Bridget Moynahan embracing single MILF-dom

June 5th, 2008 // 72 Comments

Hey, remember Bridget Moynahan? She was knocked up by Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady right before he ditched her for Gisele Bundchen. I think she’s an actress too or something. Who knows? What I do know is the touching anecdote she told Harper’s Bazaar about returning home from the hospital with newborn son Jack:

“Everyone says, ‘You give birth, you go home, and you have this amazing baby and it’s just beautiful,’” says the 37-year-old Massachusetts-raised model turned actress. “And I walked in and I just started sobbing.”

Adorable! Okay, I didn’t read it, but I’m sure it was heartwarming. It had a baby in it! Bridget is moving on with her life and has embraced her single mom lifestyle thanks to help from friends like Will Smith. Is she still bitter about Tom Brady curbing her? Not at all. But she is running late for Jack’s dance class at the Sparkle Princess Football is Stupid Studio for Twinkle-kids. Or is it Pottery for Tots night? Ha ha. Kids.


  1. Poopoo


  2. Poopoo


  3. Ted from LA


  4. Her claim to fame is getting knocked up by Brady? Wow, bravo!

    Oh, #1 – douche bag.

  5. ph

    If she squeezed a baby out of that vag, never mind – the magic is gone.

    If she strips naked in front of me, I better find a nice discrete cesarean scar – or no sex for her.

  6. My Penis

    Damaged goods.

  7. Michael Braun

    She got pregnant on purpose without telling her intentions to Brady, worthless skank.

  8. Jack

    “And I walked in and I just started sobbing.”

    Fuck you, mom. Fucking cocksucking gay athlete whoring cunthole.

  9. havoc

    You’re all homos.

    I would plow that like a Nebraska cornfield……..


  10. Monstra

    Those pictures make her look desperate and sad. She looks like she’s begging for a husband. “See how sexy I am! See how domestic I am! I’m still pretty! Really I am!”
    I’d have a shred of respect for her if she did the spread looking real.

  11. Andrio

    Yep, a 37-year-old chick who just got her no-longer-elastic body stretched to hell by pregnancy and delivery of a baby she conceived to try to trap her boyfriend when he told her he didn’t want her anymore…gotta be a homo to pass up that magic.

  12. Ted Mosby

    I’d hit that like a linebacker to Brady’s blindside.

  13. Jeanie

    Wow. She is a million times hotter than Giselle. I don’t think anyone should feel sorry for her. Especially herself. She gets Tom Brady’s baby money. Cha-Ching! On top of being genetically blessed.

  14. coffeebean

    Great – just what the world needs, another single mom. How long before she hires a nanny and is right back out there whoring around again? When will women understand; if you want a family, a husband to take care of things is supposed to come with the package.

  15. chyntz

    I’d shump her poos

  16. @12 Ted, Brady is a big pussy. You would not have to hit him hard!!

  17. Auntie Kryst

    It can’t be easy knowing your ex dates the granddaughter of some Nazi fugitive. It also must not be easy to be a single mother.. Bridget if you need help with your son, I’m willing to join the Big Brothers. I also clean pools and deliver groceries..

  18. p911gt10c

    Pic 2- How’d Famke Jansen end up in there?

    Oh, and #1, you’re a loser.

  19. Joe C

    You seriously redeemed yourselves by throwing up Bridget and Kate Beckinsale. The monster parade you had this morning nearly put me off my breakfast. Madonna, Pam Anderson and Amy Wino are no way to start the day.

  20. Bill

    I’d lick every millimeter of her episiotomy scar.

  21. britney's weave

    she has a beautiful face. at least from way back here…

  22. Lyn

    Ummm, who poses in lingerie in front of a baby’s crib…..that is pretty weird.

    Anyway, she is probably glad that she had Tom Brady’s kid because no one would know who the hell she is otherwise.

  23. Jennifer

    I thought the kid’s name was John?

  24. Deva

    Wow, posing like a whore in front of your kids crib. How appropriate. Maybe this will teach you a lesson on how to lose a guy in 10 seconds. I.E DON’T GET PREGNANT AND TRY TO FUCK HIM OVER BY USING HIS KID AGAINST HIM. Yeah, well he showed you. IN YOUR FUCKING FACE!!!!!!!!!

  25. Trover

    For 37 and having had a kid, she looks amazing. She deserves credit for that. I’d still want to romp her “Coyote Ugly” rocking bod into oblivion.

    And Tom Brady is a fag. Gisel is a horseface. He took a step down in the looks dept, plus got Leo’s sloppy seconds.

  26. Kim Lard-ass-ian

    Stupid skank whore being a single mother SUCKS and she shouldnt be aiming to make it look like its cool, it SUCKS I am a single mother to only one kid and it’s certainly not tottering around in 10 inch heels in a basque, stupid bitch.

  27. arnie

    wow, finally a message of peace and love. Look at the nice things jewish kids doing:)

  28. Deva

    Yeah, what #26 said!

  29. Netsurfer6

    I hate to sound provincial, but the truth is, every woman – no matter how beautiful/sexy she is – has a shelf life. She compromised hers, basically threw it away with both hands, on the gamble that the father would marry her. Unless she’s retarded, she knew the stakes and she chose to wager. She got stuck with the kid that neither of them wants. Boo hoo. Should have used her brain — AND a condom.

  30. Deva

    #27, thank you so much for sharing this with us. There are times that I am very proud to be an American. And then there are times that I’m ashamed because we allow these bullies (I.E Fucking Jews) to exterminate the Palestinian people and opress the middle east while the world turns a blind eye and we endorse it. Meanwhile the jews are crying how horrible it is and “poor us”. Fuck them and everything they stand for.
    I hope to God President Ahamadinijad pulls it off. Because he’s the only hope for the middle east and the oppression they face at the hands of the self proclaimed “God’s children.”
    President Carter was right: it’s just like apartheid. But say a word against the jews and you’re an anti Semite. Oh I’m sorry, I just have problems with bombs striking innocent children.
    Fuck them!

  31. Cleveland

    this story is what makes me like Tom Brady. Didn’t let society tell him to go running back to his baby’s mama. If you don’t want to be with her, move on. Better than raising the kid in a miserable situation.

  32. charm

    wow # 29, spoken like a true dickhead.

    I’m not a mother, but I find it so weird that everyone here views motherhood as such a negative thing, granted half thepeople on this site just want to lust after some sexy photos of a whore in a bikini; but I think mothers are the most beautiful people in the world.

  33. My Penis

    lame, you’re probably a pig

  34. Pix are pretty blurry eh? I like her, she was hot in “I, Robot” in a repressed sort of way.

  35. aja

    charm# 29 you said the nicest thing here. I can’t believe these ugly comments.

  36. aja

    oops, meant charm 32

  37. lila

    Yeah, glamorizing unwed moms isn’t exactly admirable, but you have to admit, she is way hotter than Gisele I-Need-a-nose-job-and-figure Bundchen.

  38. [Xenu]

    Deva I will have to agree with that. We need another Hitler to exterminate what’s left of Jewish blood, wipe them off this planet for good, that way our economy and worldwide peace can prosper.

  39. jonny

    Awesome! Looking at pictures of “sexy” women and wishing for the annihilation of a race!
    FUCK all the paleo-simians in Palestine. How the fuck can you be a refugee for 50 years? Just sit and collect international welfare….Courtesy of the U.N.
    You think you’re so smart and compassionate, but the Palestinians would exterminate all of you ignorant Americans the first chance they got! The Jews are the only friends you have in the middle east you dumbasses. You are all the product of a liberal media brainwashing.

  40. jonny

    Oh…by the way, stop falling for Islamic Propaganda. Two of the photos are from Saddam Husseins nerve gas attack on the Kurds in Northern Iraq, you fucking gullible idiots.

  41. Brady’s seed didn’t land here

  42. tinkabelle

    All you losers saying she’s “passed her shelf life” and “I wouldn’t do her because she squeezed a baby out of her vag”- what the hell is wrong with you people? Yes, the pics are a bit weird (lingerie and a baby? okkkaaaay?)…but she went through a tough, very public breakup and is now raising a child alone. Who knows why she and Tom brady aren’t together? She didn’t necessarily trap him…maybe he was cheating with Gisele and she really did accidentally get pregnant? Why if a woman gets accidentally pregnant, is she seen as trapping him?

    People on this website make me sick with being so youth obsessed and thin obsessed. Women over the age of 30 are still very attractive! Lighten up a little! A woman does not have to be 18 to be a catch.

    The men on this site who say all these mean comments about older women..eventually you too will hit your shelf life, maybe it’s later than a woman’s, but you WILL hit it…and then no “hot piece of ass” will go near you.

  43. Tommy Jeans


    this chick is FUCKING hot!

    I never knew she existed until seeing Lord of War, but I think we can all agree Bridget can claim genetic superiority over Tom’s new girl, who looks just slightly less like a horse than the hag from Sex and the City.

  44. kill islam

    So, she thought she would trap a guy by getting pregnant? That’s not motherhood. That’s just a really bad idea. Parenthood is overrated anyway.

  45. Groucho

    #10: “Those pictures make her look desperate and sad. She looks like she’s begging for a husband. “See how sexy I am! See how domestic I am! I’m still pretty! Really I am!”"

    You’re saying that like it’s a bad thing.

  46. Groucho

    And #26, you’re an idiot. Do you not understand that these pictures are staged? They are actually making a joke about the perception of how the ideal woman should be.

  47. George Washington

    The jews and the towel heads are no more than barking dogs in the backyard.
    All you have to due is throw out some table scraps and they shut the fuck up.
    Doggie biscuit welfare.
    Jimmy Carter was an idiot peanut farmer that transformed into an absolute dumb ass and still resides in deep stupidity to this day.

  48. Egg Beater

    Posing like that in front of a baby crib looks kind of creepy and WTF is she doing with that egg beater??!!

  49. Dumb pics

    I think you are looking wayyyyy too deeply into these pics…heres my take: many men love the idea of a domesticated/whore-in-the-bedroom type. These pics were meant to appeal to the penis and nothing else my friend ;)

  50. Chupacabra

    hey is that milk in the bottle, you know… um, real? gulp.


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