Bret Michaels wants to put his thorn in Jennifer Aniston’s rose

The Superficial | February 3, 2009 - 1:01 pm

Also at the premiere of He’s Just Not That Into You which Celebuzz reports she didn’t even stay and watch, was Jennifer Aniston who’s got herself a new admirer in Bret Michaels. You gotta admire the man’s horribly-placed confidence. NY Daily News reports:

“Bret is really crushing on Jen,” a pal of Michaels confides. “He says she’s the kind of girl you can have a good time with, but can still take home to Mom.”

But despite the fact he’s got more STD’s than Paris Hilton duct-taped to Pamela Anderson, Bret might actually have a chance. John Mayer is starting to get sick of being a dull, ineffectual knife wielded at Brad Pitt:

“John’s goal is to keep a low profile this year, and Jen is about as far off from low-profile as you can get,” a source tells us. “He just wants to keep out of the spotlight and finally concentrate on his music.”
Mayer is working on an album tentatively titled “Battle Studies,” a followup to 2006’s “Continuum.” “He’s always in and out of the studio,” a second insider reveals. “That’s his focus.”

Of course, there’s only one legally binding way to settle this: A battle of the bands. Whoever transforms a cop car into a hot tub full of bikini babes using nothing but Aqua-Net and cock bulges wins Jennifer as his lusty wench. Because, sometimes, the old-fashioned ways are the most romantic ways. Until the cocaine wears off and Vince Neil’s all like “Hey, let’s go to Denny’s.”

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