‘Brazilian Candidate? Look At Me Topless In My Underwear!’

Yesterday, Lindsay Lohan was all over the place after she tweeted then untweeted an endorsement for a Brazilian presidential candidate with ties to cocaine smuggling because of course. So what quicker way to change the subject than by posting a topless photo of yourself to Instagram? Which might work if the entire Internet hasn’t seen you naked a hundred times. At least move your hair out of the way if you want me to forget about that stuff I was just saying (Brazil nuts, right?) or take a page from Courtney Stodden’s book. Then again, I don’t think you have body for this. The fake, cartoon body.

Adding… Yes, I just told Lindsay Lohan to take career advice from Courtney Stodden. The Courtney Stodden’s who’s just giving shit away on Instagram now. That’s the bar now.

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