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Here’s Kanye West meeting a thrilled-looking Jay-Z for lunch yesterday, and you know what, I’m gonna let Kanye field this one:

“Yo, don’t be fooled by them Internet sites with their blog words saying I’m all looking like that chick from Dalmations. It ain’t even got spots!! Yet. This all just the perception of the media using Matt Lauer to play them devil tricks on your eyes, son. Voodoo or some shit. That coat looked fly in my mirror!!!! Like a bear trying to give me a hug or something, but I’m all, ‘Aight, you can hug me, but Imma carry this purse,’ and he all, ‘We cool, we cool.’ C’mon, y’all, I been to Paris!!! They fucking French!!!!”

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  1. molly


  2. FattyFatty2X4

    They had to do something with the Vick leftovers, right?
    Green Planet, RECYCLE

  3. Little Me

    Wow. I really can’t articulate how dumb this guy is.

  4. Marley

    Why is no one throwing red paint on him? Seriously. You think you can depend on the extremists but YOU CAN’T.

  5. George W. Bush

    Kayne West hates furred animals.

  6. DS

    yah, wheres the red paint squad? is fur back in (excluding already hairy celebs)

  7. Yeezy's Son

    Funniest sh*t ever FISH. U nailed Kanye!!! I could swear u copied his tweet or something. (Ur Britney is on point too)

  8. ee

    Lmao @ Georges comment.

    What’s up with the tight Léather pants?
    Such a bad dresser.

    • It wouldn’t surprise me if Kanye is a drag queen and sucks cock. He’s so … flamboyant in how he dresses. Book it, he gets caught on tape sucking cock. That’s my 2011 prediction.

  9. Cock Dr

    I so love it when uber rich douchebag celebrities spend more money than I make in a year on a single outfit…and it looks like a rejected pimp Daddy Halloween costume.

  10. Randal(l)

    that coat is 100% rat ass

  11. Pimpin'

    He be wearing dat phat coat, yo, & a $200 Michael Kors bag from last year.

  12. Looks like he shaved Khloe Kardashian and made a coat from her downy soft belly fur.

  13. Geo. Bush hates black people

    I’m sure Fish made most of this up. Butknowing haow Kanye is, if he said that was at gospel according to Kanye, I’d believe him.

  14. JD

    Fish, your Kanye impression makes entirely too much sense. The real thing is far less coherent.

    That said, when the hell did rappers become such prissy fops? How in the crap did we get from NWA to Kanyella De’Vil?

  15. eatme

    These cunts that wear the fur of animals deserve to be murdered. This man is a piece of shit.

  16. Captain Kondom

    Never seen a gay fish wear fur…..

  17. Marnie

    What? NO CAPS LOCK?

  18. Kanye West Jay-Z
    Commented on this photo:

    Finally, Michael Vick’s leftovers are put to good use.

  19. pooptruth

    Wearing fur is beautiful and honors the animal.

  20. The Great American Douchebag.

  21. Ed

    It’s made from Taylor Swift’s puppies.

  22. Arzach

    I was going to say that he looks gay , but that will be offensive to gay people.

  23. kanye dat coats fly shit fo sho but no xcuse u fish dat purse is GAYEEEEE

  24. Bastardo

    As long as that isn’t actually dog fur – that would just be creepy – good for Kanye! This might be the first decent thing he’s done in years.

    Anything that baits a reaction out of the zealots at PETA is awesome in my books.

    • eatme

      sure, i hope he fucking curbs you and then skins you alive and wears your penis for a hat. that would be hilarious. I would laugh at your screaming as you die. soooooo super funny and it would piss off some people who care about animals. hilarious.

      • JS

        eatme is hilarious and on point….I suppose it’s one thing if you’re a dumbass that doesn’t know what goes on in the making of those precious fur coats, purses, etc…but if you DO, then you’re a giant piece a shit who deserves to die a painfully horrible death just as the animals you’re wearing did.

    • Inmate 12236969

      @eatme and JS you two cunts need to get a life, go into the woods, fuck a tree, and live with some bears. Stop trying to tell other people how to live their life’s—in honor of you two; I’m going out shoot a deer, have some dear sausage, and give the hide to my dogs.

      • eatme

        And I’m going to find out where you live, steal your dog/cat, and nail it to your front door. Surely you would be ok with that,

      • JS

        I didn’t address a specific person or people in the last post telling them how to live their lives, I simply asserted my opinion. However, judging by your poor spelling and misuse of words in the correct context I could understand how you may have thought I was. Now since you know I’m a “cunt” I’m going out on a limb and will say that one or both of the following apply to you:
        a) Ignorant fat redneck with at best a G.E.D. who wears camouflage as often as possibe, even when you aren’t out being a “man” shooting things
        b) You have a Ted Nugent blow up doll waiting in bed for you

    • Inmate 12236969

      Just look in your mamma’s bed!

      • eatme

        Gross. My mom is 87 and has a cancerous tumor in her tongue. Whatever floats your boat, I guess. As per your request, I won’t judge but I might throw up in my mouth a little bit.

      • INMATE 12236969

        @JS I have to give it up to you—I posted” life’s” and “hide” to see if one of you two fur hating morons would get it. So I believe you have passed the seventh grade. Watch it eight grade’s a motherfucker!

        Why don’t you like Ted Nugent—because he’s not one of those drug infested dick suckers you worship like Lindsay Lohan? Someday when you grow up and stop hugging trees and get some real pussy—talk to me; I’ll teach you how to be a real man and not little whining bitch.

      • JS

        Oh inmate you silly goose your screen name speaks for itself, I’m done with you and all your sillyness! xxooxxoo

      • JS

        p.s. I have nothing against Ted Nugent, “Stranglehold” is one of my favorites but I’m also familiar with his audience:-)

    • Inmate 12236969

      Damn JS here I thought you was going to slap me across the face and kick me in the ass—I can only dream. We here in D Block think you’re ok except for your l stance on fur—have a good New Year.

      • Bastardo


        I’m excited I got such a ridiculous response out of you both, JS and Eatme. Really showcases the extremism popular with people like you. Fantastic. Keep going! I need some good entertainment.

  25. Kanye West Jay-Z
    Commented on this photo:


  26. Reggie Rhino

    Fish, nice try at dialog writing for Kanye but your attempt was way too coherent and didn’t mention that Beyonce was the best and deserved the award, which Kanye would most definitely included in any statement made to or about Jay-Z

  27. Dhruv

    Great…now that we’ve got the racist part covered, how about some actual journalism from now on?

  28. ee

    Fish,did you happen to catch Josh Groban singing Kanyes tweets? Its pretty funny. Thats crazy Kaney.

  29. lol

    ok, he’s wearing a necklace and a woman’s coat and carrying a purse. That just screams gay! He’s living in his own little fantasy world, if he tried walking down the street here he would have the living c**p beat out of him.

  30. Arrogent shovel lipped bastard.

  31. JWP

    Nice purse, dude.

  32. Dino Spumoni

    Hey Kanye, Ima let you walk, but my Jewish grandmother had the best fur coat/snakeskin bag combination of all time.

  33. scustinfemmeberlake

    as KD lang looks at his purse bemusedly

  34. somethingoriginal

    Look at him – standing up on his legs like Rory Colquhon

  35. uncle bill

    these n*ggers are quite the same as white F*GGOTS!!!
    …………..sorry to say, folks.

  36. donylooknow

    That was hilarious; sounded just like Kayne.

  37. x

    attention whore

  38. Rasmus

    Haaaa, this site is always so funny trying to talk shit about Kanye. You stick to making HILARIOUS impersinations of him on a blog and he’ll stick to making millions, having creative meetings with Jay and bedding models…haaahhaa

  39. josh

    It’s times like these i’m glad i download all my music for free and dont fund this fool and his foolery.

  40. Kanye West Jay-Z
    Commented on this photo:

    Imma gonna let Kayne take this, that coat lining looks like his HAIR!

  41. karmaisabeetch

    Ok seriously…he is gay. He is carrying a bag and wearing a full length fur coat. That is gay. No straight man could wear both or either of those things and attest to being straight. There is no way this man can filla filla. This is hilarious. Kanye, you are trash, gay or straight, your are kuffin trash!

  42. ash

    I wish I could kick him in the face. disgusting punk.

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