Bret Michaels gets his ass kicked – by scenery

June 8th, 2009 // 42 Comments

While performing with Poison at the Tony Awards last night, Bret Michaels walked smack into a descending backdrop as the band exited the stage. — Wait a minute. Why the hell is Poison performing at the Tony Awards? I don’t remember there being tractor pulls and corn dogs on Broadway. Then again, there are lots of people with wigs, so that explains Bret…

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  1. Que

    Que sucks to be him (pretty much always).

  2. isitin

    Brett Michaels is irrelevant.

  3. Donkey Dongey Dong

    Brett rocks.

    Anyone who can withstand that onslaught of inked-up drunken strippers for three seasons of Rock of Love has my respect.

  4. Who?

    How’d they get Keith Richards on guitar?
    Oh wait! It’s just C.C.

  5. havoc

    Okay, that’s just funny as hell…..


  6. Cliff Burton

    Poison always sucked and is not Metal.


  7. amartins02

    HA! Owned by a backdrop!

  8. Okay that is not funny at all

  9. bonkbonkbonk

    Just like that Stormtrooper in Star Wars. Bonk!

  10. Pilatunes

    < >

    Thank you!!! How this lame band ever made it big is beyond me. They are a pop band with some metal flake scattered over them. GO AWAY!

  11. Morocco Newsline

    I meant to say that WAS funny as hell….

  12. Stinky


  13. :B


    I mean, who doesnt think that’s a stunt cock?? or a tranquilized gopher?

    And Bret, stop with the lip pursing- leave that to Lohan’s vagina. KTHNX.

  14. mikeock


  15. mikeock

    I wonder if he Bedazzled his own jeans?

  16. Photoshop Police

    this is what happens when you don’t give backstage passes to your production crew.

  17. scatterflake

    Liking his little”hop-kick-bash” move. Fancy footwork, that.

  18. Brett's Cunt

    Those jeans should be proof that his dick fell off years ago from banging a revolving door of trannies.

  19. Andie

    What a douche. *shakes head*

  20. Oh gawd my eyes.

  21. space

    as if further proof of his dipshittery was necessary…

  22. JungleRed

    I think CC needs more necklaces. And Bret needs more eyeliner and lip gloss. These used up skanks just can’t exit gracefully. The best thing that can happen to a rocker is to OD while still young. They just don’t age well.

  23. JungleRed

    Or, wait…Is that Glen Close playing guitar?

  24. Teeny Bopper


    I hear they’re going to tour with the Partridge Family and Rick Springfield this summer. Can someone confirm that?

  25. Michelle

    Wow read about it one here was very funny, I also dislike Flavor Flave

  26. Rarla

    That is awesome.

  27. Death2Speidi

    This might have been the funniest F’ing thing I have ever seen on live TV, especially seeing his sad little cowboy hat sitting on stage after the near decapitation. Just punishment for that horrible lip synching performance.

  28. Emeritus

    I hope it was it a successful euthanasia.

    Next time, let’s try to get the rest of that pathetic band of trannies some cerebral and/or cervical trauma, too, OK?

  29. MonkeyBytes

    Poison must be involved with the Tonys because of “Rock of Ages”, the ridiculous re-imagining of 80′s hair metal for people who weren’t old enough to experience (and survive) it. Seriously, Poison sucks but at least you know they’ve banged their share of dirty skanks… unlike the sterilized and sub-par Broadway “Metal” fools.

  30. Lineman7

    Good Lord!
    That gets better and better, the more you watch it.

    He’s a douchenozzle that attracts the El Camino crowd.

  31. Dread not

    This is what happens when an a-hole rock star doesn’t know when to leave the stage, literally and figuratively. Bret and Poison should have went the way of the rest of the eighties hair bands, along with their power ballads, twenty years ago. They helped to almost destroy metal back then, so, pay back’s a b!tch! Where’s an unstable tower of Marshall stacks when you need one?!

  32. Stomp

    Hair metal sucks. Thrash metal Black metal Speed metal Death metal Doom metal Stoner rock Prog rock 60s psychedelia 70s Hard rock It all cranks but Chick{Hair} metal sucks that includes Motley Puke

  33. Pilatunes

    Hey, Bret, just like your shit concert ‘every roooose has it’s thorns’.

  34. you want HIV or HERPES?
    (or paris h.)

  35. Whats the problem?

    This is another reason for Brett to get 15 more nose jobs….

  36. Darth

    Some people do anything to get posted on The Superficial!

  37. Jonny

    Ive already filed Brett under ’80′s’ and ‘who gives a shit’ along with Hulk Hogan.

  38. Jim Jones

    Awesome. He’s such a douche.

  39. Poison Stunk in the 80′s they all have the skill level of Pre School Players.
    And now Brett with his STUNT COCK in place Show the world that they still suck and always will…They should do Depends adverts from here on out.

  40. I& am39I ve never seen on television, especially to see his cowboy hat sad little space on the scene after the next beheading.

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