black?

  34. Cardinal Fang

    Bristol needs my pistol is her fist hole.

  35. Mama Pinkus

    repuke family values

  36. Rico Jones

    This family is such a disgrace. They will continue to give gems like this until they decide to vanish. Bristol and Sarah Palin are whore pigs.

    • Sami

      no, libs are. In less than 2 years, Dems and libs have gone from an honest group to desperate. Why are y’all attacking some young woman you don’t like? She has no political connections at all? Because you are scared of her mother. Idiots

      • Mama Pinkus

        we are not scared of her mother – we are SICK of her – her chronic displays of complete ignorance give us the vapors

      • “Why are y’all attacking some young woman you don’t like?”

        Because attacking people you do like seems kind of stupid and conservatives cornered the market on attacking absolutely random groups/nations for political gain.

      • dude!

        @ mama: Methinks the only vapors you have are the fumes from the crack you are inhaling. Palin scares the left. Plain. Simple. True. With that said, don’t think she is running for prez. She just likes toying with the lefty fools. Gotta love that!

      • Amy

        Palin scares the left like Snooki scares sane people. See what I did there?

      • vitobonespur

        Yeah, right. Just like we’re afraid of the Kardashian clan, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Heidi Montague and her trained monkey, Justin Bieber…yep, I think we’re all scared shitless. And BTW, mouthbreather, no one would have “attacked” her if she simply stayed out of the press and shut her ignorant pie-hole. She and her entire family haven’t got the brains of an artichoke. Mmmmm…are you, by chance, related?

  37. how could saying that she doesnt remember what happened and only heard about it the next morning be libelous? how could you prove that she doesnt remember that night? did she say she was raped? from that summary provided, i did not gather that. it sounds like, she doesnt remember losing her virginity…and only figured out she did from what he was saying. for all we know, it was consensual, albeit drunken….i am so confused as to how she is accusing him of rape.

  38. Bristol Palin
    Commented on this photo:

    Stupid fat bitch.

  39. Bristol Palin
    Commented on this photo:

    she looks like snooki… and she writes bad books like her too.

  40. 603-Killy Inkschacht

    This case wasn’t been cracked since, a person was former fan, but whoever this dude this, sounds really creepy.

  41. I know

    Can’t rape the willing!

  42. the captain

    sorry, there aren’t “Cheaper” ways to get in the news.

  43. Reading is Sexy

    I’ll bet every commenter who supports Bristol on this are shills hired to troll the net.

    • TomFrank

      No, unfortunately, there is a whole corps of people who do this for free as sort of a hobby: defend the Palins on message boards, lobby Webster’s to allow words like “refudiate,” change Wikipedia to suit Sarah Palin’s version of history, etc.

    • Hey Hick Fuck You

      They are probably not getting paid. They are the same kind of idiots that give a good chunk of their money to those religious con men that “preach” on TV every Sunday morning. I actually feel sorry for them, in a way. They are such shills.

      • See Alice

        The libtards really have their panties in a bunch ,

      • uh...

        it’s lovely, isn’t it?? We’re fighting an illegal war in Libya, and if our president had an R next to his name, every single one of you lefty trolls would be losing your SHIT.

  44. Bristol Palin
    Commented on this photo:

    So, Levi Johnson was the plastic surgeon who raped her face?

  45. Don

    She was attractive before the surgery. Now, she looks like she swallowed Reese Witherspoon.

  46. Norbert vanden Penis

    I can’t believe those goddamned Alaska hillbillies became rich. And that stupid Sarah still has people who follow what she says. It’s these kind of assholes who have turned America into a second-rate country.

    • Norbert vanden Penis

      I can just hear her mama saying.. “Bristol you should really think about getting your face done. Palin is a BRAND now. You need to look more like me”.

    • Bob

      “these assholes”… Last time I saw something on her it was a train of news “reporters” following her. CNN, ABC… all clamoring to get the “story.” Take it up with the outlets too. If I see another “Palin was on a bus story” I am going to brake my tv. If she runs for office maybe. If she wants on tlc then fine. However, if you put it on national news how about you make sure it actual news. I will swap of to E if I want to see this crap.

  47. No way

    If you read it, she never said rape, this article did. I lost my virginity while drunk. I remember waking up with a hazy memory of it, and also had to ask the person. Was it rape? No. I was the one drinking, I made a bad decision while drinking. Are Bristol and I the only two people in the world who have done this? Nope. Shit happens. Did all of you wait until you were married to have sex? None of you did it as a teenager? She just happened to get knocked up, and it happens to many teenage girls. I’m not a Sarah Palin fan, or a Bristol one for that matter, but come on, people. Also, Norbert, she looks less like her mother now. Not more.

    • Norbert vanden Penis

      The implication is pretty clear.. “I was pure as the driven snow, until this asshole screwed me when I was drunk”. If you believe that was her first time… well, you’re not smart.

      • No way

        I could say that if you believe a twisted gossip blog that you’re not very smart. You have no way of knowing if it was her first time.

  48. Monica

    Of course not anywhere does she say she was raped, but you go ahead with that…

  49. Buster

    Who would want to “r” her?

  50. Inmate 12236969

    When I was a kid liberals were nice diverse people; I still consider myself liberal. You know being kind to people listening to their ideas and opinions. However you fuckheads that call yourselves liberal today are not liberal you dickheads just hate people because they don’t agree with your socialist bullshit so stop saying you’re liberal because your not.

    You’re just a bunch of spoiled brats that would fucking die if you didn’t have your Facebook, Internet, iPussies and iDicks!

    • Norbert vanden Penis

      Inmate, you’re a tool. The Republicans get you morons in the door with their flag-waving.. and their phony Christian beliefs.. and then rob you blind. How can you be a part of the party that takes from the middle class and gives to the rich?

      • PFKZONI

        Norbutt VD tinyDICK — How is “allowing” people to keep what they EARN taking away from the middle class? Do you know that a family of 4 with an income of $70,000 or less does not have to pay taxes? In fact, many people use tax credits where not only do they pay nothing, they actually get money “back” from the government (which in turn steals that money from those who EARNED it).

        You progressives are very fond of saying the rich should have to pay for the privilege of living in this country, and you’ve decided that who they have to pay is you — the non-creators/ non-producers/ non-contributors who somehow think what belongs to someone else is theirs because it’s not fair that they were born talentless and frightened of failure and clinically depressed with a lazy work ethic and a mediocre IQ who squandered every opportunity that came their way (which is the TRUE privilege of living in this country: equal OPPORTUNITY). To say that the fruits of what some people labored to earn, people who took risks and created great things that benefit us all at affordable prices, is owed to other people who choose to live mediocre lives but who are actually narcissistic enough to believe those fruits were taken from them (LOL, LOL, LOL) is the same thing as saying you think like a parasite.

      • Inmate 12236969

        Norbert you’re a fool and a mind-numb robot that follows the Democratic Parties talking points but you have no facts and who said I’m Republican?

        Explain this every time Democrats are in charge they take more money out of my paycheck, when blowjob Billy was in office I was 17 years active duty military and never did I have to pay back money at the end of the tax year when Al Gore cast his single vote that gave us the largest tax hike in American history and those Democrats where high fifing each other in the halls of Congress I never forgot that image.

        That year I had to pay more money in! You see Norbert the Democrats think I’m rich and I’ll let you in on a few things active duty military are not rich. When they have a tax hike they raise taxes on everybody not just the rich. By the time Billy got out of office I was paying over $3000.00 I owed the goverment at the end of the tax year. By the time G.W Bush got out of office I was paying $325.00 at the end of the tax year and am making more money; my income is less than $70.000 a year

        Since Obama has taken office I get less of a paycheck your buddies are taking more out—if you have real job you would know this. So Norbert put down the joint and check the facts. People forget it’s the rich that provides jobs not the government.

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