Brett Favre Wanted Jenn Sterger to Have ‘Special Crocs Time,’ Too

December 23rd, 2010 // 108 Comments

As Rex Ryan’s love of his wife’s feet becomes a part of our rich national tapestry, the Brett Favre penis fiasco has increased in size. This time with accusations that that the former Jet asked Jenn Sterger to make a video of herself masturbating. TMZ reports:

We’re told Jenn Sterger received the sextual request back in late 2008 — months after Favre allegedly sexted over the pics of little Brett.
It’s unclear if Sterger has turned over the video request text message to the NFL — which is currently investigating Favre to see if he violated the league’s personal conduct policy.

Setting aside the fact Brett Favre is a married man – Which is my polite way of saying his wife lives in a fantasy world of her own delusion. – he did make a video and dressed all fancy for it, so let’s not pretend Jenn Sterger couldn’t at least return the favor. Are we not civilized? Have we not progressed beyond the caveman? “If ye wacketh thy stone, then shall not the other spelunk thy cave in turn?” the great philosopher Plato probably said.

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  1. Pilates

    He truly is the Son of God. :::Shudder:::

  2. Gando

    When you’ve had bad or maybe evil experiences with the opposite sex, that doesn’t mean that all of them are the same. Some have the attitude immediately to demonize while others start to search even deeper and more hungry for the good. When the faith in the good disappears, the entity becomes dark and evil…

    • Galtacticus

      Sometimes it’s the wrong time and moment and sometimes it’s just the right time and moment … The best part of the story was this time: the one who’s most likely to follow …

      • Bimbamboing

        Was that her mom in London?

      • Rhialto

        Hm, in this case i can’t find any indications of real love. Real love takes true personal sacrifises. You can all talk what you want but i’m watching my best X-Mas gift ever…

  3. Blak Jack

    It’s scary out there. Women have become traps, and men are human cash machines.

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