1. Siloporcen7

    Is that…is that a large bruise on the inside of her upper left leg? Dear Lord

    • Hurrrp

      No, it’s just a very horrible Photoshop job. Look at her right leg, and look at her left. It’s almost as if the “artist” didn’t know how to blend shadows properly. And don’t get me started on the horrendous masking job they did (ie: the blur around her left hamstring, and the hard edge on her left calf. Unless she’s standing up against a wall that the “artist” removed and neglected to compensate for, that’s just wrong)

      Had it been a bruise that was known to exist prior to the shot, top priority would have been to remove it. It’s just a shitty shadow, on top of a shitty photoshop job. It’s obvious that’s a professional shot.

      And yes, while I know everyone on the internet took a Deviant Art tutorial and calls themselves a “shop pro”, I do this shit everyday, but unfortunately I don’t get to mask and clean up porn stars :( Truthfully, I would let her pay me in anal.

  2. sdrizzle

    Oh, good. Now we FINALLY get to know what she looks like.

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