Bridget Moynahan just a tad pissed at Gisele Bundchen

April 1st, 2009 // 64 Comments

Bridget Moynahan is understandably pissed at Gisele Bundchen’s claims that little illegitimate John Moynahan is 100% the supermodel’s child. But it seems she’s mostly angry at Gisele for using John for publicity more than anything else. Page Six reports:

One close pal told Page Six, “If Gisele loved Bridget’s child like he was ’100 percent her own,’ then she would not talk about him in the press. Discretion and respect are not either of Gisele or Tom’s virtues, as was evidenced even when the child was still unborn and they publicly flaunted their relationship without any discretion whatsoever.”

Moynahan’s friend continued: “Don’t you think Jack will grow up and read her comments and find them disrespectful to him and his mother? If Tom is such a great father as everyone likes to say, then you would think that he’d respect the privacy of his young child and would ask his wife not to use his son as a publicity prop and a subject of public discussion. Is she is so desperate for attention that she can’t find anything more productive to talk about other than Bridget’s child?”

“Seriously, how dare she exploit a small innocent child for publicity like we basically just did right now? I mean, uh – Gisele started it!”

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  1. Jrz

    I think she’s WAY cuter than Gisele the Tranny.

  2. testing

    oh snap!

  3. Desmoot

    good lookin gal

  4. Nezz

    Did the “close pal” seriously get the name of the child wrong? I think it’s John…not Jack…

  5. Jrz

    you know her and her girlfriends sit around calling her Jizz-Hell

  6. Kids are wanna be celebs meal tickets/publicity midgets. I’m sure she’s just pissed that a tranny says SHE’S the kid’s mom when she’s the one with the stretch marks.

  7. testing

    ps she gets dumped for Gisele and her Sex and the City character gets dumped for Sarah Jessica Parker….do you think Bridget ever is worried she doesn’t look enough like a horse to be considered pretty?

  8. Roxi

    lol@ giselle the tranny….. bridget isnt bad looking but she looks older than Tom Brady right?

  9. Morons

    Giselle, the horse-face, needs to shut the fuck up. Seriously, it’s not your child and you are a disrespectful cunt. Here’s a newsflash, people with integrity don’t flaunt other people’s children around like the latest fashion accessory.

  10. TUBBO

    Now we why Tom banged her and dumped her. She a bitter BEOTCHHH!!!!!

    Of course I’d nail her.

  11. @4 doesn’t matter dumbass. They are interchangable. Maybe when you grow up and get your head out of your ass you’ll learn somethin’.

  12. combustion8


  13. She gonna be as fugly as Janice Dickenson in I say………….. ten years.

  14. 4Me2KNOW

    Obviously this “FRIEND” of Bridget wants some publicity herself. SHE’S the one who sold this story to Page Six and pocketed the money.

    Forgetting the fact that this bitch got pregnant ON purpose when the relationship was falling apart, then wants sympathy and privacy??? She figures like most women — having a baby is bread and butter for the next 18 years. How’s Bridget’s career going anyway? Oh that’s right, Tom agreed to give her a nice chunk every month so she’ll live off that.

    How dare Gisele talk about her bastard child.

  15. Bridget has 20X the class and education that Jizzelle BrickChin has. Gisele Bundchen will rot in hell.

  16. Wow

    Wow, another bastard child on the fast lane to being screwed up. Who would have thunk?

    Now let’s here from someone telling me “this kid will want for nothing! he’ll have everything! his parents are loaded!” and all of that other bullshit.

    It don’t matter if your rich or poor: bastard kids end up f’d up WAY more than half the time. Partially because kids need parents, and partially because these kids are by definition the genetic spawn of either one narcissitic fuck-up, or TWO narcissitic fuck-ups.

    This poor kid gets it three ways: both parents AND his “step-mom” are selfish creeps.

    Should they make the reservations at Betty Ford now, or wait until his 13th birthday?

  17. Michy

    FYI to Nezz

    Jack is a common nickname for John

  18. She looks a bit tired, likely because she a busy mom. Which only means she’d fuck a stranger in the Barney’s fitting room like a lifer at a porn convention… fast, hard, and loudly.

  19. Rhialto

    A bit forced smile and a lazy eye.But who’s perfect anyway?

  20. Vince Lombardi

    This is why I hate the media. I completely understand what Gisele meant – she mean she would love the child as if she were her own. That’s it. But the media has to make this into something that’s not even an event. Consider this for a moment. If you were the parent of a child, doesn’t matter which side, and your child’s other parent moved on to a different relationship, would you feel comfortable if the new person in your ex-s life said, “I’ll never accept that child and it would be a constant painful reminder of his/her previous relationship.” Yeah, that’s what she should have said. Honestly, you can’t have it both ways. It’s either “she welcomes Tom’s kid” or “she rejects Tom’s kid.” But don’t brand her for someone in the media twisting her words and editing the sound bite to make the most controversy. That’s what feeds the media.

  21. Janice

    Way to blow up a non-story! Giselle just meant that she loves the child as if he were her own… that is sweet! You want parents, even step-moms, to care for children that much.

    Also, her first language is not English. So a lot of sayings that are translated to English don’t come out right. My family is Latin, my great aunt calls me a little bug and my grandmother calls me a watch, in English this sounds weird, but in our language, they are both terms of endearment.

    I have also read comments that there can only be “one real” mother and its the biological mom. I say BS! There are lots of adoptive moms who raise children as their own. Are they not real mothers? Of course they are. Is Giselle the step-mom? Yes! Can she can love her step child as her own? Yes!

    Bridget needs to get over her insecurities. She needs to stop using friends to convey messages to her ex and his new wife. She needs to move on. She is the one who needs to grow up.

  22. whocares

    Clearly this “friend” is delirious if she thinks Gisele Bundchen, the world’s highest paid super model, and Tom Brady, the NFL’s best QB are looking for publicity through this chick’s kid. And I’m sure by “100% mine” Gisele meant that she treats him as she would her own – not a bad thing. People are nuts!

  23. April FOOL

    The media is always trying to sway people, but it’s how you perceive it to be. In all honesty, I don’t think Gisele meant any harm by her comment. She loves the kid as her own, so what? Would you rather her say that or would you rather hear her publicly declare the kid a bastard and force Tom Brady to never pay child support?

    Since that isn’t the case, there’s no need for Bridget to be offended by those comments. Just take that child support money, raise the kid and tell her friend to STFU.

  24. #21 – “watch” is a term of endearment to your “Latin” family? Ooooooookay… like, Latin like Roman latin, like you mothafuckas are like 2000 years old latin, or Latin like latino, you know, like the dude who comes by with his 8 year old to blow leaves off of my front lawn?

  25. jrz

    I think they should settle this with a Binge & Purge Challenge.

  26. Blue Eyes

    I’m sure she’s bitter, he got her pregnant…..left her and now he’s MARRIED to a model who claims to love her son as if he were hers. That would really suck!!
    She needs to get over it, find a new man. He’s not all that, by any means. She’s cute enough, it’ll be alright.

  27. Janice

    #24 Your comment is a great example of stupidity and racism. Bravo to you, you manage to do both in one comment! Your parents must be so proud. (By they way, the last part was meant to be snarky. Not sure if you would have understood that, you know, being stupid and all…)

  28. @25 hahahahahahahaha………………dammit Jrz you are going to get me in trouble. I laughed out loud at that one.

  29. kerri

    i thought what Gisele said was off said and extremely creepy. “this child is 100% mine” and “I hope he has a close relationship with his mom but…”
    seriously maybe it was lost in translation and she doesn’t understand what an idiot she sounded like but if i were bridget i wouldn’t let her near my child. she is his stepmom. period. have some respect for his actual mom and the child himself. i just found it completely gross and lost even more respect for the transvestite. and not that this matters but bridget is a hundred times prettier and definitely looks more like an actual FEMALE. Gross.

  30. Janice– Rich is being a smartass. No racism in his comment, unless you brought it with you.

  31. Blue Eyes

    Was being sarcastic when I said it would suck to have someone love her son as there own. What’s the alternative…..that she can’t stand him, takes it out on the poor kid every time he’s around by beating the sh*t out of him. Come on now, people need to get over themselves and actually think about the one that matters the most, THIER son. Dumb Asses, their egos are larger than their fat ass heads………

  32. Jrz

    #21, and you too, Rich…
    I’m Irish-American. My family used to call me “Another fekking mouth to feed” and “Patty’s Bastard Kid”…..and when Pap was really shitfaced he’d simply call me “Beh…” so I totally get what you’re saying about terms of endearment.

  33. Janice

    #30 And I quote Mr. #24, “Latin like latino, you know, like the dude who comes by with his 8 year old to blow leaves off of my front lawn”. So all Latinos, you know, work on people’s yards with their school aged children? To quote Mr. #24 again, “Ooooooookay”

  34. Nezz

    GuyHolly- STFU. Seriously. I don’t think anyone here gives a rat’s ass about your insipid comments.

  35. Jrz

    Janice, Rich is a Porto Ricken. And I’m not being racist…he said it’s okay to call him that.

  36. JRz

    janice, seriously, shut your fuckin…..fingers. You, too, Nezz…believe me, no one here gives a rat’s ass about you so why don’t you and fucking Janice go start a society for assholes somewhere. You can worship a picture of Spencer Pratt as your idol.

  37. Nezz– I. don’t. care. what. you. think. asshole.

  38. havoc

    Bridget should just sell the kid to Gisele and move the fuck on…

  39. Nezz


  40. bosendorfer

    looks old, insincere

  41. Janice– I said it’s not racist cause I know Rich. It was humor, nothing more.

    Nezz- Seriuosly if you don’t like what I have to say then skip over my comments.

  42. Hey…#41…you guys just get a chat room already.

  43. PunkA

    Moynihan is hotter. Gisele has a horse face.

    Ahving said that, who cares what Gisele said about the kid. She is the step mom, not the real mom. The kid won;t care what she said because when he is old enough to read, he’ll be used to the family dynamic. So who really cares.

    Bridget, call me.

  44. @42 you mean like the one you and buddies have where it’s anal sex 24/7 ya big fat butt bandit.

  45. Victoria

    Moynhan is far more beautiful than Bundchen. She exudes a positive healthy spirit. Bundchen on the other hand exudes a me-me-me self-centered vibe.

    I couldn’t believe that Bundchen said “I want the child to have a good relationship with his mother.” What the F***”? Who does she think she is – the biological mother? I have never heard such a condescending, delusional remark in my life.

    There was a shrink on CBS Morning Show who said that Bundchen’s remarks’ were a no-no. He said it appeared that Bundchen was trying to take over and stomp out the reality that Moyhan was the mother.

    I give Brady’s and Bundchen’s marriage 2 1/2 years. Brady is a wuss, but Bundchen is not a kind person.

  46. I heard saint Moynahan here is a major home wrecker!!!

  47. sushi

    If Bridget ends up swimming with the fishes, all fingers will point to this dumb bitch. I get that she loves the kid; but to talk about the child like he’s acutally Gisele’s and Tom’s is quite strange. It’s as if she can’t stand the thought of another woman having his baby.

  48. sushi

    If Bridget ends up swimming with the fishes, all fingers will point to this dumb bitch. I get that she loves the kid; but to talk about the child like he’s acutally Gisele’s and Tom’s is quite strange. It’s as if she can’t stand the thought of another woman having his baby.

  49. goodwolf

    First, though she could have phrased it better, I suspect that Gisele meant no disrespect. It is in her best interest to maintain a good relationship with Tom’s child and the mother. Secondly, this “friend” paints Tom and Gisele as villians when we don’t know the circumstances. I have also read elsewhere that Bridget got pregnant intentionally as a last ditch effort to try and save a relationship that was going downhill fast. Tom was right to leave as staying just for the child would have been a big mistake for everyone. Also, It would have made no sense for Tom to leave Bridget with a child on the way, unless the relationship was already basically over.

  50. ugh

    this is what happens when you’re a dumb bitch and get knocked up and have a child out of wedlock. she set herself up for this shit. she looks like the idiot for having this baby when it was a mistake all around. i feel bad for the kid.

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