Bridget Moynahan gives birth

August 23rd, 2007 // 83 Comments

Even if you were hiding under a rock yesterday, you probably caught wind of this. But just in case, Bridget Moynahan announced the birth of her baby boy to Celebrity Baby Blog. The father is New England Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady who ditched Bridget in December for a Victoria Secret’s model – right after he found out she was pregnant. You just don’t get more American than that: Star football player ditches actress after knocking her up then nails a lingerie model. If Tom Brady went to Washington D.C. right now, Lincoln’s statue would give him a high-five while jet fighters flew overhead. What a great day for America. Nothing could ruin this moment.

UPDATE: Tom Brady’s one-day-old son already hates football and wants to play the oboe.


  1. Seriously though, the father of her child is an asshole.

    ..that’s pretty much it. Let the stoning begin.

  2. veggo

    Maybe it was SHE that didn’t play the Oboe well enough…….

  3. pointandlaugh

    tom brady……..nothing but class.

  4. mywellrehearsedmistake

    Funny commentary fishy and points for use of the word ‘oboe’….

    As for this woman I have no idea who she is.

  5. Cynthia

    Tom Brady is an assbag and Gisele is a skeeze. They were made for each other.

  6. sportsdvl

    Look at her! Who would you rather keep banging? This ugly almost actress or a Victoria Secret model? yeah, I thought so.

  7. It is always a great day in America, especially since we ran the red coats out.

    Thank you very much….

  8. Elliot

    Tom Brady is an American hero. If you disagree, you are either a woman, a homosexual or a Colts fan.

  9. Doink

    Never heard of them

  10. Alison

    Bridget is much more classy than Gisele. Much better looking too.

    That said, I wouldn’t want to be in Gisele’s shoes right now. Tom and Bridget now have cemented something very permanent between them.Even if Tom ends up with Gisele, it is always gonna get between them in some way. That’s a lot of baggage for a relationship.

  11. @9

    Go Colts! Oh, by the way, I’m a screaming diesel dyke as well. So greasy you could use me to coat a pan. Yeah, Tom Brady is pretty much an asshole.

  12. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to play the oboe! :-)

  13. Texas Tranny

    Tom Brady is a dick-smoking fag.

    How ’bout them Cowboys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Annie Rexia

    Why does Gisele always look sunburned? If Tom stays with her he’ll end up fuckin’ a sleastack.

  15. mywellrehearsedmistake

    Oh, it’s ok i looked her up – Natasha from Sex and the City – now I know who she is….

    Guess her Mr Big ran out on her in real life too – but then, you know, who wouldn’t say yes to Gisele – you’d have to be a whole bag full of crazy.

  16. Msizzle

    I heard it was the other way around, Brady dumped her THEN she said she was pregnant like a week later.

  17. TT fuck the cowboys Giants 4ever

  18. Elliot

    I dont understand what the big deal is. She pulled the goalie to try to get him to stay with her and he dropped her like he should have. They werent married. If I was him, I would be fucking a supermodel too, but it would probably be Alessandra Ambrosio. She is better looking.

    And @14, being a Cowboys fan, you’re the expert of closet quarterbacks, what with Mr. Aikman and all.

    Jeez if I wanted to defend my comments and writing more, I would start writing for The Phat Phree again.

  19. big

    Wow thats a huge belly. Do you think her water breaking has caused all this flooding?

  20. Hairy Potgrower

    Holy Torpedo! Is that where Voldemort lives?

  21. Sunflower

    #3.. now that was damned funny!!!!

  22. Shallow Val

    I like her, she’s purty and she looks nice.

    Take that two-bit scumsucker for all he’s got Bridget. Fucking Footballers! Brady, Vick, buncha dicks.

  23. let's all get under center

    This story only has real-life caricatures. Tom Brady is a permanently immature narcissist jock, great on the field, selfish and irresponsible off it. Really, it’s almost impossible to believe he’s not black. Gisele leads the new breed of VS models – anorexic, manly, sourpuss. Top-tier status poon that makes you the top dog if you nail her, but very likely it wouldn’t be much fun, unless you’re sliding by with those buried homosexual fantasies. And Bridget – jezuz, she’s the walking talking real-life nightmare for guys. They were on the rocks forever because she was clinging to him like that last bit of sticky snot that just WILL NOT leave your finger when you flick it 25 times. Finally, but too late, she escorted one of his swimmers to one of her vintage eggs, thinking she had achieved a first down(syndrome), but he had already left and wasn’t coming back, regardless of the kid (again, he’s a selfish immature jock).

    I hope the kid goes to a French immersion school, grows his hair long, and plays soccer, leading the team in number of times falling to the ground crying and holding his leg. And yes, nails all the hot chicks (while wearing capri pants “for men”).

  24. Shallow Val

    She was also the putry Doctor in I Robot with Will Smith, she was the mean bar dancer in that horrible film Coyote Ugly, that’s all I know. (So, I watch movies, whatuvit?)

  25. If I would have been smarter, I would have gotten knocked up by some rich pro ball player and not an out of work alcoholic drug addicted musician and had it made in the shade.
    20/20′s hindsight :(

  26. veggi

    FRIST you whore! I didn’t know that about you.

  27. wedgeone

    I think she just has really bad gas.

  28. veggo

    It looks like someone crawled up her ass to make a sammich and got stuck in there.

  29. Yeah well, dumb and young I was 12 years ago….

  30. Texas Tranny

    I wear capri pants (with back zipper) all the time. What’s wrong with that.

  31. hey fish, you need to get the href=””>Hayden Panetierre/Cheerleader porn story up.

  32. dowork

    although, it is a sad story, she hit the jackpot. I’m anticipating 25k a month in child support. You can leave me, too, Tom.

  33. zuzuspetals

    What a piece of shit that Tom Brady must be.

  34. Boxmatwick

    Tom Brady and Billy Crudup should start a social club.

  35. LL

    If I was gonna get knocked up by a football player, it wouldn’t be Brady, he kinda LOOKS like a douchebag. Ben R., on the other hand, mmmmm…. I kinda want to be in the Big Ben Club.

    Having said that, does no one in Hollywood practice safe sex? Chicks are gettin’ pregnant all over. Is a baby the new hot accessory? I won’t have one until Louis Vuitton starts making ‘em, with the little LV’s everywhere so everybody knows I’m classy.

    My God, that kid is going to be a giant. He and Heidi Klum’s kids will rule us all in about 20 years.

  36. H. Hill, Strickland Propane

    That dang genoworld blog has some great comments I tell ya hwhat.

  37. Bugman4045

    #9 exactly. Tom Brady is what every NFL quaterback (and many men) wishes they could be. He knows it too. This SNL sexual harrassment skit epitomizes that attitude:

    Oh yeah, Troy Aikman is a total closet case. Freakin’ Cowboys!!

  38. Crap Tonight

    From the looks of that stomach i’d say she gave birth to an arrow

  39. Texas Tranny

    The Cowboys have played in 8 Super Bowls, won 5 of them and have 7 Super Bowl MVP’s. NO OTHER team can claim that, so fuck all of ya’ll, bitches.

  40. Hill

    For the ammount she’ll get in child support, tom brady can knock me up too! Who cares if he’s not involved?! That makes it SO much easier to find the guy who’s right for her.

  41. Kam

    Lets stone that Mofo piece of shit – what an asshole, people like him make me sick. That bump is like half a torpedo though.

  42. eastcoastgirl

    She’s better off without that scumbag trust me. karma will come home someday.

  43. lambman

    congrads Bridget!

    I kinda dig her, she seems low-key and reasonable, is really really easy on the eyes and didn’t turn this whole pregnancy into a “woe is me” kinda deal like so many others would have

  44. betenoir

    And the quarterback is POS!

  45. Shallow Val

    41 Texas Tranny

    Woo Hoo, I love when Tranny gets his “Don’t mess with Texas” out. Keep on truckin baby!

    PS – intvw went well, didn’t get it tho. Oh well, onward and upward.

  46. LBoogie

    “Tom Brady’s one-day-old son already hates football and wants to play the oboe.” <– LOVE THE COMMENTS!!!

  47. Texas tranny

    Damn sorry to hear that, better luck on the next one.

  48. bob

    #9 is correct.

    I do believe the story goes that she dumped him & they broke up in December. Gisele was sweating Brady for some time. She was spotted like a tramp grouping hanging outside the Patriot’s locker room in January. Bridget announced the pregnancy in February. Let’s get the time line straight. Good ole Tommy may have not even knows that Bridget was knocked up when he started seeing Gisele.

    I doubt Gisele and Tom will last much longer. Now that he has a child, she will be pissed that the kid is getting all the attention.

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