Brett Ratner Apologizes To Fags, Olivia Munn

Brett Ratner is under fire after answering a Q&A session with “Rehearsal’s for fags,” when asked about his filmmaking process. Naturally, GLAAD got their panties in a bunch and demanded he be beheaded in white after Labor Day (That’ll teach him.) prompting Brett to issue an apology on the heels of also revealing he made all that shit up about banging Olivia Munn, so just assume the masturbating with shrimp part was true all along. Via TheWrap:

“I apologize for any offense my remarks caused. It was a dumb way of expressing myself. Everyone who knows me knows that I don’t have a prejudiced bone in my body. But as a storyteller I should have been much more thoughtful about the power of language and my choice of words.”

While I think anyone outside of an elementary school playground who can’t come up with a better insult than faggot is.. well, a faggot (Make that super-faggot if they cite South Park as their defense.), Brett Ratner somehow made himself look like an even bigger douche, so seriously, what more do you want from him? The poor bastard can’t even get an erection without a smooth crustacean shell tickling his under-groin and now you want to blacklist him? Have you no heart, gay mafia? No sparkly, sequin heart?

Photo: Getty