Bridget Moynahan embracing single MILF-dom

Hey, remember Bridget Moynahan? She was knocked up by Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady right before he ditched her for Gisele Bundchen. I think she’s an actress too or something. Who knows? What I do know is the touching anecdote she told Harper’s Bazaar about returning home from the hospital with newborn son Jack:

“Everyone says, ‘You give birth, you go home, and you have this amazing baby and it’s just beautiful,'” says the 37-year-old Massachusetts-raised model turned actress. “And I walked in and I just started sobbing.”

Adorable! Okay, I didn’t read it, but I’m sure it was heartwarming. It had a baby in it! Bridget is moving on with her life and has embraced her single mom lifestyle thanks to help from friends like Will Smith. Is she still bitter about Tom Brady curbing her? Not at all. But she is running late for Jack’s dance class at the Sparkle Princess Football is Stupid Studio for Twinkle-kids. Or is it Pottery for Tots night? Ha ha. Kids.