Bridget Marquardt kicks Hugh Hefner in the old man nuts

Hugh Hefner really must be rocking the Depends because Bridget Marquart, the last faithful Girl Next Door, is bailing on him, Page Six reports:

Word comes that Marquardt also has a man on the side. Our tipster says, “Bridget’s been getting quite close with Nick Carpenter, Marisa Tomei’s ex-boyfriend. He directed her in a movie recently and apparently they ‘hang out’ whenever she can escape the mansion.”

Goddamn, this is depressing. I refuse to accept it’s not possible for a man to have enough money that he can score with a gaggle of young blonde chicks with fake breasts well into his 80s. I’m pretty sure that’s the guiding principle of our great nation. In fact, if history serves me correct, Benjamin Franklin said it best when he said “See how many ho’s you can get with this printing press, Mr. Jefferson, and make sure they got them breasteses all huge and stuff.”

Photos: Splash News