Brangelina: Chest & Leather Edition

December 17th, 2010 // 65 Comments

Proving they do way more drugs than we give international child snatchers credit for, here’s Brangelina at the premiere of The Tourist in Madrid last night where Angelina Jolie dusted off her décolletage to distract from the fact Brad Pitt wears leather pants now. Except they just ended up looking like they’re about to make a white tiger appear and/or have a three-way with Stevie Nicks. Jethro Tull probably looked at these and called off the search for their missing flutist.

[Director's Commentary: I'm very old.]

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  1. Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie
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    What the… they both just look like clowns.

  2. Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie
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    Aw all right the level of supportive cueestns in here has just risen so much it’s heartwarming! Sherry does have to do some mothering in here from time to time in the comment-fields, but that (and her no-reiterating unsubstantiated foul gossip-rule) is exactly why there’s such a different feel to this site.Hope you hang in there with us Sherry, and ignore the idle comments made on other sites. Focus on what’s important to you and let everything else just roll off you like water off a duck’s back aaand if you should find the time every now and then to post in here – well, that’d be just brilliant for this little community As long as this site doesn’t feel lika a burden for you to carry.For the rest – great links everyone! I’ve heard Baseball is supposed to be rather big in Japan, so it would make sense if Moneyball did well there?Nice colour pop’ on Angelina b.t.w. Wonder why Brad has turned almost hiphopish(?) in his clothes the last couple of years though? Recently most things he wears, especially trousers and jackets/blazers seem to be a bit too large or baggy Eh I suppose his style’s changed much like most other people’s do during the course of a lifetime. But just like the shaggy-style he sported a while ago with the tramp/hobo-beard’ wasn’t everybody’s cup of tea well, so’s the baggy-style he has been sporting lately for me The sexiness he’s still got today isn’t in his appearance in the traditional sense. I’d say it’s more thanks to his relaxed, contented way that just shines through, and that’s an appealing trait.

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