Bret Michaels ‘Sabotaged His Career’ If He Slept With Miley’s Mom

November 3rd, 2010 // 43 Comments

Seen here pretending to be a stand-up family man to sell middle-aged fans his new reality show Life As I Know It, Bret Michaels‘ career could suffer the consequences if it turns out he did the Unskinny Bop with Miley Cyrus‘ mom Tish. (I hate myself so much right now.) Hollywood Life reports:

“First of all, his image was squeaky clean and we all felt sorry for him,” says Hollywood image consultant Michael Sands. “If he sabotaged his own career, his image will go down the drain. People will not respect him and no longer be interested in him. No one likes someone who outwardly breaks up a marriage.”
… “His career will be affected because it’s a relationship with a married woman,” Michael says. “People will think he’s the lowest person on earth to be involved with a person who was married.”

While this theory sounds well and good on paper, has everyone seriously forgotten about Rock of Love already? The show that ended just last year and possessed absolutely no legitimate purpose outside of filling a mansion (And one time a bus.) full of strippers, porn stars and bartenders for Bret to have sex with under the guise of wanting a committed relationship? Granted, that truly is the only way to find love, I’m pretty sure banging a married woman is about as damaging to his career as eventually finding out he also had sex with Miley Cyrus after paying her dad the pre-negotiated price of three billy goats. (It would’ve been two if she weren’t kin, but that’s assuming the price of sweet tea responds to inflation, so don’t quote me.)

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  1. cc

    haha, I am the first to bang Miley!!!!

  2. Facebook me

    Well, it could’ve been a lot worse! It could’ve been Miley herself….just sayin’

    • No id have finally respected the twat if hed actually pulled that off with miley. Instead he looks desperate resorting to that haggard, tish. Isnt rock n roll about bangin what u can tho, incl married, underage, etc? I fail to see how this could ruin the career of a rock n roller.. again, other than how *old* the bitch is..

  3. Lady Blah Blah

    Is he missing two fingers and wearing eyeliner? I’d love to bitch slap that bandanna off his head.

  4. Jennny

    “after paying her dad the pre-negotiated price of three billy goats.”

    that was hilarious.

  5. britty sprinkles

    see, i never thought of brett michaels as being “squeaky clean”
    more like, the kinda guy who’d let a homeless person give him a blow j in exchange for a subway sandwich. but then again, maybe that’s just me.

  6. Facebook me

    What I don’t get is WHY his baby’s mom sticks around while he does all this shit..I know everyone has their price in this world..but for the love of CHRIST! When is she just gonna walk away and say, “You owe me half mother fucker.” Cause in the State of Arizona, isn’t common-law marriage recognized?

    • Some ppl actuly consider the negative effects divorce has on the kids?

    • Liz

      amen!!!!!!!!!!!! although I don’t think she’s been a doormat… like she said they have been off and on for 16 years. and during his rock of love bs we never heard from her or saw her, so apparently she was doin her own thing.

      I think kristi seems like a strong woman, so I really hope she leaves him for good. like she said in the preview for the next episode of their show… “I think it’s funny how after 16 years Bret is still my boyfriend”

      I’m sure the rumor a/b him and Mileys mom is true, because…. well hes bret michaels. will fuck anything w/ a vag.

      If I were her, I’d take as much $ as I could, take the kids and peace on his washed up ass. jig is up

  7. blah

    Who the hell thinks “his image was squeaky clean”?

    • Really?

      Totally agree. He was the lead singer of a rock band. Sleeping around is what they do. It’s in the job description.

  8. Richard McBeef

    the little girl must think it’s KISS. She is too young to get her shit ass washed up rockers straight.

  9. Salad Face

    Sweet Tea! You kill me, Fish!

  10. burton

    brett is anything but squeeky clean, he is a hoe bag to the extreme he likely has herpes or and std, he used to fuck strippers and other worldy trash.

  11. Mimi

    Maybe it’s just that most people didn’t watch Rock of Love? I’m a fan of some trashy reality TV, but that premise is a bit much, even for me. I did see him on the Apprentice and he was likable on that show…

  12. He’ll come up with another health crisis. Not only does he look like a drama queen….he is one.


  13. Hello

    So the guy who, for three seasons, banged trailers full of strippers and prostitutes is trying to promote a “family-friendly image”?

    I dunno if that’s irony, idiocy, or some sick combination of the two.

  14. Johnny Cage

    Enough screwing around with other guys wives. It’s not like you had irresistible attraction to her. You already know you are a rockstar who can have any bleached blonde beauty you want.

    And what’s with all these rockstars and their families, from Grandma to little baby Susie, flipping up occult signs? Everyone part of the Alester Crowley fan club all of a sudden?

  15. DKNY

    Angelina Jolie’s and LeAnn Rimes’ careers are totally ruined, right?

  16. That is funny! Thanks for the laugh SF…

  17. Rough skills and power tools

    Michael Sand also stated that Jason Voorhees had a wonderful relationship with women…

  18. Kevin

    Since when does this hurt someone’s career? I thought this is how you became more popular in Hollywood. No one watches people who live a good life. Has this kind of stuff really ever hurt anyones career?

  19. just say'n

    What makes you think he’s not banging Miley too?

  20. sobrietyisacrutch

    What career?

  21. rfy

    Google in the input: . ashops.u.s you can find many brand names, even more surprising is that he will sell you the unexpected o(∩_∩)o

  22. Bret Michaels
    Commented on this photo:

    I guess now we know which side of the family tree Miley gets her slutty side from.

  23. Bret Michaels
    Commented on this photo:

    Bret Michaels is a man-whore of the highest level. Somehow I think after banging DAISY, for God’s sake, and a shit ton of other skanks, banging Tish isn’t going to faze anyone. And parents of Disney stars are supposed to break up, right?

    Not to mention that if I was with Billy Ray Cyrus, who seems like not such a bad guy but at the same time seems like a douche, I would probably do the nasty with Bret. He’s such a ho he’s probably not an awful f**k. And then I would douse myself in rubbing alcohol, eat antibiodics like they were candy, and run to the clinic for every STD test known to man.

  24. Burt

    “While this theory sounds well and good on paper, has everyone seriously forgotten about Rock of Love already? The show that ended just last year and possessed absolutely no legitimate purpose outside of filling a mansion (And one time a bus.) full of strippers, porn stars and bartenders for Bret to have sex with under the guise of wanting a committed relationship?”

    No, we haven’t forgotten, but I think some of us are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. His illness may have been a life changing experience for him and the reality show was created in an attempt to make us forget about the hookers, porn stars, and strippers of Rock of Love (you must admit, the guy has to be pretty brilliant to come up with a way to get paid obscene amounts of cash to do something he normally has to pay for).

  25. Bret Michaels
    Commented on this photo:

    this guy used to hit ANYTHING at the strip club I worked at called showgirls in Alberta…he is gross, one stripper said he had genital warts but was taking meds…LOL.

  26. anonymous

    LOL If u are a fan who respects Brett Michaels, I highly doubt him fucking Miley’s married mom will ruin it all for you. He’s known for fucking all the hos he can. He made a tv series out of it.

    No one gives a rat’s ass about the Cyrus family anyway. We are all waiting for the inevitable Miley nudes and her fall from Disney grace.

  27. NeNe

    He is a disgusting, filthy, pun hood, so yeah, I fully believe he f*cked Tish. I would bet money that she wasn’t the first married woman that she f*cked either. It’s just that we found about Tish. Now, I have a feeling, other skanks are going to come out of the woodwork and state that they f*cked him too. You know, just like the skanks did with Tiger, Jesse, Elliot, etc… Bret is a walking STD!!

  28. I have no idea who the woman is but she looks like Michael Jackson. And she needs to lay off the lip collagen, gross

    • Kelley

      And the hideous boob job and Botox, so she can smile properly ? Pathetic … and wow, what a bunch of intelligent life-forms !! Do they know that what they’re doing with their hands means either “bullshit” or “a cuckhold” ?? Which is appropriate seeing as he just banged Tish (what a dumb-assed name) Cyrus … he clearly has bad taste in women and is a fucking waste of space as far as I can see. Douchbag. Up there with Pete Dougherty and Heidi and Spencer …

    • Nick

      Yeah i HATE duck lips! Quack quack

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