Brett Ratner Apologizes To Fags, Olivia Munn

November 8th, 2011 // 40 Comments
Brett Ratner
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Olivia Munn
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Brett Ratner is under fire after answering a Q&A session with “Rehearsal’s for fags,” when asked about his filmmaking process. Naturally, GLAAD got their panties in a bunch and demanded he be beheaded in white after Labor Day (That’ll teach him.) prompting Brett to issue an apology on the heels of also revealing he made all that shit up about banging Olivia Munn, so just assume the masturbating with shrimp part was true all along. Via TheWrap:

“I apologize for any offense my remarks caused. It was a dumb way of expressing myself. Everyone who knows me knows that I don’t have a prejudiced bone in my body. But as a storyteller I should have been much more thoughtful about the power of language and my choice of words.”

While I think anyone outside of an elementary school playground who can’t come up with a better insult than faggot is.. well, a faggot (Make that super-faggot if they cite South Park as their defense.), Brett Ratner somehow made himself look like an even bigger douche, so seriously, what more do you want from him? The poor bastard can’t even get an erection without a smooth crustacean shell tickling his under-groin and now you want to blacklist him? Have you no heart, gay mafia? No sparkly, sequin heart?

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  1. Colin

    You know it’s bullshit when he calls himself a “storyteller”.

  2. God is Black

    I hate this mother fucker! Eat this ;

  3. Richard McBeef

    Why people tie their panties in a loose knot and then lay in wait for the opportunity to tug on the ends over some bullshit words is beyond me. But, I’m not a f____t n____r either, so I guess I don’t understand.

  4. Richard McBeef

    * ferret nipper

  5. cc

    All I can say is if she did shag him she’s a real bottom feeder. Even if you are willing to fuck your way to the top, you should have some standards.

    • But there were shrimp involved. I know what I’ve done for a Klondike Bar, so maybe some people have no control over love for the savoury.

      • cc

        You know, that does make for an interesting twist on the hole ‘What you do for a Klondike bar?’ advertising thing.

  6. It’s funny how he has to squirm over using a word everyone of us has used 1000′s of times.

    • Have we? It’s amazing that bigoted homophobes still believe that everyone out there secretly thinks like they do.

      • Richard McBeef

        It’s amazing that homosexuals and other easily offended groups are still associating the use of a word that has infiltrated the parlance of our times and, frankly, doesn’t even hardly mean what they want it to as the work of bigoted homophobes and racists.

        it’s like the word “suck”, sure etymology can be traced back to “sucking dick” and who do you think that refers to? Women sucking dick? I don’t think so. But “suck” and “that sucks” are pretty much universally used by everyone with little regard to how it might offend people that suck dick.

        Do you really think that Mr. Ratner thinks that rehearsal is for homosexuals? No, he thinks it’s for fags.

        You guys have enough real discrimination and real hatred to deal with. Go deal with that and chill the fuck out anytime someone says fag. For fuck’s sake.

    • “You guys have enough real discrimination and real hatred to deal with. Go deal with that and chill the fuck out anytime someone says fag.”

      That’s a nice apologist spin you’ve got going on about “suck”, but you honestly miss the bigger picture here. While it’s nice you’re so patronizing and concerned about discrimination and all, I do suggest you go to WeHo and try slinging “fag” around and tell me how that “parlance of the times” bit works for you .
      Anyone who’s straight who belittles its use and says it’s not worth getting upset about has as much validation as anyone who’s white claiming that if they call someone a “nigger” it’s really no big deal. If you, personally, don’t want to stop using it because you’re too stupid, lazy, uncaring, or get some sort of gratification from knowing you’re not one, it’s past time to change, because you will get called on it.

      This IS part of the real discrimination and real hatred out there that you’re so concerned about. Whenever some douchebag like Rattner tries to sound cool by using to it show he’s not one, or somehow better than anyone who’s a “fag”, that perpetuates it. Bigotry grows by often not-so-tiny steps. Of course not everyone who uses the term “fag” or “faggot” violently attacks gays. But it’s also true that it’s standard usage for anyone who does. Racial and bigoted epithets are an easy segue to intolerance and violence, if you’re dismissive of them as being no big deal, then you’re a fool.

      Since that was probably the last word Matthew Sheppard ever heard after he was tied to a fence, pistol whipped and beaten into a coma before being left to die, I’d really love to hear you explain your “everyday parlance” argument to his mother. Say, do you think she’d think it was for “fags”? For fuck’s sake, yourself.

      • Richard McBeef

        Well, I know if we could just stop teenage boys from calling other fag and gay we could stop stuff like Matthew Shepard’s murder. Tolerance would go through the roof.

        Would you flip out if Ratner said rehearsal is for pussies?

  7. Rico Jones

    I still want to believe that Olivia Munn gets work because she fucks directors. She is unfunny and talentless so that has to be how she gets roles. Suck it good Munn.

    • Dan

      Olivia Munn still claims to sleeping with a director – it just wasn’t Ratner.

      So, she is still a fake nerd whore.

      But this makes Ratner a turbo-super-douche.

  8. Oprahwindfury

    Best. Story-Title. Ever.

  9. it must be hard to go through life looking like you smell of Doritos and beer farts…

  10. PtC

    You were looking for Labor Day, not Memorial Day. Then your joke might have worked.

  11. Uncle Phil

    He apologizes for this but not X-Men 3?

  12. Venom

    Did he apologize for being a shitty director?

  13. Deacon Jones

    Hey, maybe Brett is a “fag”.

    How does he know that shrimp’s juices weren’t from a guy shrimp?

    IThat would make him a gay bestialist

  14. “He’s got another type of bone in his body. Eh’hhhheheheh.” – Butt-Head

  15. Frank Burns

    Can’t decide which is most delusional: Lindsay Lohan comparing herself to Marilyn Monroe, Brett Ratner defining himself “as a storyteller”, or Olivia Munn posing herself as a hot actress.

  16. it had to be said

    Wait, I’ve been masturbating for two days thinking about Munn, shrimp, and my penis. Do I have to give the orgasms back?

  17. Olivia should be apologizing to us for having sex with this greasy bastard.

  18. Does this mean rehearsal’s not just for fags anymore?

  19. Donald Trump

    I wouldn’t fuck this dude for a million dollars, and Munn did it for free. What a skank.

    • Venom

      For free? She is constantly working and on TV or in the movies and making hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars, so as talentless and as unattractive as some of you guys would like to believe she is, clearly her blowing the right guys is paying off very well for her.

  20. Donald Trump

    Can you imagine the putrid smell of this guys junk? Makes me gag just thinking about it. He looks like the guy we all know who smells like three-day-old shit stains. Gross.

  21. Fribble

    Damn guys, you’re letting me down! I was expecting a chorus of “Hey, Fish, don’t be such a fag about it! (see: South Park for reference)” but… nothing.

  22. Skeezix

    I take offense at the Superficial writer using the word “douche” in a derogatory way. He’ll be hearing from DBAAD about this (Douche Bag Alliance Against Defamation).

  23. robg

    Ratner was on the Howard Stern show yesterday and retracted his Olivia Munn comments — he said he “had her confused with someone else”, and she said, “the shrimp guy in my book wasn’t Brett Ratner”.

    Sounds to me like they came to an agreement: “Hey, Olivia, if you retract the shrimp-and-tiny-dick story, I won’t tell the world that you fucked your way into show business.”

  24. Marquis de Sade

    With a nick nack paddy wack give the dog a bone , this old man came rolling home,he played three,I played four,we played nick nack on the floor……….da da da , da da da da da da, LA LA,TINY,POE & ITSY. …………………

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