Brett Favre Will Be Fined For Penis Photos

December 29th, 2010 // 45 Comments

While earlier reports suggested Brett Favre would not suffer any consequences for sending sextual messages – including pictures of his penis – to New York Jets reporter Jenn Sterger in 2008, reports Favre will, in fact, be fined by the NFL:

Commissioner Roger Goodell is likely to fine, but not suspend, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre over the Jenn Sterger fiasco, has learned. The ruling is expected to come as soon as Wednesday but no later than Thursday.
The league wanted to make a ruling before the end of the season but did not want to do it on New Year’s Day.

I honestly don’t see how anyone can get worked up over this ruling considering Ben Roethlisberger only sat out a couple games for alleged rape and sending someone a picture of your penis is on the complete opposite end of that spectrum. In fact, it’s practically a compliment in comparison.

GIRL #1: So, how was your date?
GIRL #2: Ohymygod, he totally sent me a photo of his penis instead of raping me. It was so romantic!
GIRL #1: You two are going to get married. I can tell.
GIRL #2: Wait, here’s another one. He’s masturbating in Crocs! Awww…
GIRL #1: My boyfriend never sends me stuff like that. Jerk.

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  1. Oh Hell No

    Must have been preeeeeety small…..

  2. 2008 and they’re just NOW reprimanding him? Howcome she didn’t say something earlier?

  3. No point in suspending him, so just give him the penis-proportional penalty.

  4. Cock Dr

    Poor dumb jock.
    Isn’t the embarrassment & what his wife is probably subjecting him to enough?
    I don’t want the league to do anything to discourage player’s self portrait talents.
    More pro football penis pics for 2011!

  5. Lady Blah Blah

    He should be fined for having such a tiny dick.

  6. Greenman

    I think he’s wearing his hat upside down.

  7. Agwings

    So Favre will take it in the shorts, for taking it in the shorts.

  8. GravyLeg

    Not like he needed to send her a picture. He could have just told her to look at his jersey number.

  9. shorty

    That girlfriend dialogue is actually pretty realistic.

  10. Billy Boy

    Only slobs wear Crocs.

    He couldn’t have made a statement by jerking off with Kenneth Cole’s on-like “Hey, I’m a classy guy.”

  11. Christmas is over, people.

    What a dick.

  12. Anon

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Totally knew it was Brett Farve from the get-go. It was clearly Brett in the photos because the pics were easily intercepted and how he was fumbling his balls.

  13. Pangulin

    Favre should have stuck with Remington Country and sent her a picture of his REAL gun…..not his “little pee-shooter”.

  14. BaldTruth

    Roethlisberger received a 6 game suspension and was made to sit out 4 games (not two). And, ultimately there was not sufficient evidence to prosecute.

    • curly gurl

      Roethlisberger ‘s mistake was acting like a drunk 20 year old frat boy with too many underage college girls in record time. . After the first incident, the Commissioner told him to act his age- 28. He continued to embarass the NFL (who is trying to grow market share by increasing numbers of female fans,) It was beside the point if he was actually guilty after accusation #4 came in from Nevada The VAST majority of Steeler fans were on his side until Nevada , as there were credible witnesses in THAT case.. SEVERAL Pittsburgh Sports columnists wrote his behavior had gone too far. Many Pittsburgh Club owners complained publicly that he would run up a large tab & not pay it on a regular basis,.When the Bar Owners contacted the Steelers organization, Benny told them they should be grateful he” brought business to their clubs” & wasn’t going to pay the tab. and ” they could sue him”. . Big Ben was also set to stand trial in GA. ,but that one was settled , dismissed, & disappeared with a very timely letter from the “victim”,who had pursued the case vigorously since 2008.
      It wasn’t that Benny Boy was innocent; he had an OJ “dream team” of Lawyers and the money to pay THEM. Prosecutors could not prove he was guilty when the victims were no longer willing to cooperate .,so the charges were dropped. That is NOT the same as being innocent. This is NOT a person of character by any standards. Google the incident and His non payment of Club owners in Pittsburg. Any multi- millionaire who would screw several small businesses out of Thousands of dollars is NO NFL HERO.

  15. Chris Hansen's taint

    Ban that cunt from the field or locker rooms or from any male athlete.

    • Gord R.

      Better stay away from Canada. Female sports reporters have access to athletes’ locker rooms after games. But of course the reverse is NOT true. The political correctness madness here has disenfranchised men, especially white men.The ‘equality’ myth works only for women and non-Caucasians.

  16. Brett Favre
    Commented on this photo:

    “Jesus man, I just text a picture of my balls to some skank. It was a side shot though , so they probably won’t charge me double.”

  17. Cock Dr

    That was a 50k phallus phlash.

  18. Pl39

    True fact rich white men get away with breaking rules and laws.

    • Bubba

      That’s because we built this society filled with you creatures you silly little thing. Now take your hand off your genitals, that’s not nice.

  19. Ash Bones

    Brett Favre : ” The NFL can SUCK IT”

  20. Emmaleigh

    They started cracking down right when it came out that it happened. Sterner sat on it for two years until she told a friend about it who was, surprise surprise, in the media business. No one but Jen knew for the past two yrs

  21. wim

    …….and child abuse too.

  22. Kirk

    Sure, they should suspend him for a couple games next year……..but he’s actually gonna retire for good….so, nothing else the NFL can do. I think he should NOT pay the fine. What’ll they do………suspend him? ……………… hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  23. HG

    They didn’t fine him for actually sending the photos, they fined him for “not cooperating with the investigation.”

    Brett Favre is an idiot.

  24. Anyone with a half a brain can see this is a setup, come on!
    Every guy knows that sending a photo of your penis is the kiss of death when courting a hot babe please..Unless of course the gal asked him to send it (of course) and now she’s got him by the balls for a law suit. Bret just doesn’t want to admit that he fell for it. Tell me exactly how she was damaged by seeing his penis anyway?

  25. darthgault

    michael vic can kill as many dogs illegally as he wants and still gets to play and brett sexting is a big deal?

  26. Topper24

    Dude, your an idiot. He didn’t get fined for showing his dick. He got fined for not cooperating with the investigation. Please don’t write anymore articles.

  27. buds

    Of course so superficial. Size means nothing..

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