Bridget Marquardt in a bikini

January 22nd, 2009 // 102 Comments

Here’s former Hugh Hefner arm-candy/Girl Next Door Bridget Marquardt filming her new reality show Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches on the Gold Coast in Australia. She’s with a legendary group of young women known as the Meter Maids who prevent parking tickets while wearing bikinis. I don’t even know where to begin with how right everything I just said is.

In the meantime, if I ever have a daughter who comes home one day to say she’s joined this outstanding organization, I’d weep tears of joy knowing I raised her right. Then I’d lock her in the basement until she’s 40 because, seriously, where are these women keeping their quarters?

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  1. woka

    not attractive one bit

  2. La Dee Da

    Bridget was BY FAR my favorite Girl Next Door – she was cute and fun and had ambition and charisma and was interested and determined to do things outside the mansion – but a gold bikini?


    She looked far better wearing the robe.

  3. timmy

    I’d smell those holes…

  4. havoc

    All three of them were prostitutes.

    She was the least annoying.


  5. Maria

    GROSE, Cottage Cheese Legs, Fat Gut….Absolutely Disgusting!!!!
    JUST PLAIN UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Pathetic Worm

    “You touch my car, I break your face (again)”.

  7. Cartman

    I’d hit it real hard.

  8. Kelley

    AND the only Girl Next Door with real tits !! … to NO. 6 … Grose ?? Don’t you mean gross ??

  9. Kat

    She’s totes sucking it in picture 6.

  10. dude_on

    She is a whore’s whore and she does it well.

  11. Gomer's Pile

    I’d so wreck that! I dig the natural titties and slight paunch.

  12. Alec Baldwin


  13. Jumpin_J

    I’m so moving to Australia and leaving my car at a meter.

  14. copperfield

    What do you mean you question where they keep those quarters? Every magician knows where to find quarters. Behind their ears, silly!

  15. California Red

    #6 is obviously perfect and is not interested in reality. I can only imagine what Maria looks like.

  16. Em

    Seriously, she looks amazing for her age.

  17. Deacon Jones

    @13 *HORF*

    She looks like my ex- plus 30 pounds and 20 years of sun damage

    I’m usually not picky, but she does nothing for me, except for that one on the far right in the last pic.

  18. p0nk

    looks like they have built in credit-card swipes as well.

  19. Yeah Right

    She said in a recent article that she’s 5′-5″ and 110 lbs….
    Sure, you are, sweetie.

  20. NipTuck

    She isn’t fat.
    She isn’t even chunky.

    I love her look!!

    I adore her. Honestly, she looks completely normal and I would love to look like that.

  21. better off dead

    i would eat her with tomato and

  22. joseph zito

    i would eat her with tomato and letuce.

  23. g

    R u sure they are real? Hm, I didn’t know that, then she has an extremly nice figure naturally, she is gettin a lil old but lookin good, and def seemed like the smartest of the three from the show.

  24. SATAN

    she should be embarrassed at the non-sexiness of her ass

  25. JoeJam2845

    Isn’t it safe to say that Hot Women no matter the race will Follow the $$$!

  26. juniper

    i hope shes the one that does black guys!

  27. MassGrrl

    Her ass is not good.

  28. Deacon Jones

    @27 Nah, all women

    BTW, Ive seen trannies with smaller packages than hers

  29. Me 2

    When GND first came on I couldn’t believe that she was over 30 so I regret to see that she’s finally starting to show her age. Her body still looks good but the face is starting to go. It’s hard to find pictures of her before GND, I bet she was hot as all hell in her 20s.

    Oh and those meter maids are an awesome idea.

  30. Ugly Old Face

    How old is she? She has a lot of wrinkles!!!

  31. Deacon Jones

    These are two of the chicks we’re getting in A.C. this weekend for a bachelor party. The blond is busted!

    I guess I’ll have to have my usual – 15 gin n tonics to get started.>>

  32. Funeral Guy

    Man, she looks good. You haters must have jerked off to fake tittied plastic whores for so long you’ve forgotten what a real woman looks like. I’d eat her up with a spoon.

  33. judy

    the meter maids don’t actually put money in the meters any more, they mostly just walk around Surfers Paradise and take photos with tourists.

  34. Binky

    # 35 Oh Ok.
    I remember when I was in Surfer’s Paradise – they didn’t put any cash in my meter – but I always thought it was because the old Holden wagon I bought over there was a piece of crap – and they wanted me out of town.

  35. wendy

    I met her in person and she’s tiny! Short and very petite. Pictures do not do her justice. She’s very nice too.

  36. OJ's Mom

    I bet her cunt smells like hard candy.

  37. dykealicious

    I would much like to do sex with her.

  38. Clem

    When I saw the main pic I thought that Cameron Diaz had grown a body!

  39. just curious

    she definitely isn’t 110 lbs but she looks real

  40. Maria

    2 WORDS – FAT & OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. yawn

    That ass looks wrinkled and sagged out , I guess Heff used to spend a fortune on all those Playboy pics, having it air brushed so that this over-the-hill prostitute could look “good”…and I’m not even gonna get started on her FACE…

  42. khe0ps

    #42 go suck on your mother’s dick u fat ugly no dick getting jealous old fart

  43. dude

    Nice gut, slut!





  46. EuroNeckPain

    Can you imagine what it would feel like, to still have to show your flesh in a gold bikini, guts sucked in, shoulders back, with a painful permanent grin on the face, when you’re over 30… ? Common people always complain about their situation, but after all, I thinks it’s much more comfortable to hide in a cubicle with computers and books, than to parade along the beach with stupid tickets and a dumb hat.

  47. Maria

    Excuse Yourself #44!!!!!
    The girl is OLD AND FAT!
    Not one jealous bone in my body, just calling it was it is…and it is FAT< OLD>UGLY >WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! = BRIDGET!

  48. Maria

    Excuse Yourself #44!!!!!
    The girl is OLD AND FAT!
    Not one jealous bone in my body, just calling it was it is…and it is FAT< OLD>UGLY >WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! = BRIDGET!

  49. Maria

    Excuse Yourself #44!!!!!
    The girl is OLD AND FAT!
    Not one jealous bone in my body, just calling it was it is…and it is FAT< OLD>UGLY >WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! = BRIDGET!

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