1. Gar

    Second !

  2. Me… wait third…

  3. Me


  4. Me


  5. SIN

    Damn. She makes all of those costume look great.

  6. Cardinal Ximenez

    Cool, I hear each costume includes a trial copy of Photoshop so you can make your fat and wrinkles disappear… just like Bridgette.

  7. Ana Carolina

    not pretty faced… whore body… i mean with all the money invested in plastic for her boobs she could get a nose job too

  8. prettypoison

    Bridget is so cute!

  9. Thanks,so cute

  10. Sophie

    She seems like a nice person and all… but it’s kind of irritating to think that all you have to do to be famous in this country is be an orange, blonde bimbo that sleeps with 90 year olds. Sad.

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