Bridget Marquardt in a bikini

January 22nd, 2009 // 102 Comments

Here’s former Hugh Hefner arm-candy/Girl Next Door Bridget Marquardt filming her new reality show Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches on the Gold Coast in Australia. She’s with a legendary group of young women known as the Meter Maids who prevent parking tickets while wearing bikinis. I don’t even know where to begin with how right everything I just said is.

In the meantime, if I ever have a daughter who comes home one day to say she’s joined this outstanding organization, I’d weep tears of joy knowing I raised her right. Then I’d lock her in the basement until she’s 40 because, seriously, where are these women keeping their quarters?

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  1. Joy

    Unfortunately for Bridget, I saw Allesandra’s photos first. There’s no comparison. Bitch is out of shape and lacks hips.

  2. Jeff


    It is impossible for a fit woman to have hips. Big hips like Kim Kardassian are the result of overeating. She looks great!

  3. Beth

    It is amusing how people call a nice looking lady old and fat. If you want to see a short fat chick then go to Kim Kardassian’s site. Most Americans are overweight. She takes care of herself and it shows.

  4. candy

    those just might be a contender for best tits in the business.

  5. djsmith72

    #48 you’re a virgin aren’t you?
    She’s hot, Alesandria is hotter yes, but she is way less real than Bridgette, Alesandria is a freak of nature she’s so hot.

  6. Navybean68

    I think she looks good.

    There was a study done recently where they digitally altered a naked woman and surveyed men and women alike to choose their ideal body size. The men chose the woman who was a size 12 whereas the women chose the one that was a size 8. In reality the average American woman is a size 14. If I had to guess I would say that Bridgette is a size 4.

    And trust me, her boobs are real. I work for a plastic surgeon. My job is to stare at boobs all day, so I can call them when I see them!

  7. Navybean68

    And yes, I have a pretty AWESOME job!

  8. Phil says, "huh?"

    Yea, by far the best looking, least annoying, and prolly least morally bankrupt of the three. I’d smash.


  10. devilsrain


  11. Shes hotter than Marissa Miller mates…

  12. i mean shes burned…

  13. tc

    I reckon she shaves her cunt.

  14. Me 2

    @53, I think you’ll find that you’re incorrect. Hips are part of the female bone structure.

  15. Someone Else

    She’s smaller than a 4. She is TINY in person. It’s hard to gage because she’s usually standing next to other small-ish women but she is a small, small girl.

  16. Sweet Petite

    She looks like she is between size 4-6 depending on the vanity sizing. I suspect if she buys an expensive outfit then it might be a size 2 only because of the vanity sizing. She can’t be a size 0-2 because this means one has no hips at all and she has little hips like me.

  17. Doc


    Yes hips are part of the bone structure, but when some women like Kim Kardassian gain weight; they gain it on their hips and butt and they get what is known as The Spread. Kim Kardassian was once petite and had small hips and butt until she started overeating. Bridget could have big hips if she overeats and then she would be fat.

  18. CelluliteFucker

    I want to fuck the yogurt out of that ass.

  19. maudina

    Bridget, Carmen Electra, Pam Anderson, I don’t get it. Why don’t they retire when they get old?

  20. Claudia

    Why should they retire? They obviously still get work. It is too bad Bridget does not utilize her Communications degree.

  21. Her airbrushing team is working overtime…They can airbrush video, right?

  22. Alex

    Aw I love Bridget! She’s the only genuinely nice person out of 3 chicks. And, she’s 100% prettier in person than she looks and seems.

  23. t-loke

    Dang just give it up to her she is like 3o-something years old I guarantee you girls that are hating on her will look a 1oo times worse than that- MARIA!!! you a hater bitch, you probably have a tweety bird body with no ass!!! and the guys that are bagging on her are definitly GAY! I think she looks amazing! but then again Im not HATER so I would not see anything wrong with her, unless I really did see something wrong!

  24. TALOKO

    Lets not forget that nobody is perfect and all you mothafuckas talking shyt aint no got damn better!! she is confident with a great personality!! that alone makes het Beautiful! and hot!! such heters online I swear!! nothing bettr to do but knock others to make your selves feel just a little better!! fucking sad!!

  25. Whoa! Really cottage cheesy.

    She didn’t leave Hef… He booted her ass to the curb!!!

  26. candie ann

    Theres 1 “fuckable” chick here, shes on the right of Bridget. Most of theses chicks look like they had fairly large lunches.

  27. Wow…there are a lot of beautiful women on this website…

  28. Wow…there are a lot of beautiful women on this website…

  29. truko

    I’d fuck her anytime

  30. no name

    Looking a little chubby there

  31. jen

    love her! i like kendra too, she’s a ghetto girl like me.. holly always kinda got on my nerves.

  32. jen

    love her! i like kendra too, she’s a ghetto girl like me.. holly always kinda got on my nerves.

  33. Liz

    shes not fat- shes normal.

    anyone who thinks she is fat needs to get real.

  34. whatev

    ttly sucking it in!!

  35. Attack of the Clones

    First, she’s not all that attractive.
    Second, are these different women lined up? THEY LOOK THE GODDAMNED SAME, every single one of them.
    Jesus Christ, this is some sad shit … all bleached blondes who obviously use the same “doctors” for all their needs. The IQ level of Australia drops 30 points whenever these girls come ’round.

  36. SIN

    No wonder the women on this site hate her, or should i say are jealous of her. She looks great, she is healthy and has nice, real breast . Apparently, a real women scare most people on this site. SUCK IT BITCHES!!

  37. Erin

    I think she looks happy, healthy, and normal. Is she a stick? no. Is she fat? no. Just looks like a normal, healthy body to me. I think she looks great!

  38. dude

    Nice gut, slut!
    Give it up. go home. Try to die with dignity.

  39. SIN

    Man, you women here are SO JEALOUS of her its scary. She is 35 years old, has a MASTERS degree in communication and looks great.
    You bitches wish you were 1/10th of what she is.

  40. trix

    she’s lost weight, big improvement. she was definitely the chub of the group for a long time. now that kendra and holly have moved on and found their own men and their own lives, maybe she realized if she didn’t lose the poundage, she’d just be a quickly aging, washed up Z-list reality star.

  41. Tifany

    all yall are JEALOUS.
    shes gorgeous. and its real.

  42. bridget is my favorite! she was def the smartest of all hef’s girlfriends! so what if she doesn’t look like a plastic barbie doll, she still looks great!

  43. Whew. Dimples are cute but not that kind! Time to cover up that hind quarter Bridgette! Or get some of your brother’s army buddies to sand paper them down for you.

  44. Ginger

    This site is so full of trolls and jealous idiots.

    I’ve never seen a 35 year old woman that looks that good in real life. In fact, I don’t think many 25 year old women have that good of a body.

    It should be a requirement on the internet that you have to post a picture of yourself before you can bash a celebrity’s looks.

  45. SIN

    I would give up my 69 Mustang for one night with her.

  46. j

    I just want to say that for a woman in her late 30′s she looks hot n even her butt looks bloody good. if i can look like that or close to that @ her age i’ll be proud of myself.

  47. kjb

    she’s so hot! and I want to fuck her. bridget is everything a woman should be, big boobs big ass nice legs and beautiful face. She has lost weight and boobs :( I prefer the old bridget when she was chub and busty

  48. sarahl

    I am shocked at peoples comments – - the language is terrible. Why is it neccessary to call her a sl*t and a wh**e, etc. She is doing a job, she is happy and confident with her body, and I would never call her fat – she is curvy and looks healty – not underweight or overweight.

    Surely you can have your view and say you dont like her etc – but those words seem rather extreme.

  49. hahaha

    ummmm seriously at least you can see her fake tan lines

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