Brett Favre: ‘Okay, I Left Those Voicemails’

A still-married, as of this post, Brett Favre has finally confessed to leaving Jenn Sterger (above) creepy voicemails while he was playing for the New York Jets and she worked as a team reporter. However, Brett insists he did not send her photos of his penis because everyone knows infidelity should be a classy affair, like on Mad Men. Would Don Draper photograph his own penis? No, that’s pathetic. He’d make his secretary sketch it. FOX Sports reports:

Brett Favre admitted sending voice messages, but denied forwarding lewd photographs to former Jets in-house reporter Jenn Sterger, FOX Sports senior writer Jay Glazer reported Sunday.
Glazer, speaking on the FOX NFL pregame show, said a source informed him that Favre claimed responsibility for the voice messages during his meeting with NFL security on Tuesday.

But, seriously, if you’re guilty of continually hounding this girl so you can cheat on your wife, do you honestly expect anyone to believe you didn’t get drunk one night and pull over at Penisphotoland? (“Pull” being the operative word.) Then again, I’d probably put a gun in my mouth before admitting to masturbating in a pair of crocs. At first I thought Brett Favre might’ve been onto something, until I realized even I didn’t want to touch myself. Not to mention those things probably aren’t biodegradable, so literally no one wins in that situation. You’d be better off making out with your cousin.

Photos: Splash News