BREAKING: Brittany Murphy killed by ‘drug intoxication’

February 4th, 2010 // 61 Comments

And the results of Brittany Murphy’s toxicology report have just been released. TMZ reports:

Brittany Murphy’s cause of death has been determined — an accidental death caused by “community acquired pneumonia,” iron deficiency anemia, and multiple drug intoxication.
The L.A. County Coroner concludes on the subject of “How injury occurred” — “Drug intake.”

Even more damning for Simon Monjack, it’s now being reported Brittany’s death was entirely preventable:

Sources say the primary causes of Murphy’s death were pneumonia and severe anemia. L.A. County Coroner officials believe Brittany’s condition was “treatable” but no one took her to the hospital in time.
As for the multiple drugs found in her system, we’re told they were both prescription, including medicine for cramps, and over-the-counter medications, including cough syrup. Our sources say the drugs “pushed her over the line” but the underlying problems were the pneumonia and anemia.

Gee, I wonder why nobody took her to the hospital? It couldn’t have been because she had a stomach full of illegally obtained prescription drugs that kept her married to her husband. That just doesn’t make sense…. Wait, I got it. There must have been penguins there! THOSE FLIPPERY BASTARDS!

But, no, seriously. Simon Monjack’s probably fleeing the country right now thus alleviating the burrito shortage afflicting southern California. So it looks like everything worked out after all.

The End.

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  1. It's Me Fuckers


  2. FIRST


  3. farty mcshitface

    oh yeh, she never took any drugs. fuckin liars.

  4. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Anemia=anorexia, guranateed, therefore consequent heart failure. Apart from that what do you people put in cough syrup nowadays?

  5. Mandi

    It was treatable?? Poor girl….

  6. i think

    the writing on this site has seriously gone downhill.
    Seriously, everything you wrote after you quoted TMZ sounds like juvenile reporting.


    Translation: drug overdose mixed with anorexia nervosa.

  8. jenipurrr

    I’m really starting to hate this site. ugh…

  9. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Drugs and anorexia are in fact related. Because when you starve yourself you need to get some energy which one usually receives from meat, honey sugar etc.
    But if you starve your body basically needs around 1,000 calories just for organs to continue pump blood and how can you basically stay awake and do many hours of acting without extra help. Therefore people resort to stay on coffee, medical prescriptions like anti coughing, speed, cocaine. Drugs help stop food craving too. It is sad that such an exceptionally beautiful young woman had to die. Beauty is in the eyes and her eyes alone. She would be beautiful with extra pounds and just wearing those deer eyes.

  10. Rough--Ten E-steps ahead

    No one took her to the hospital in time? How is he suppose to draft anything with all this racket….

  11. whatever

    I am still chronically struggling to understand what it is that kept this girl with this big, blubbery, blob. Ok, maybe she was strung out and maybe he is, in fact, some moneyed master of the universe (unlikely if she was inconsolable about not being a penguin voice although truthfully I probably struggle with believing that, too) but I sincerely can not see any other reason. Maybe he’s a really nice guy or gives good clitty head or something. I dunno.

    Sometimes I imagine them fucking and then I get into a terrible state that requires stat imbibation of copious amounts of vodka. Thank God the law’s involved now. They can ride right in and snipe him out the gene pool and I can finally start my alcohol recovery and focusing on my smackhead aspirations instead. Thank you, the law, thank you.

  12. Jade

    It’s all just really sad. When are these idiots going to learn that just because you are famous that does mean you are super human. Drugs kill no matter how much money you have. Her doctor should be blamed also. When is it going to end?

  13. dude

    So agree with #6. A fifth grader wrote this maybe?

  14. blah


  15. Selene

    Everything worked out after all? Except for the fact that an actual human being died who had family and friends that are grieving over the loss of a loved one. What an asshole.

  16. shellbelli

    but unlike TMZ they reported that her death was caused by severe anemia and pneumonia, and taking the med for her fever and cram[ps didnt help it. had she gone to the hospital to treat the first two she would have been ok.. she didnt die of a drug overdose or whatever

  17. Sport

    Just as big of a crime — marrying this douche.

  18. TL

    “Seriously, everything you wrote after you quoted TMZ sounds like juvenile reporting.”

    “So agree with #6. A fifth grader wrote this maybe?”

    Did you guys just get here? Go away.

  19. medic1915

    in some magazine, simon claimed the coroner said she was 5’3” and 115 lbs….i dont believe it at all. I am 5’7” and used to be around 110 and i looked a lot bigger than her…with her heigh id prob put her at like 80-85 pounds. she was so tiny. i dont know if that was intentional or not…or if it was a product of her illnessses, but she was so frail looking it was no wonder the pneumonia killed her. also suspiciously when she died one her friends (i think kathy nijemy) was quoted in a magazine and said she hopes brittany found peace and that other girls would realize that body image and starving themselves could be detrimental (or something to that extent). why would one of her friends say that if she wasnt struggling with anorexia?

  20. Ziostomper

    Hey gee look, a young rich gentile girl married a fat greedy Jew and her mysterious death involved neglect and drugs.


  21. Reina

    Hollywood ideals are so pathetic. Being skinny is not worth your life. I am sad so felt all this pressure to be thin as possible. This is only another warning to people obsessed with being Hollywood-thin.

  22. Pal

    Why didn’t he bring his wife to the hospital? It’s not as if there wouldn’t have been any signs that he health was faltering.

  23. Danomite!

    Ok, seriously. All the people that whine and cry about the writing on this site need to STFU and GTFO. No one comes here for warm words or heartfelt messages. We come here because the writing is sarcastic, dick and hilarious. If you don’t like it then here’s an idea…DON’T FUCKING COME HERE! On a related note: WHOO-HOO! More burritos for me!

  24. Nik

    I think the husband should be convicted. How could you not know your wife was ill, not bring her to a hospital, then have the balls to cash in once she died? For shame.

  25. i think

    @24 stfu yourself.
    Yeah it used to be IF YOU READ THIS SITE AS LONG AS I HAVE.
    I didn’t ask for warm heartfelt news.
    I wanted clever, intelligent and cohesive writing.
    This site isn’t hilarious anymore.
    I’m not going to be coming here anymore because the site’s lacking in good writers. This is the first time I’ve even made a comment about it.
    So you can keep your stupid thoughts to yourself.
    Obviously I didn’t just get here. How else would I know it’s been going downhill unless I’ve been reading this site periodically?

  26. Penguin


  27. Rasputins Liver


    Oh well.


    Life’s a bitch. And then ya marry one.


    Just not feelin’ the requisite boohoo stuff over this.


  28. hahahahah NOT

    @ 24…you are a fucking idiot. I think the grand majority of people here are well aware of the tone and function of this site. But it’s BAD sarcastic, dick writing…it’s not funny. It’s pathetic. There are much better, funnier, celebrity-bashing sites out there now since this one went downhill…it’s so damn predictable now. he talks about britney spears, he has to include starbucks or taco bell. paris hilton, the exact same herpes jokes recycled again and again. lindsay lohan, the exact same crack whore jokes. now hes stuck on the penguin joke with britney murphy, and its not even funny. you, sir, couldnt tell good, witty humor writing from a pile of your own shit. “omg tacos!! haha!! thats hilarious!!” fucking douche. what are you, in high school? stupidass.

    I, like @26, have been reading this site for a LONG time…almost since it was up. It made me laugh all the time. It had great biting sarcasm and wit. Now it just sucks. Either they got new writers and the good ones left or they stopped caring once they made a few bucks, but it’s awful. I will soon move on to greener pastures.

  29. Just Visiting

    I’m new here, so I could be wrong…but using the same joke over several articles about the same person could be construed as “a running gag” or “an inside joke”.

    For example, I had no idea wtf the penguin thing was about so I clicked back through the links to make it make sense. And guess what? I found it not only funny, but a sign of good blogging that an author would “wink” at his audience like that, drawing them in and making them feel like part of the joke.

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  31. Ripper Owens

    Wow! Nice goggles in pic 3 dickslapper.

    Just a little more hair loss, his name would have to be Simon Kojak.

    If I were Brittany’s Mom, I would give this bozo a swift kick in the Cock!

  32. I think the “multiple drug intoxication” was from her trying to self medicate the pneumonia.

  33. woa nelly

    #26 and #30….RIGHT ON! You get the nuances of tone. #24, go fuck your mom some more.

  34. So she was really sick, anemic b/c she obviously didn’t eat enough iron-rich foods (I won’t say anorexic or bulimic , since she “ate all the time”), & tried to self-med herself.

  35. Jeff

    has anyone here watched deadline? jesus god! way to go out brittany…

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  37. No wonder! Brittany was at drug party in Moscow.

  38. susiekilini

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  39. shar

    People get sick and die everyday. This is a tragedy like any other when a young woman dies, a mother has lost her only child and no matter what the rest of the world thought, Monjack was her husband and every picture showing them together, seems she is happy. I guarantee everyone, if he was the jackass the media portrays him to be, her mother would be the first to speak out. I assume most of the stupid comments made above are from kids because I honestly
    cannot believe a person of sound mind and body would write the trash written above including the person that wrote the column.

  40. HITLER

    Why did she marry this slob when she could’ve married me? I could’ve showered her with a 650 square ft. apt, a 30 year old car, Frescheta pizza at least once a week, Subway whenever she fancies, and all the Haribo Gummy bears and cola bottles she could handle. Not to mention being married to a 40 year old prince with absolutely no prospects…and premium cable. SCORE!!!

    p.s. I LOVE KIDS!!!

  41. deltra

    ok, so the writer of this article and some of the comments are stupid. It’s clear she was sick and decided to self medicate. people do it all the time and they also refuse to go to the hospital. On top of that, people can be anemic and not be anorexic. The speculation that her husband wanted her dead, or that she starved herself to death is obsurd. Obviously, these people cant read a toxicology report to save their lives.

  42. 09 was a bad year for the famous peeps… Sad

  43. Yeah, I would say it was a bad year! Real bad.

  44. 09 was a bad year for the famous peeps… Sad

  45. Its really sad that her death was preventable. How could no one notice how sick she was? She was so young and so talented. Being so sick, someone should have stood up and taken her in. Its always an awful thing when we lose young star, but to know that she didn’t have to die is heart breaking.

  46. Its really sad that her death was preventable. How could no one notice how sick she was? She was so young and so talented. Being so sick, someone should have stood up and taken her in. Its always an awful thing when we lose young star, but to know that she didn’t have to die is heart breaking.

  47. potdealer

    we all used to get high together since high school.britt was no angel.. but was a good person married to a jack off!!

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