Brangelina wishes to be seen now

August 11th, 2009 // 96 Comments

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie graced the mortal world with their combined presence last night at the Hollywood premiere of Inglourious Basterds. Now there’s a happy couple who undoubtedly spent their evening making passionate love – while stealing multi-ethnic babies from a nursery. They’re that good.

Photos: Flynet, Getty, Splash News

  1. B27

    I don’t see why this is news-worthy. I hope the movie is good.

  2. Viv

    Enough with worshipping this couple

  3. The Bisexual

    She looks delicious. Purrrarrrr.

  4. kylie

    She looks amazing. Love her.

  5. LawnGnome

    She could put on 10-15 pounds.

  6. Taz

    she is still so hot

  7. Dana

    She is absolutely perfect. I can’t understand why 15-year-old horny boys even dream of comparing that tramp Megan Fox to Angie

  8. Deacon Jones


    She looks like a Manhattan hooker.

    Wait until she gets old and starts championing feminism when she realizes she can’t get shit with her looks anymore

  9. Rachell

    the movie looks seriously lame…and brad’s facial hair is strarting to remind me of Kenny Rogers.

  10. Rough Daddy

    From those clips that movie looks like a big pose fest…

  11. JO JO

    Now thats a sexy pose.. None of that Megan fox LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME crap.. EFFORTLESS AND FLAWLESS

  12. shane

    She looks very happy (albeit clingy), he looks very scared and in pic #14 we get to see what Jolie looks like without her fish lips.

  13. Yuck

    Never thought that Jolie was even vaguely pretty.

    Her lips look like they were taken directly from The Joker.

    Nice figure, I’ll grant you, but I’d never make it past that ugly mug…

  14. Del

    Is it me or is Brad Pitt looking more and more like Bruce?

  15. no talent

    money and fame whores with a legion of psycho fans who support them

  16. Kelly

    I and many others been thrown off of several celeb blogs for negatively commenting on these two,using no profanity or spamming, yet their fans bombard the monitors with e-mails until they ban you. The crazies want to worship B&A and can’t stand to read any reality.

  17. md

    Isn’t time for another nose job Angie?

  18. Uncle Fester

    Morticia !

  19. j-sin

    Still hot.

  20. lola

    Couldn’t Angelina spare some of her botox for her old looking boyfriend?

  21. Welcome back Braengelina :)

  22. WHoa

    Did they slip in a body double for Jolie in pic #14?

  23. Aunt Jemima

    Cousin It! (brad)

  24. claudia

    what happend in his face? (jolie)!!! it´s horrible!!!…. she seems a plastic girl!

  25. bobz

    Big square jaw, chicken legs and a flat ass – perfection personified!

  26. Kay

    Wow what a bunch of bitter and jealous celebrity-obsessed losers. This was the first time I’ve read the comments section, and it’s also the last.

  27. Courtyardpigeon

    There’s not one man, or woman on this site that wouldn’t fuck Angelina. That woman has to be amazing in bed.

  28. Sensitive

    Wow… Kay… you really hurt us.

    As you might guess, we’re what you might call “sensitive.”

  29. She looks hungry

    Jolie needs to eat something other than Brad’s goo

  30. alex

    Brad doesn’t look like much of a prize now. At least Aniston got him when he was in his prime.

  31. Hey Kay… do you like facials?

  32. Dr. 90210

    …. along came Angelina and everybody wants facial labia.

  33. kauai

    It’s women like you with your girl crushes keeping Jolie’s career alive. She’s an insecure bag of bones that knew how to appeal to women with her faux lesbian persona.

  34. mensa

    Jolie is hot. That being said, I am sick of hearing about her. Hollywood needs some fresh meat, not more lookalikes of current Hollywood celebs.

  35. Delgo

    Megan Fox looks so hot in these

  36. Sport

    Brad looks like Johnny Knoxville in these pics.

  37. ?

    Why has Brad decided to use Grecian Formula on the head and not the facial hair?

  38. Jackie

    She looks trashy, though I’m not sure why… maybe it’s the tattoos.

  39. Nessi

    pssst, misspelling. IngloUrious Basterds.

  40. Is it me… or does her hair kinda look like Jen Anistons usually does… parted in the middle and loose waves…

  41. Loonies?

    Looks like the Brandgaloonies are spreading like herpes. Get back freaks! You know you are GAY!

  42. jo

    I know I am going against the tide BUT, I am sure glad to see Angie out and sorting that Megan Fox pretender out, as a lady of 31, I am glad to see Angie out and about and reminding people she was the original…go on girl :)

  43. anon

    She looks like J-Lo.

  44. Ian

    I’d give BOTH nuts.

  45. mybad

    I can’t keep from staring at her. She photographs beautifully. He…not so much

  46. Truth hurts

    It’s really sweet how he keeps holding her up so her humongous noggin doesn’t topple over her toothpick body. Those fake boobies make her look like tits on a stick.

  47. kk

    I look through the make-up and see ‘unhealthy’

  48. sam

    #12 — No kidding. Pic 14 doesn’t even look like her.

  49. SrfStrng

    I was at the premiere last night and they both looked GREAT. She is stunningly beautiful and Brad looked as good as always. He is 45 people! He looks like he is 30. He has an amazing body and he is aging well. Most men his age and younger would give anything to have his body and to look as good as he does. Angie is a bit too skinny (I agree with some of you) but she is GORGEOUS! She has 3 kids of her own and still manages to have a body like she’s never had a child in her life. Most women would also give anything to look as hot as she does. I know I would! :)

  50. Gando

    Angelina Jolie looks a bit tired to me.Not the usual herself.

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