Trace Cyrus Knocked Up Brenda Song

August 24th, 2011 // 117 Comments

Because I’m a 31-year-old man who doesn’t watch the Disney Channel (It’s mostly on in the background to lure children.), I have no idea who the hell Brenda Song is, so now she gets to make an awesome first impression by announcing Trace Cyrus stuck his penis in her without a condom on. Celebuzz reports:

The couple is expecting their first child together, Celebuzz can exclusively report.
The Social Network star and Miley Cyrus‘ brother have been quietly seeing each other for several months, but made their first appearance together on the red carpet at Nylon’s party in early May.
Trace was previously linked to Demi Lovato. It was rumored Brenda briefly dated Joe Jonas.

Look, I’m not trying to bash women here, but after reading this news and looking at these pictures, I gotta ask: What will you not do for money? Because I’m trying to compile a list and so far all I have is: “Stop wanting money.” I just want to know your feelings, girl. Don’t you love me?

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  1. amy

    Not all women want money. But think about it this way. Why are men who are weathy, wealthy? Unless they are trust fund babies, a man becomes wealthy because he’s intelligent, has a likeable personality, and is a great decision-maker. After all, you don’t become a CEO because you’re not liked, are stupid, and make bad choices. In my opinion, these are qualities all people should look for. But go ahead guys, keep believing that we only care about “money” when in reality, your shitty personality and lack of drive keeps you single.

  2. Trace Cyrus Brenda Song Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    Hey, quit ragging on him. Can’t you see by his feather face tattoos that he killed two indians?

  3. Trace Cyrus Brenda Song Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    Joan Jett is looking hottt these days.

  4. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Sure I love money. But there are things I would never do for them. Fucking a tatooed centauro is one of those things. I wish i could punch this guy for looking like an idiot too.

  5. Kids going to look like Admiral Akbar.

  6. jade

    does nobody remember metro station ! ?

  7. Trace Cyrus Brenda Song Pregnant
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    W….T….F ?

  8. William

    Okay first off Brenda Song is not a Slut, and second off if you don’t know her then you shouldn’t say shit about her.

  9. Trace Cyrus Brenda Song Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    That’s really too bad… He actually used to be semi-attractive… before he grew his hair out, knocked up tween idol and ruined his face forever, of course. Is there even space left on his body to tattoo his unborn child’s name anywhere?? Or maybe that isn’t cool enough for him…

  10. Trace Cyrus Brenda Song Pregnant
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    She can do so much better. Too late now!

  11. Brandy

    Contrary to what many of you guys think, she’s only half asian. the other half she is american. AND she makes more money than he does, personally i’m happy for them.
    there’s somebody out there for everybody.

    • Brandy

      oh and before i forget, shes not illegal, she’s 23 guys.

    • whatevs

      Everything you’re saying is correct except for your first statement.

      Girl’s Asian American, as in born in the U.S. to Asian parents. She’s not half. She doesn’t even look half (I’m Asian American and I can spot happas a mile away). She is Thai and Hmong and definitely looks like she is of southeast Asian decent.

  12. Bob

    Described as “Kat Von Dee in drag”…never in history has a description of an image been more accurate. Except maybe Giant Panda shooting a rainbow from his mouth through a medieval knight.

  13. Crusty Drawers

    What a shame. Asian actresses are a rarity in Hollywood and this one just destroyed her career, sex appeal, and inevitably her body by not making Mr. Ed (Hardy) pull out.

  14. Trace Cyrus Brenda Song Pregnant
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    She just put asians on the map.

  15. person

    if the baby takes his genes more… than poor baby. plus the fact that how could a guy like that get a girl like that.

  16. paula

    She is so not a slut! How the hectic would any of you know! So stop talking like you know her.

  17. Trace Cyrus Brenda Song Pregnant
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    Fucker kinda looks like a young Todd Rundgren!

  18. Rachel

    All right I am tired of this shit. THE WOMAN IS 23!!!!!! She is not a minor in any way so stop with the pedo comments already. Next I would like to point out that she is Hmong. It is a small group of asians that no one really knows about unless you are in an area where they live. Having lived in a town with a huge Hmong population I will tell you all that getting pregnant at her age w/ her bf is completely acceptable. All the women get married pretty young. Some start families before they are legally married, but they are excellent mothers, fun to be around, it is just still how it is for them. The only thing that would be considered a scandal is if he left her. I doubt her family is this traditional, but some families won’t let their daughters be with another man or she would be considered a slut. So I would just like to end by saying she is not an underage slut Disney whored out she is a grown women with a very specific cultural background.

  19. LAlalafreakyy:3

    OK….that comment about flo rida is freakin creepy cause right now im listenin to flo rida XD

  20. sharone

    Not all Asian people have small eyes, Moron. Like any white person, their eyes come in different shapes and sizes.

  21. Zack

    I would love to see Brenda song and Vanessa hudgens just go to town on each other! Holy crap.

  22. Allie

    Woah, so no ones going to put any blame on Trace? (typical.) Women have children all the time without being married, so where do you get off with saying it’s about money? It could be, I wouldn’t know why, she has plenty of her own. But you have no idea.

    @venom- so a guy can go out and have sex with who ever and everyone thinks that’s cool but a woman does and she’s a “gutterslut”? Absolutely primitive.

  23. alliegrace

    @venom- Oh, that’s nice. So a man can go out and have sex with who ever he wants when ever and that’s fine with you I bet, you’d probably be jealouse, but you wouldnt think bad things about him. But whenever you see a woman that you know sleeps around she’s automatically a “gutterslut”? How primitive.

  24. garrettt

    I hate that slut never go to her web site she has no hits.She blew her resume fucking that loooooooooooser. have fun with ugly tat looooooooooooooooooooooser

  25. garrettt

    why why why why you could have had anyone your a skank never again will i jack off to you sluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut

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