Brigitte Nielsen Has Life By The Balls

When you’re an international star of stage and screen like Brigitte Nielsen, you’re afforded a life of glitz and glamour that most of us can only dream about. So naturally here she is knocking back a flask of smooth, cheap, affordable Popov vodka while literally rolling around a public park in broad daylight. It’s like a deleted scene from Cinderella if Cinderella made Ivan Drago pleasure a robot before getting into bed with her. “You vill vreak this robot before you ever vreak this vagina- Vait, is that Popov vodka? I have, how you say, change of mind.”

EDIT: So I was going to use “No Easy Way Out” (below), except it didn’t have the robot. But why deny you all this awesome on a technicality? I’m not that big of a dick.

Photos: Fame/Flynet