BREAKING: Lindsay’s Lawyer Just Quit

July 8th, 2010 // 62 Comments

Coming off the heels of Lindsay shopping around a $1 million post-jail interview and to the absolute surprise of no one, her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley just resigned, according to TMZ. I’m going to assume Lindsay was presented with a bill this morning only to try and to pretend she was a plant. “Trees don’t have money.” *stands very still*

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  1. Some Girl


  2. cutesy

    looooooooooser lindsay!!!
    rot in jail!!!

    • shankyouverymuch

      Notice the look on her face- if you watch the video of the entire event when the judge was giving out the sentence & you watch her reactions throughout, it’s plain to see that this woman has the maturity level & demeanor of a 6 year spoiled child having a fit & in need of a good spanking.

      It’s glaringly obvious that this poor wretch was never given any parental care, attention, discipline, correction ANYTHING proper or right… SAD, just sad!

  3. Captain_Insano

    What a useless cunt.

  4. em

    this is soooooo awesome!

    hahahahhahahhahhahhahahhahhahahha *breaths* hahhahahahhahahhhahha~

  5. Doc Schweinstrudel

    some things are not for sale

  6. Why work for a crazy bitch unless you’re going to get paid?

  7. memem

    She likely regrets taking the case at all.

  8. Photoshop Police

    It’s more likely that LL fired her for letting that pesky ‘truth’ thing get her jail time.

    Well, I doubt she’ll get any ‘Johnny Cochran’ style attention after this, but then the media probably is starving for content that isn’t a video of a never-ending gushing oil well.

  9. Ana


  10. Vito

    F. Lee Bailey to the rescue! “Is it your testimony, Marine to Marine, that you have never uttered the word NIGGER and that you are a virgin who has never sucked a cock or done booze or drugs? Is THAT what you are testifying to here today, Ms. Fuhr…er…Lohan?”

  11. Vito

    Due to all of the stress this is causing in the Lohan family I think they should at least be given back their free ice cream privileges.

  12. Michelle

    Awww I feel bad for her now….

  13. Maeby

    she looked sooooo annoyed during the hearing when lindsay was talking to her and crying.

  14. Zero

    Looks like Lindsay still method acting for the Deepthroat film.

  15. Ness

    Hahahaha, her face begging. Classic!!!

  16. Jay-Z

    Poor dumb cunt doesn’t know what to do with her mouth open when there’s not a cock in it. Gobble gobble gobble slobber slobber slobber.

  17. Convict

    I happened to watch most of the hearing and having been in a tussle of two with the legal system, Lohan’s attorney seemed very competent, thorough and was able to parse through the legal arguments at her disposal.

    The only reason Lohan was found to be in violation of her probation was because.. she’s blatantly guilty. If I were in trouble in the Los Angeles area and could afford Ms. Holley’s services, I’d certainly hire her.

  18. grobpilot

    I love the “couldn’t give a shit less” look on the lawyer’s face. She’s probably thinking about what to do for lunch after the Judge pounds the gavel.

  19. ryry

    i’ve been coming to this site for years mostly to jus watch lindsay lohans downfall, its been great coverage and i’m glad to see its gonna have a happy ending :D

  20. havoc

    Get rid of her now or no more potential clients in the future. In LA, losing one high profile case is bad.

    But funny….


  21. Gary B

    Lilo Lawyer quit, I wonder why? I;ll give the lawyer some credit, some cases are losing cases right from the start this was one of them.

    • RJP

      Probably significant concerns about getting paid. And legal ethics really limit your ability to bail on even a flaky client while in the middle of a case.

  22. Maybe I should just drag Lilo out to where I’m from. A middle of nowhere town with nothing to do. Hell, there aren’t even good drugs here! I’d like to see her get into trouble here, who knows, maybe a little fresh country air could be good for her? (or better yet, send her someplace without internet or cell reception where she can get away from her parents)

  23. Lisa


  24. jvmfan

    Lindsay’s father is supposed to be on tonight with some new news! The show is called “Issues” and will have a personal interview about Lindsay….

  25. JailTimeForLindsay

    LMAO! Lindsay’s Post Jail Interview will go Somthing like this.

    Interviewer: Were you scared entering Linwood Jail?
    Lindsay: I felt like I was in Iran.
    Interview: Excuse me?
    Lindsay: Well, you see I felt like I was in Iran and the villagers were going to stone me.
    Interviewer: I’m not following you?
    Lindsay: You have to understand that I was judged by the Islamic Judge Revel and she sent me telephathic islamic thought messages during my hearing. When I got home that night I looked up the messages she sent me in the Koran. I knew I was going to be stoned to death.
    Interviewer: You’re telling me that Judge Revel sent you psychic messages during your hearing?
    Lindsay: Not psychic, telepathic messages. You see when you read the Koran and worship Allah you get telepathic powers to send telepathic messages to the infidels.
    Interviewer: Are you on drugs? Drunk? Perhaps, over-using your prescription medications?
    Lindsay: No. OMG! Why does everyone think I’m high all the time. (Opens her purse and starts laying out the contents) Look. I have prescriptions for all of these medications. Ketamine, Valium, Thorazine, Morphine, Adderall. Wait that’s Crystal Meth, but that belongs to my assistant. This is her purse!!!!!
    Interviewer: Lindsay, what you’ve just laid out on the table here looks like Jelly Bean and M&Ms. The only thing that remotely resembles a Drug is that packet of Crystal Meth.
    Lindsay: I am not on Drugs! These belong to my assistant. Do you want me to pee in a cup?
    Interviewer: Lindsay, please stop peeing in that cup!

  26. Toocool4aname

    Someone explain the bil-plant thing to me. I dont get it.

  27. Jason
    Commented on this photo:

    Dear Lindsay,

    Please die.


    The Universe


    Lawyer: Uh, not this pretentious shit again. You’re just another case.

  29. Marcus

    This is like the most acting she’s done in 5 years.

  30. LD

    What a waste of flesh.

  31. The Man

    She should have fired her in the first place. It’s not like she helped her stay out of jail. And she is black. Who wants a female black lawyer?

    • The Woman

      you are SO fucking DUMB…

      • The MAN

        At least I know how to pick a lawyer! You clearly don’t. Who wants an attorney who got into and out of law scoop based on the color of their skin and not their ability. I see it all the time!

  32. Mike

    LiLo’s lawyer will test positive for cocaine and crack in the next company drug test. Luckily, this pic will show how it came into her system.

  33. Paul

    The lawyer seems to be sick of Lindsay. At times she didn’t even look at Lindsay.

  34. Fati87

    Haaaahahahaha, OMFG I so enjoyed the cry baby face! Take that bitch! I wishit were 90 years.

  35. captain america


  36. Randal's Rectum

    Hey there, freckle face! No need to cry. That huge Oscar win in your future will be more than enough for an “I told you so” when you recieve that golden statuette. Now if you will excuse me, meeting for drinks with your Mom and Dad. Stiff upper lip sunshine!

    Randal’s Rectum

  37. Marcus

    Is there video of this ???

  38. Wow

    Everyone, will have the same look on their face if you face jail !! All of you no life cunts will be crying and holding your lawyers ! Laughing at this woman misery just shows how miserable you guys are, feeding yourself daily with “stars” gossips and their misfortune, GOsh,… you re sick, Even sicker than lindsay ! She doesn t deny who she is, she likes party booze and drugs she got caught and now is time for her to pay her debt to society, it could happen to everyone, everyone who have a life and enjoy being who she/he is ! If you think you re better than her ?? Why do you spend your time in a gossip website about people you ll never even get close to or have any kind of relationship ? If you hate her ? why do you pay attention at her daily rutine ?? LOL::::::::: WHO S THE PATHETIC LOSER HERE ????? !!!!!!!!! I SAY YOU; THE NO LIFE CUNTS THAT PAY ATTENTION TO THIS WOMAN !!!!!!!!

    • Calling the Kettle Black

      Seriously??? Don’t you think that’s a bit hipocritical seeing as how you’re on the site too? You know what it is about Lindsey? It’s not that she parties and drinks and “has a life.” It’s that she got in trouble and the fucking idiot didn’t head the warnings. She just kept on doing whatever she wanted because she thought she could get away with it. You know the definition of insanity right? It’s doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Oh, maybe I won’t get caught this time. The bitch is insane. For the rest of us folks living in the real world, we do the crime, we do the time and it’s about time she got hers!

  39. tonythetiger

    omg, please send her to jail longer she obviously is going to be a wreck again after she comes out

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