Brandy’s mom sues Kim Kardashian

February 5th, 2008 // 91 Comments

R&B singer Brandy’s mom Sonja Norwood claims that she gave her credit card to Kim Kardashian so she could make “one (and only one)” purchase. Kim was Brandy’s stylist at the time. However, according to Sonja, Kim went crazy with the card then let her family take it for a spin. TMZ reports:

According to the suit, Kim allegedly gave the card to other members of her family — Khloe, Kourtney and Robert Jr. The suit claims in 2006, the Ks racked up $62,793.83 in unauthorized charges. And, in 2007, they blew another $57,841.82. The total: $120,635.65!

And get this for audacity: the suit claims the Kardashians charged thousands of dollars in their own stores, Dash and Smooch.
It’s unclear why Sonja didn’t just cancel the card.

So the Kardashians had the card in 2006 and 2007, but Sonja didn’t cancel it? That makes total sense. Whenever my credit card gets stolen by strippers (God, they’re crafty.), I always sit around for a year or two before I cancel it. Mostly because they threaten to come to my house and rip up my comic books. I really need to stop wearing my Spider-man pajamas to the nudie bar…

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. Patricia

    god she’s so perfect.

  2. The Laughing God

    @45 Paris, is that you? Fess up.

  3. #45 is so jealous

    #45 no straight guy would ever dislike Kim’s dreamy ass or Kim Kardashian herself for that matter, including your boyfriend, I bet he’d pay a lot of thousands to get to bang her and her luscious booty.
    You sound really jealous, bitter and desperate, girl. It’s not Kim’s fault that you have a flat pancake ass and that you’re ugly. No matter how much you insult Kim’s luscious ass (doing it is ridiculous, it’s one of her best assets-no pun intended, it’s like saying big boobs are ugly, her ass is like a dream!), every straight male in the world will still be in love with her ass and flat pancake asses like your will never be ‘in’, sorry girl.
    She’s pure perfection. She’s like every male’s dream come to life.
    And your “easy lay” comment is just… worse than ridiculous, pathetic. Ughh, you must be disgusting girl. It’s just like that song:

    OH, MY, GOD! Becky, look at her butt.
    It is sooo big! *scoof*
    She looks like, one of those rap guys’ girlfriends.
    But, you know, who understands those rap guys? *scoof*
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    I mean, her butt, it’s just sooo big.
    I can’t believe it’s so round, it’s like out there, I mean, GROSS! Look!
    She’s just so… EXOTIC!

  4. A

    I would max out my credit cards to be with her and that ass for one night

  5. Jim's Dad

    Jim? Are you here? You’re mom wants to talk to you about the incident last Friday. We know you visit this site. Call her house, she is worried, and stop looking at big booty women. Love Dad.

  6. Auto-Erotic-Asphixiation

    I like her long supple neck. She’s pretty easy on the eyes too
    Yeah …. I’d hit THAT.
    But then ……..
    I …..Like ……Big …. Butts and I cannot lie

  7. josh

    isnt brandys mom ray-j’s mom? so if kim was dating rayj thats prob why it didnt get cancelled.

  8. josh

    isnt brandys mom ray-j’s mom? so if kim was dating rayj thats prob why it didnt get cancelled.

  9. RCA

    Ray-J gave her the card…in other news…it is a SHAME that all that azz is just going to WASTE! Can we get her on Big Wet Butts please? The things I would do to that young lady…HIZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. god dayum!!!!

    god god god god she’s soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo FUCKING HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. misery bunny

    who gave the tall one human growth hormones? that’s what I’d like to know. that shit can make you retarded.

  12. RCA

    I just finished watching the Ray-J/Kim video … and I realized what her only flaw is. She’s too pretty and has always been too pretty and has never had to impress. Fellas out there know what I mean. She is a bad ride. she just lays there. She has never had to fuck like an ugly girl – never had to put it on a guy because she’s so far above the average. Sad really. She doesn’t know how to give to a man…I would love to teach her how to work what she got.

    Ya feel me fellas?!

  13. kimmy

    62, “always been to pretty” LOL google pictures of her BEFORE the 10 or so plastic surgeries she’s had.

  14. tc

    If her arse gets any bigger, it will explode. Semen and shit will fly everywhere.

  15. Alexandra

    She shouldn’t be sued, RAY J was essentially acting as her sugardaddy so she earned the right to spend that money – I dont know why her stupid butt is letting herself get pimped by her family though…

  16. D. Richards (Queer.)

    #62? ‘Ya feel me fellas’. That is so hip.

    And I’m tired of all these people’s mundane, ‘any man that doesn’t like Kim Kardashian is gay’, responses. It’s just so easy to say. There’s no thought behind those kinds of statements and people who think like that are the same people responsible for Kim’s ‘success’. Well, not really, Kim’s success is the result of a deal made with a warlock.

    P.S. I wouldn’t fuck Kim with a gypsy’s cock. I’m such a faggot.


    Get your save Britney t-shirt


  18. lmao @ the racist gay pedophile #66

    #66 That’s because you’re gay and a racist, and you know it. Ain’t you the same dude who posts about wanting to fuck little boys (underage boys) and that is always making racist comments? That says enough about you. You’re a fucking racist freak and you’re gay, a pedophile too (hence the reason why you don’t like someone as womanly and hot as Kim Kardashian, you prefer them young and skinny 12 year old boys, Kim’s too grown up and shapely for you). And she’s not gypsy, you racist freak (not that there’s anything wrong with gypsies, she just simply ain’t one at all).

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  20. D. Richards (Pedo.) (Evidently.)

    #68! You’re absolutely correct! I do have style.

    Be warned though. A man may enter Kim Kardashian’s vagina but he will not leave without being robbed of all his money, his eyes, and a kidney.

    Now back to breathing, you. Lifeless.

  21. Sauron

    Brandy’s mom might be glad the well raised Kardashian family only shop in discount stores with a loan creditcard.Otherwise she would have lost probably double the amount.

  22. wow man

    She’s the hottest woman in the world

  23. wow man

    She’s the hottest woman in the world

  24. Just a Girl

    Actually, I think that the girl in the pink dress is by far the most attractive woman in the picture. Her face says, “kind.” When I look at Kim, I have flashbacks of those popular girls in High school; the ones who would smile at you and be extremely friendly but would stab you in the back if you turned around.
    But that’s just me. Though, if you’re a clone who reads and believes posts like the post #50 made, well then, I’m just an ugly jealous bitch who can’t give a man an erection.

    Don’t get me wrong, Kim is attractive, in that plasticky-anyone-could-look-like-that-if-they-had-cosmetic-surgery-way. I mean, did any of you see The Swan? It isn’t hard to make an ugly broad super, super hot! It just takes a lot of cash.

  25. Look closely

    I can see all of their adam’s apples.

  26. tom petty and the lipsinkers

    Fuck her ass is big!

  27. ahem

    Did anyone actually read the article or were too dumbfounded by asking how an ass so big can also be so… high and perky?

  28. Lady

    I like her purse. <3
    Her ass and breasts are too big though! D:<

  29. Daniman

    She must make another sex tape this time a good one

  30. CS

    I agree with #8 wholeheartedly. Fucking PerFUCKtion! Fuck yeah!

  31. D. Richards (Grip.)

    You know what I’d enjoy doing? Tightening Kardashian’s corset until her eyes bugged out and her spine shattered right below the belly button. That would be so cool. I wonder how the brothas would feel about Kim after her ass withers away, leaving nothing but two bony knobs.

    Entropy, man!

  32. sharon

    Am I the only one who noticed her ass?!

  33. Rick

    My dick just exploded

    she’s HOT as hot can be man

  34. sy

    How can she rake up that much money on clothes when she’s wearing a Nicole Miller dress you can buy in Lord and Taylor right now for 30$!!! I know this for a fact, I tried it on lol

  35. She’s stunning

  36. CougarTexas

    Ladies… men like onion asses. That’s just all there is to it. They may say the don’t, but at the end of the day they do. Round, thick fun to hold even funner to spank onion asses.

    Nice stringy hair there, Kim. She’s every rapper/thug/athlete’s mattress. She’s been bounced endless. Trashy.

  37. Sapphire

    Wow, there are a lot of suckers out there who like big fat bubble butts! She’s not huge but… that ass is TOOOOOOOOOOO BIG. I can’t imagine having a ass bigger than my man’s. Something gross about that. She would only be hot standing next to a huge bodybuilder.

  38. InternetToughGuy

    Bullshit…this is just another fucking way for all of these losers to get their names in the fucking press.

  39. MinnieME

    Jeez, eighty-eight comments and not one of you has commented on the fact that she’s…..


  40. Abi

    There’s a possibility that the plastic and pig fat in her ass will help block the diseases she carries.

  41. Jackson

    Kim has a huge loose cellulite ass and has to wear butt pads ha! ha!

    Kim has to cover her huge ass when wearing a swim suit ha! ha!

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