Bridget Marquardt understands quality television

March 24th, 2009 // 59 Comments

Here’s Bridget Marquardt filming her travel show Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches. I watched an episode the other night, and at this time, I’d like to take a moment to apologize to the citizens of Alaska for all the commotion. And, also, to Mt. Redoubt for taking the blame. Next one’s on me.

Photos: Splash News

  1. I’d change that tire Jrz… AND I’d check her oil…

  2. e-rock

    To #45- Angela- Is this my Canadian Angela???? Hey girl, its Erin!!! So you think those are fake? They look pretty good either way, and as a woman with implants myself… I don’t know… they look real…. you think?
    Either way, I think she is by far my favorite of Hef’s girls, because she seems so fun and bubbly, and really sweet. And the idiots on here saying she is fat and old, I would put money on it that not a damn person on here can say that if they are 35 or older, or even 25 and older for that matter have a body nearly as hot as hers. Well, except myself and Angela of course- HOLLA ANGIE!!! We actually met all three of Hef’s girls a few years ago when we were invited to the mansion for their lingerie party-good times. But her and Holly were great. Kendra on the other hand- and I don’t even care you are an Eagles fan, go Philly!!! She sucked a big fat dick of a personality. Just sayin.
    Anyway, go Bridget, you LOOK AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  3. Frank N Stein

    I want to motorboat.

  4. m.t.a

    sara jean underwood is the hottest girl i have ever seen

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  6. seh

    Hot body, terrible swimsuit.

  7. More Holly and Kendra, please. Seems like these three were Playboys last gasp.

  8. Sarah

    Remember in the first season when she said that she purposely got potential playmates drunk the night before their shoots so that they would look awful, all because she was jealous? Yeah I think her real personality is kind of an opportunistic bitch.

    She’s hot for her age but it’s really showing on her face – her nose is too bulbous and her lips are really thinning. Nose job and some silicone would work wonders.

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