Brett Favre’s Penis Strikes Again

Two former massage therapists for the New York Jets, Christina Scavo and Shannon O’Toole, have filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Brett Favre, the Jets and Lisa Ripi, who’s hired massage therapists for the team for over thirteen years. Apparently Brett wasn’t saving his text love for just Jenn Sterger and was trying to spread his digital love wherever he could stick it. Good Morning America has the exclusive:

In the suit, Scavo alleges that Favre sent text messages to another unidentified massage therapist, asking Scavo and the unidentified woman to “get together” with Favre.
Scavo said that in 2008 while Favre was with the New York Jets, he treated her like a “hanging slab of meat.” In the suit she claims he wanted a three-way with her and another therapist.
Favre allegedly texted the unidentified therapist, writing, “Brett here, you and Crissy want to get together, I’m all alone,” according to the lawsuit.
Favre allegedly sent another text message reading, “Kinda lonely tonight, I guess I have bad intentions.”
Scavo claimed that after she refused Favre’s advances and had her husband, Joseph Scavo, call Favre to demand an apology, both Scavo and the other plaintiff, Shannon O’Toole, were never offered work with the Jets again.

As for this Lisa Ripi woman, check out how she reacted to the situation – besides just firing them – which pretty much explains why no one comes forward with these things:

Joseph Scavo claimed that his wife then came under fire from her boss, Lisa Ripi, a defendant in the lawsuit. The suit alleges that Ripi wrote “for sure feel horrible that u had to go thru that [with] a pervert…however I truly wish you would’ve come forward at the time it happened.”
Ripi goes on to say, “I’ve been up there 13 years without anything that happened to me on tmz…cause it was handled internally the way it should be,” according to the lawsuit.
Elizabeth Eilender, the attorney for Scavo and O’Toole, said that her clients did not want to file a lawsuit, but when the Jets refused to give them back their jobs, they had no choice.
The suit alleges that the Jets’ locker room and training camp are “a hot bed of sexual harassment, sexism and inappropriate behavior.”

Wow. “I’ve been up there 13 years without anything that happened to me on tmz.” Read: “Is it really rape if you get to keep your job afterward?” And yet these women didn’t want come forward to this lady? Weird. But, seriously, why do I get the feeling they’ve seen others go into an office with accusations and suddenly there’s more trash than usual to go out that day? I’m not really suggesting the NFL murders women, but I’m also not not suggesting they’re subjected to a workplace that regards them as nothing more than locker room equipment to throw penis photos at. And murder.

Photo: Getty