Bret Michaels ‘Sabotaged His Career’ If He Slept With Miley’s Mom

Seen here pretending to be a stand-up family man to sell middle-aged fans his new reality show Life As I Know It, Bret Michaels’ career could suffer the consequences if it turns out he did the Unskinny Bop with Miley Cyrus’ mom Tish. (I hate myself so much right now.) Hollywood Life reports:

“First of all, his image was squeaky clean and we all felt sorry for him,” says Hollywood image consultant Michael Sands. “If he sabotaged his own career, his image will go down the drain. People will not respect him and no longer be interested in him. No one likes someone who outwardly breaks up a marriage.”
… “His career will be affected because it’s a relationship with a married woman,” Michael says. “People will think he’s the lowest person on earth to be involved with a person who was married.”

While this theory sounds well and good on paper, has everyone seriously forgotten about Rock of Love already? The show that ended just last year and possessed absolutely no legitimate purpose outside of filling a mansion (And one time a bus.) full of strippers, porn stars and bartenders for Bret to have sex with under the guise of wanting a committed relationship? Granted, that truly is the only way to find love, I’m pretty sure banging a married woman is about as damaging to his career as eventually finding out he also had sex with Miley Cyrus after paying her dad the pre-negotiated price of three billy goats. (It would’ve been two if she weren’t kin, but that’s assuming the price of sweet tea responds to inflation, so don’t quote me.)

Photos: Splash News