BREAKING: Years Old, Publicly Available Photo of Andrew Breitbart Hugging A Black Guy Found

March 8th, 2012 // 121 Comments
Andrew Breitbart Black Guy
Andrew Breitbart Anthony Weiner
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Shocking. Just absolutely shocking.

For those of you who don’t follow politics and think the site’s suddenly gone full Klansmen, shortly before his death, conservative provocateur Andrew Breitbart touted that he had come across shocking footage of Barack Obama‘s college years that was so damaging, many retardedly theorized he was murdered over it. Except like anything Andrew Breitbart touched, it turned out to be complete over-hyped bullshit that naturally FOX News ran with. Not only did the footage not include a 29-year-old Barack Obama peeping into windows and/or using food stamps to buy a nicer cellphone than you, it was nothing more than him giving a quick hug to “radical” professor Derrick Bell. Even more hilariously? The footage wasn’t even secret because PBS pointed out five minutes into the Hannity “We got him now!” squealfest that FRONTLINE ran the footage four years ago and it’s been on YouTube ever since:

But there’s nothing new about the clip or Obama’s role in the controversy at Harvard Law School. In 2008, as a part of our quadrennial election special The Choice 2008, FRONTLINE ran the same footage of the speech as a part of an exploration of Obama’s time at Harvard Law School, where he graduated in 1991. It’s been online at our site and on YouTube since then.

FRONTLINE producers obtained the footage from the same source as BuzzFeed did this week: the archives of WGBH, Boston’s PBS station. The footage was shot in 1990 by a team of local news producers for the WGBH Ten O’Clock News. FRONTLINE is produced at WGBH and our producers were alerted to the footage in the station archives in 2008.

To Breitbart’s credit, even in death he’s able to create a controversy that’s immediately refuted almost the second it airs, so at least his legacy lives on. As for me, I’ve got nothing but an old cigar box with a letter that reads:

Dearest Photo Boy,

If I’m dead, put tits on the Internet.

- Fish

P.S. Say Reese Witherspoon is pregnant even if she’s 60 and/or also dead. It’ll be funny.

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  1. Frank Burns

    No female boobies or butts anywhere to be seen in this story. Interest fail. Heading over to Chive.

    • Vote Obama 2012

      Vote Obama 2012. Friends now is the time for you to join African Americans For Barrack Obama. At you can join with other African Americans and show your support for our President. Now more than ever Obama needs your loyalty and commitment.

    • Shut Up Fatty

      Eric your job as internet grammar nazi has been canceled.

      • I retire after this one but seriously, it’s been a few years. What kind of an idiot can’t spell Barack by now?

      • What kind of an idiot? An idiot spammer who says he represents “”—not a real site, by the way, just one parked by GoDaddy—but really probably hails from the opposite side in order to raise your hackles and generate bad will against the Obama campaign. And you fell for it! (Well, it’s not like you didn’t have bad will towards Obama to begin with.)

    • Washington Post: “The Influence Industry: Obama gives administration jobs to some big fundraisers”

      “Change,” etc.

    • Chile

      Actually is a real site, but it’s part of the barack obama website. You’d know if you’d been there or were Democrat.

  2. Because as we all know, if you aren’t a liberal, you hate black people.

    • Tough Shift

      Republicans are white, Democrats are Black and Spanish. There’s a black President, have to be on the side of the winning team. Sorry white people, you lose the internet.

      • Dude of Dudes

        Not all republicans/conservatives are white moron. But way to go with the generalization. Do you have some other tidbits for us like “Black people eat fried chicken and Spanish people eat tacos?”.

        SHUT UP.

    • Well, the GOP hasn’t really done a good job to try to distance themselves from the Southern Strategy, which inflames race relations in this country and basically perpetuates stereotypes about blacks in the US.

      Oh that’s right, because they still use the same tactics every damn election cycle.

      Clean that up and the perception goes away. Food for thought.

  3. Ganja Din

    Good on Andrew. The man who just gave him such a tremendous reaming certainly deserves a quick hug.

  4. Used to Love Fish

    Hey Fish, why don’t you take Bill Maher to task for calling women cunts, twats, boobs, etc.? Why does he get a pass from the mainstream media and conservatives get crucified? Maher is a nasty fucking misogynist who gets away with it again, and again, and again, with not a single word from folks like you. Hypocritical, much?

    • Liberals are much smarter than conservatives, so Bill Maher is obviously a genius and his wit and wisdom is beyond question.

    • cc

      In fairness to Bill Maher, he’s equally as scathing about both sexes. He’s an equal opportunity disher of scorn and contempt.

    • joe

      he’s equally scornful of both sexes as long as they are conservatives. since no one comes here to hear your political views, maybe you’d be better off not letting your ignorance be
      known for all to see.

      • cc

        Are you addressing me or SF?
        I can assure you, I am very far removed from ignorant (as pompous as that may sound). However, I have to agree, I am not crazy about discussing politics here. There are plenty of other forums for that (no offense SF writer).


      A. Bill Maher is a comedian, not a pundit. He doesn’t claim to be a political expert, unlike Hannity and Deadbart and Limbaugh.
      B. Bill Maher is not a liberal. He actually praised Bush for going into Iraq.
      C. Bill Maher is on HBO. You actually have to pay extra each month to get it. His show is commercial free, hence no advertisers to boycott( aside from HBO). He is not syndicated, so there are no stations that can cancel him.

      Nobody is fucking stopping you from criticizing Maher. However, you cannot have your cake and eat it too. You cannot expect “liberals” (by the way, Obama isn’t a liberal either. He’s a blue dog Democrat. There is a big difference) to condemn Maher while your asshole copatriots in the house and Senate won’t condemn Limbaugh. Not everyone is going to give in to your little childish conservative temper tantrums because someone else doesn’t agree with you or kiss your ass. That being said, if your going to whine like a five year old girl, go on the Fox News boards with the other fucking clowns.

      • “by the way, Obama isn’t a liberal either.”

        LOL. God you’re fucking retarded.

      • Angie

        No, asshole, you’re retarded. Why don’t you try pulling your dick out of your Brother’s ass and do some research instead of making stupid fucking remarks. “fucking retarded?” What a come back.

      • Oh Angie, how quick we are to scorn one’s use of language. Why don’t you come up with something original also instead of “No, asshole, you’re retarded”.

        Oh my, what am I going to do; someone called me retarded. Oh I’m so hurt.

        FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Angie

        Hey, Fletch? What exactly is your fucking point? Apparently you are only capable of reading the first sentence of a post. I know you are a lazy right wing piece of shit, but please try to muster up enough of your pussy juice so you can read my ENTIRE post. I mentioned the need for Snot_Dick to do some research. You may want to do that as well.

      • Dude of Dudes

        I agree with that except conservatives dont need to step off on this shit first. Maher made those comments a long time ago and not a single liberal/democrat/blue dog/yellow fish/blue parrot stepped up and said shit.

        You dont get to call out people for doing nothing when the other side is also doing nothing. For the record MANY conservatives said Rush crossed the line including the speaker. I dont recall PEElosi and Reid saying shit about Maher and Obama’s super PAC took his one million without batting an eye.

        Again, STFU.

      • OK Angie, you want to go toe to toe you little cunt. Right wing my ass.

        Your first sentence proves you are like all the rest of the tards on the internet. There was no reason to read the rest of your drivel . You want to make a point then do so without resorting to name calling. However, I decided it is the only thing you know so I will speak like you.

        Take your sorry ass someplace else. You don’t deserve to sit at the table with adults you little twit.

      • people who argue on the Internet amuse me.

    • Bonk

      Maher isn’t the leader of the Democrats. He is a controversial comedian. Republibaggers actually apologize to Limbaugh after criticizing him. Bunch of fucking genuflecting cowards. Ann Coulter doesn’t seem to mind Mahers’ comments. She lets him stuff his cock up her ass.

    • Why does everyone jump on Bill Maher when he calls certain women idiots and try to label him a misogynist? Women are equal to men so they will be equally shit on. His material is just pointing the stupidity of the American political system, but obviously that’s over your head.

      People like to throw around words like misogynist and chauvanist, because it makes them feel smart and also demonizes the person they directing it towards. Too bad information is at our fingertips these days, so we can quickly refute that kind of bullshit.

  5. TITS?

    Such a geek, Fish.

  6. Stinkynick

    Good to see thesuperficial showing support for Barak Obama this early in the election year. We all know who thesuperficial voted for and will continue to vote for. Just like you we all can’t wait for the this years Presidential election

    • Damn straight. And fun will be had by all.

      Also, you need a bath, rookie.

    • cc

      Well, when the other side appears to seriously be considering Rick Santorum, you’ve got to man the ramparts. As a foreigner looking at America (a nation I have great fondness for) the Republicans really need to distance themselves from the crackpot element of the party.

      • And by the same token, the Democrats need to seriously get away from their crackpots. I am a man without a party because both listen to the crackheads on the fringes and ignore those of us in the center.

      • Mothra

        I can NOT fucking believe Rick Santorum is being treated like a legitimate presidential candidate!

      • @ Mothra> What’s more, if Gingrich had dropped out early, Santorum would likely be the presumptive candidate.

      • Dude of Dudes

        He’s not getting the nomination dont worry. Rommney is going to have a hard time beating Obama, Santorum has an ice cube’s chance in a volcano of doing it.

        For me personally I dont care. The power lies in who controls the house and senate. The presidency doesnt mean shit.

    • cc

      I can sympathize Fletch…my visits to the polling booth are usually of the ‘hold your nose and vote’ variety.

    • Bonk

      I don’t like Obama but I hope he wins just to see you fat, inbred pieces of shit explode with rage. And yes, he will win

      • TheHomelessNinja

        nope. History is against Obama, with Bill Clinton the only Democrat since Franklin Roosevelt to have been elected for two terms.

  7. Here’s a quick burst of reality regarding the matter for anyone who is interested (and from a “black guy”!). The depth of perspective a boob site brings to politics will no doubt be on further display in the comments below.

  8. addendum

    The video aired on frontline (a show on PBS – run by our benevolent gov’t, btw) was EDITED.

    And how can it be “retarded” to think he was murdered?? Forty-three years old, and it’s automatically labeled by the media as “natural causes?” The autopsy won’t be complete for 4-6 weeks.

    He had a lot of enemies, being the pioneer behind the Drudge Report, and of course his outing of the shady practices of ACORN – king O’s pet social engineers. Had them on tape advising how to get federal funding for a brothel for victims of human they were set to receive billions of federal dollars via the ‘economic stimulus.’

    He announced 3/1 as the day he’d air the video incriminating Obama as the commie sleaze he is. They reportedly talked about liquidating 25 million people in that video.

    It still has yet to be aired in it’s entirety. If there’s nothing to hide, then AIR THE VIDEO.

    But, don’t let the facts get in your way, Fish.

    • “PBS, run by our government.” Who’s the one not letting facts get in his way?

    • Are you out of your damn mind?

    • Angie

      Idiot, take a look at his picture. Does that look like an average 42 year-old Man to you. He obviously took little or no exercise, and judging from his clammy looking skin, his diet wasn’t that great either. If you look at some of the videos of him yelling at Occupy protestors and the Weiner press conference, something is definitely up. No seasoned professional runs around and yells like that, unless there is a serious mental illness or substance abuse involved. For Christs sake, look at those videos and tell me those are the actions of a sober, sane person.

      If you can honestly counter that Brietbart was acting normally, than you may have a few problems yourself. Judging from your rant, one of them is mental illness.

    • ~|~

      According to former FBI agent Larry Grathwohl, who was assigned to infiltrate the Weather Underground’s Central Committee, the organization run by Bill Ayers carried out bombings targeting the Pentagon, the State Department, as well as police stations and federal buildings, in an attempt to cause the United States government to collapse and open the door for Cuban, North Vietnamese, Chinese and Russian troops to occupy the country.

      Grathwohl stated that Ayers and his group planned to deal with Americans who would try to resist this takeover by “establishing re-education centers in the south-west”. Asked what he would do with those who still refused to convert to communism, Ayers said that they would have to be “eliminated,” as in 25 million Americans would be killed in concentration camps.

      Grathwohl points out that most of the people advocating this brutality had “graduate degrees from Columbia and other well known educational centers,” and relates the shock it was to listen to these people “figure out the logistics for the elimination of 25 million people – and they were dead serious.”

      • And your point is?

        First off, Larry Grathwohl is not, and has never been, an FBI agent. He is, however, a member of America’s Survival, Inc. which is dedicated, among other things, to bringing Glenn Beck back to TV. Grathwohl does claim he was an FBI informant, that he infiltrated the Weathermen back in 1969, and that he was an eyewitness to Ayers’ planning bombing attempts – to such an extent that he even remonstrated with Ayers about the advisability of targets – specifically the San Francisco Police Department Park Station bombing on February 16, 1970 . Based on his statements, the SF Police Union accused Ayers and his wife, Bernadine Dohrn, of the crime back in March, 2009.

        Yet, despite the claim that “there are irrefutable and compelling reasons” to charge them with the crime, investigators to this day haven’t found any evidence. Would you like to know why? Grathwohl claims that there is no evidence because, gosh, back then “wiretaps had been ruled as illegal”, even though about 85% of COINTELPRO’s resources in the 1960′s and 70′s were dedicated to targeting and tapping radical individuals and organizations, SDS, the Weather Underground included. And he was somehow never called to testify to all that he witnessed, because…uh…he “wasn’t the person making that decision”. The Weathermen definitely did blow shit up, but judge for yourself whether this guy ever knew a fucking thing about it or not.

        Is it my opinion that The Weathermen were a terrorist organization back in the late 60′s and 70′s? You betcha. Do I believe members of the Weather Underground had graduate degrees from Columbia and other “well known educational centers”? I’m sure they did – the fact that people in their early 20′s can be intellectuals and still swallow an ideology whole without really running a reality check on things is why revolutions are always fought by the young and idealistic. Do I beleive that all people with graduate degrees from Columbia and other weel-known educational centers are all naive radicals and crypto-communists? Nope. Do I believe the politics of the 1960′s Vietnam era have a lot of relevance today, and that the Weatherman are a threat to destroy the government? No.
        Do I believe your post was anything other than feeble attempt at “Obama’s really a socialist because he knows Ayers” propaganda? No – I think the very least you could have done was wait for a halfway relevant topic on which to flash your hash, but I suppose you just got impatient, amirite?

    • me

      addendum- thank you for having the guts to point out the facts.

  9. Balls

    So what you’re saying is they killed him so he wouldn’t release the tape and then they went out and released the tape after they killed him. Are you fucking stupid? How fucking stupid are you? You’re pretty fucking stupid. Not you, the other guy.

    • me

      Balls- the tape that was aired was not the same footage. The tape that was aired is the same video that has been available on Youtube since 2008. Think outside the box.

  10. Jiminy Cryptic

    Holy shit, can we get back to the tits already?

  11. Fish, Reese will be pregnant before she dies. I know you got this one!

  12. FU

    Stop being a fucking liberal douche and get back to entertaining people. You are not a member of the mainstream liberal media no matter how hard you might try.

    • You know, you ARE allowed to skip the political entries if you don’t want to read them, instead of being a douchey little crybaby in the comment section.

  13. +1 for no hover hand

  14. “it was nothing more than him giving a quick hug to “radical” professor”

    Oh is THAT all?

    (Now imagine the outrageous outrage if a Republican had done it)

    • FU

      Totally agree. Conservatives sat through 8 years of liberals blaming everything from the price of eggs in China to their Mom’s cancer on Bush. Now, when anyone anything resembling dissent towards Obama, they’re immediately seen as “the problem” or racists.

  15. I am very sorry that Superfish’s parents made him go to church, but it does not mean that Republicans are racist. R’s believe in individual liberty not group grievances based on race, sex or the like. Attacks like these show the precipitous decline of this site in the last few years.

    • See my comment to that other shithead up above about the Southern Strategy.

      • Lestor Maddox democrat
        Orval Faubus democrat
        Robert Byrd democrat/KKK grand klegal
        George Wallace democrat
        Al Gore Sr. democrat voted against Civil Rights Act
        The so called Southern Strategy is a lie. Republicans did not win southern states until 1980. Try your lies elsewhere.

      • 1964 – About half-and-half, Republicans took Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and S. Carolina. Dems took Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky, N. Carolina, and Florida. (Although it should be noted that the Dems dominated in that election.)
        1968 – South went about half red (Texas, if you count that as being the South, went blue; Arkansas, Lousiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia all went independant with Nixon coming in 2nd in two of them)
        1972 – South went red (although, to be fair, effectively the whole country did)
        1976 – South went blue. Go figure, it was Jimmy Carter.
        1980-88 – South went hard red
        1992 – South went mostly red, even with a strong southern Democratic candidate
        1996 – South, again, went mostly red
        2000-04 – South went totally red
        2008 – Dems took N. Carolina and Florida

        So, looking at every election since ’64 the dems had seriously strong showing exactly once in the south, and that was with a strong southern candidate. The republicans have either dominated or at least came close to even in every other election. The only reason the Dems did as well as they did previously in the south is that there were a bunch of racist assholes that supported slavery back in the Civil War era and opposed civil rights in the 40′s-60′s. Most of this assholes jumped ship and joined the Republicans when it became clear the Democratic party no longer held those positions. Just take a look at Nixon’s ’68 campaign, the Southern Strategy isn’t only true, it’s blatant.

  16. Your tongue, My balls.

    Let us all come together…Liberal and Conservative alike…for our love of them tig ol’ bitties.

    • Carded

      It’s easy, call Republicans racist and you win the election. It’s a done deal because they’re all white and nobody likes a white man.

      • Actually its because the GOP does its damnedest to basically stay the party of angry low-information white guys.

        Its like y’all just really do not see it, which further reinforces the stereotype. It takes WORK to overcome that.

        But that work is not going to be put in because the vast majority of asshole republicans are angry white guys.

      • Poor, poor white men. Controlling everything and having all the money and power is so hard. :(

  17. Inmate 12236969

    Ok I state this right here and now to get a long I will fuck any hot liberal chick to show I love liberals.

  18. DusktillDawn

    It’s so nice to see grown people discuss their different political believes in a civilised, respecting manner, without using expletives and swearwords. Ah, so refreshing after all this Tea Party foaming-at-mouth-shit whenever someone as much as mentioned “health care” or Breitbart’s own brand of character assissination he dared call journalism.

  19. free wifi

    All of us (read: you) should stick to trying to be funny. I’d fuck JLH!

  20. Peller

    This is why I’m voting Obama.

  21. Cock Dr

    “If I’m dead, put tits on the Internet.”
    Good, you should always have a contingency plan.
    I doubt the blogger will be able to stop his Photo Boy from changing the site name from “The Superficial” to “Hip Hip Hooray for Bonny Prince Charles” if he ever got the chance.

  22. Man, you’re stupid. You obviously know nothing about Breitbart or the background of this video. The video released last night was one clip. It was released because Buzzfeed released an edited version of it early in the day. Use this new fangled thing called “Google” and do a little research. In the Acorn case, Breitbart let out a little video out, waited a few weeks, let more out, waited, let more out. If you’d bothered listening to the entire piece, they said more would be coming out in a week or so.

    • And, as I recall, those ACORN videos were highly edited in very misleading ways. Bringing them up doesn’t exactly give ol’ Barty any credibility.

      • pass the drool cup

        Wow…you’re actually sticking up for ACORN!? What a fucking sap.

        Kool-aid drinking dems (and for you ingorant bitches here raised by MTV – it’s a reference to the mass suicides at Jonestown, not a racial slur) will do ANYTHING to stick up for their guy. Yay team!

    • Lemmy

      Hey “pass the drool cup”. Here’s what a five second search on wikipedia shows you:

      “”Independent investigations were made by state attorney generals of Massachusetts and California, and the U.S. Attorney of Brooklyn, New York; their reports were released beginning in December 2009 and extending through April 2010.
      The attorney general’s office in Massachusetts and the U.S. Attorney for Brooklyn concluded that the ACORN workers had committed no criminal activity and that the videos were “heavily edited” to present material out of context and create a misleading impression of activities.[2][3][4][5][6][7][8]

      The California Attorney General granted immunity to O’Keefe and Giles in exchange for their raw videos shot at three California ACORN offices. Its comparison of the raw videos with the released versions found that the published videos had been heavily edited to misrepresent the workers and the situations so as to suggest criminal intent and activity.[9][10][11][12]
      The California report was followed by one by the U.S. Government Accountability Office, which reported there was no evidence that ACORN workers had misused government funds or participated in the criminal activities represented in the videos.[13][14] But, ACORN was effectively destroyed by then.[15]“”

      So you’ve got egg on your face, drool cup.
      …And you’re goddamn right I’m sticking up for ACORN.

  23. El Jefe

    Breitbartm a failure and a liar in death as in life. I hope he is burning in hell now.

  24. ” I hope he is burning in hell now.”

    Unlike yourself, Breitbart was smart enough to realize there is no god, no heaven, no hell.

  25. poopsy

    Dear Fish – i love you.


  26. Inmate 12236969

    Ok I don’t care who you vote for but let’s get serious if your mom or sister is hot I’ll fuck’em.

  27. w

    Circle the wagons!

  28. cmonadmin

    wow. you are so wrong admin of this site. it has nothing to do with a picture. it has to do with a play , its called vetting, look it up in the dicitionary.

  29. Joe Melnick

    You guys don’t get it – you’re not allowed to show edited video any more. You go on endlessly about Brietbart editing videos, but you’re fine if PBS trims out the part where Obama hugs his personal hero the radical racist professor and personal friend of the racist preacher Rev. Wright. Nobody knew anything about Obama before he got elected, that’s the point of these videos.

    • Yeah, that hug was OBVIOUSLY like a secret handshake for RADICALISM. I can’t believe I didn’t see it before.

      Man, you’d totally let Fox News cornhole you without lube, wouldn’t you?

  30. Mr. French Inhale

    This is a celebrity gossip site, nothing more. Calling a site that invites viewers to focus on the trivial and the superficial “The Superficial” has more to do with hiding behind irony than irony.

    From an extreme point of view one could argue that this site is part of a media system that “manufactures consent.” From a less extreme perspective, one might acknowledge that in addition to inviting viewers to focus on what celebrities do as if what celebrities do is meaningful, this site’s operator draws income by exploiting human interest in “tits and ass.” One could argue that doing that makes one closer to political oppressors than liberators.

    I imagine this must result in at least a tiny bit of cognitive dissonance for the site’s operator, and my guess is that his occasional jabs at people such as Breitbart help him feel that he is on the side of those who would liberate blacks, gays, women et al from oppression.

  31. no

    Fish you are hilarious. Way funnier than the Dbag who runs WWTDD.

  32. Marion DingleBarry

    When this site posted a story about Andrew Breitbart’s death I made a comment about Fish taking a swipe at him on that day.
    I’d like to amend my comment.

    Two days later I heard on a radio show a clip of Breitbart taking about having dinner with Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, a couple of leftist pukes who were members of the Weatherman and responsible for bombings. They, like Breitbart, were little pukeface spoiled brats that grew up in privilege. In that interview Breitbart went on and on about how great of a cook Bill Ayers was.

    Conservative? Liberal? These people are all the same. There is no difference between these crooks.

    All I’m telling you people is not to take sides and believe one over the other. Shit stinks no matter where it comes from.

    Now…for my amendment I was talking about –


  33. Liberal-Asshole-Hater

    Just another useless, clueless story by a fucking liberal asshole writing the story without a fucking clue.

    The video should have been brought out in the “Maim Stream Media” before the 2008 elections so more of America could see just what kind of a radical, jackass Obama was before they voted for his dumb ass and bullshit “Hope & Change”.

    I guess I should not expect any liberal fucking idiot to understand a bit of this as you head is stuck so far up this clueless motherfuckers ass i don’t imagine you get much air… all the liberal Kool-Aid doesn’t help much either.

    This ASS CLOWN is going down in 2012, America doesn’t want his bullshit anymore!

    BTW, the website name becomes more and more true everyday, Superficial”, as in Non-Relevant.

    • “The video should have been brought out in the “Maim Stream Media” before the 2008 elections so more of America could see just what kind of a radical, jackass Obama was.”

      So what part of “In 2008, as a part of our quadrennial election special The Choice 2008, FRONTLINE ran the same footage of the speech as a part of an exploration of Obama’s time at Harvard Law School” did you not understand? I know it’s a big sentence.

      • INMATE 12236969

        Are the videos on PBS and FOX the same videos? To be honest I don’t think the video I seen on FOX means a damn thing—I don’t have a problem what the President said [I didn’t vote for the guy] it’s a free country; freedom of speech baby. As a Professional Soldier I may not agree what some people say on this site but I’ll damn well will fight to protect them to say it—HOOAH!

    • So, who do you favor in the election? Rick Santorum, with his magical sky fairy and promise to drag us kicking and screaming back into the 1600s? Newt Gingrich, King of the Hypocritical Double Standard? Mitt Romney, who apparently thinks poor people are free range chickens that he doesn’t have to worry about (they have programs to take care of them, you see!)?

      Oh, please, God. Please tell me you’re a Ron Paul man. I haven’t laughed at a Randroid all week, and I feel I’m overdue.

  34. fub

    This post was neither funny, informative nor relevant to this website. Why does this site have such a hard on for breitbart. He’s dead, get over it.

    • me

      I don’t see anything wrong with mixing politics and celeb gossip. It’s all a bunch of hocus pocus created for our entertainment. However, it’s a little sobering when folks are getting killed for revealing truths. Look at all the people who knew about 9/11 coverups that “commited suicide” or died of freak accidents. This is no different. You’d think people wouldn’t announce they knew shit if they know shit. Advice: if you know something and want to inform the public, don’t go public about going public.

      • So does that mean the entire crew at Frontline will be committing suicide? Will it be retroactive to 2008 when they already went ahead and aired “the truth” – that you think Breitbart was apparently killed for now to shut him up?

        Can I be a conspiracy theorist too, or do I have to lose 100 IQ points to qualify?

  35. me

    it would be nice as well, if we could go back and forth without name calling and putdowns, so we know we’re talking amongst adults. Just sayin’.

  36. Chive On

    ….I have to agree with comment #1… This site sucks now… The “Crap We Missed” is basically everything now. The Chive is the place to be…

  37. You're Sucking Sean Penn's Cock

    Post more about Obama winning the election in 2012!! It’s what we all love!! Let’s all kneel down and suck Sean Penn’s cock! Hooray!

  38. To The Democrats

    The thing is, is that he won. That’s it, Obama is getting two terms. Everybody knows it. The first black President gets two terms, there’s no denying it. So all this, all this bullshit you’re doing now as a Democrat is just being a douche nozzle.

    He won. You win the 2012 election, party rock is in the house tonight will be playing at the Democratic convention and the balloons will fall. You can stop being an obnoxious cunt rag for the rest of the year. Move on to 2016, think of that one.

  39. steve canyon

    …………….the collor of his skin pleased him.

  40. Burt

    That guy looked old beyond his years. He definitely wasn’t taking good care of himself.

  41. Fuck Breitbart! He’s perfect example of the psudeo-intellectuals that permeate the republican party. A bunch of well educated, but suprisingly stupid people.who only cater to the 1% and couldn’t give a fuck about the rest of the people.

    Obama better win that election if America knows what’s good for themselves. Dems need to take bcak the house and senate, too. No republican should hold office until they decide to act like intellegent human beings who live in the 21st century.

  42. GhostofBreitbartssharts

    I wish they’d been able to revive me and then let me die again. I think I deserve that. Oh and I had to wash my arm for an hour after this photo. Oh AND Hannity wears his wife’s dresses and masturbates to the local school bus, it’s true. I’m going to try to come back and haunt Hannity, make him run outside while he’s in his wife’s pearls, bra & skirt.

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