To The Person Googling ‘Is Brie Larson Hot?’ Are You Kidding Me?

Due to our high standards of journalistic excellence, The Superficial gets hit with a random assortment of search results that somehow land people on the site and have me convinced that the majority of you are goddamn serial killers. Here are just a few examples:

“Helen Hunt nip slip” (Dude.)
“Bum is look ugly in skirts then what underwear to wear in skirts” (Que?)
“Is the flash real?” (… Sure.)
“JK Rowling Bikini” (I’ll allow it.)
“What Does a Butthole Look like?” (Donald Trump’s mouth.)

However, sometimes we get questions that truly boggle the mind like, “Is Brie Larson hot?” which makes me wonder what a blind person would even do with that information because clearly that’s who typed it. And, wow, that was kind of an asshole response, so let’s see if I can help by putting Brie’s beauty into words. This is going to be a true visual painting of the mind and imagination, so strap in:

Brie Larson is very purty and has awesome girl parts that will make you question how God can make someone so banging and the rest of us not. It is almost criminal, this existence that he has doomed us to. You know what I’m talking about. C’mon.

BOOM. Nailed it. You’re welcome.

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