Brett Favre is Having an Awesome Season

When he’s not being fined for failing to cooperate with penis photo investigations or sued for sexually harassing two masseuses at the same time, Brett Favre gets to watch his sister Brandi Favre be arrested for running a bathtub meth lab and have his name attached to every single headline across the U.S .because his life is brimming with win now. People reports:

Brandi Favre, 34, who lives in Pass Christian, Miss., was charged with manufacturing methamphetamine and generation of hazardous waste, both felonies, according to the local Sun Herald newspaper.
Undercover agents raided the condo in Diamondhead, Miss., after buying meth from two suspects at a gas station off Interstate 10. The apartment had “an overwhelming odor [with] smoke and fumes,” and meth was found cooking in the bathtub, a police sergeant said.

I added Brandi’s mugshot who, not surprisingly, looks exactly how’d you expect a Mississippi meth dealer to look, but to her credit, at least she wasn’t caught masturbating in a pair of Crocs. There’s literally no coming back from that one, so hang that head high, youngest Favre. You’re the star of the family now. (Not an invitation to tell your brother to “suck it.” I don’t care what Mississippi law dictates.)

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