Brandy is a murderer

January 24th, 2007 // 135 Comments

Brandy was apparently involved in a fatal car accident last month and turns out it was her fault. She was going down the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles on December 30th, but didn’t notice traffic in front of her had slowed down and ended up plowing into the car in front of her. That car hit another car and then slid into the center divider where it stopped and was hit was by another car. The driver was taken to the hospital in critical condition but died the next day. Brandy wasn’t arrested, and police are currently doing an investigation to see if there was a malfunction.

I guess technically she didn’t break the law, but driving that horribly should be illegal. All she had to do was stop. It’s not like she was navigating a mine field or being shot at. If you looked in her driver’s window you probably would’ve seen her trying to juggle bowling pins as she was driving.



  1. RussianMafia

    Er, that sucks. Poor Moesha.

  2. Naruelle

    And that’s wy i never liked her! what a murderer!

  3. tits_on_snack

    Kate Moss and Brandy are competing for whose eyes can most resemble a hammer head shark’s on either side of their head.

  4. JungleRed

    She always looks like a cockroach to me.

    As for the accident, celebrities should be a ble to run over as many civilians as they like. And we should be grateful for the opportunity to be struck by them.

  5. yeah she lost it after she got knocked up. poor brandy.

  6. kristin

    Getting into a fatal car accident does not make someone a murderer, asshole. Thats why it’s called an ACCIDENT. Have some fucking compassion, dick.

  7. “juggling bowling pins” wtf at the randomness hahaha

  8. BarbadoSlim

    Sounds like criminal negligence to me. She needs to do some time, Caged Heat style.

    Also, she has a major case of clown-mouth.

  9. no one you know

    Don’t commoners get slapped with vehicular homicide charges when things like this happen?

  10. what she just randomly hit some car in front of her? lol

    why would anyone do that?

  11. NipsyHustle

    technically she DID stop, with the aid of the rear bumper of another car. move on people, there’s nothing to see here.

  12. “Brandy wasn’t arrested”. Of course not… it’s LA… you’d have to kill someone for that! Oh wait…

  13. GeannaSparrow

    She looks like an alien. And not the ‘E.T’ kind of alien. More like the ‘Independence Day’ kind… Ew.

  14. GeannaSparrow

    No wonder she had that accident. She probably got confused, and thought she was still inside her UFO.

  15. NipsyHustle

    #9 brandy is a commoner. don’t get it twisted.

  16. Nikk The Templar

    #9 – EXACTLY.

    She should fucking go to jail and rot.

  17. Nikk The Templar

    #9 – EXACTLY.

    She should fucking go to jail and rot.

  18. Nikk The Templar

    #9 – EXACTLY.

    She should fucking go to jail and rot.

  19. Jnicole28

    I forgot about her…..
    #9 yeah!

  20. combustion8

    could her eyes be any further apart?

  21. Jnicole28

    i forgot she even existed…

  22. meee


  23. biatcho

    #6, Kristin, can you work really hard to become a judge so that when I accidentally murder someone because I was putting lipstick on while driving my car and not paying attention you can let me off easily and maybe give me some milk & cookies afterward?

  24. shes got the “homeless man” eyes…

  25. shes got the “homeless man” eyes…

  26. chelsea_423

    What she did sounds illegal to me. Maybe she wasn’t directly involved with the person’s death but she should at least get a ticket for rear-ending the car in front of her. Did anyone see that episode of Punk’d where they pretended to be a cop giving Brandy a ticket and she kept trying to get out of it by talking to the guy (who was a black actor)about how he shouldn’t give her a ticket because they’re both black and he shouldn’t give a ticket to one of his own, etc. Maybe that’s how she got out of this one.

  27. PrettyBaby

    #23 Funny and sassy biatcho!!

  28. Mya

    I like her teeth.

  29. biatcho

    Oh shit #26, you’re gonna fuckin’ wake danyell up! fuck.

  30. biatcho

    what up p-baby? how are you my little vamp?

  31. danielle

    Why would THAT wake me up bitcHOE? I have an alarm clock that I bought at WalMart for “waking” me up.

    I love what 26 pointed out. Love it.


  32. 4DPants

    Freakin’ genius, #4.

  33. carlogo


  34. biatcho

    I said that because you’re nothing more than a useless racist fuckstick, manielle.

  35. carlogo

    #6, i do have compassion for the person killed as a result of her negligence. She could have avoided the collision that caused that person’s death if she had paid attention. Now she will have to pay several lawyers.

  36. XeoRad

    I’ll bet she has EXCELLENT peripheral vision.
    No amount of plastic surgery can help this one. They have not yet mastered the art of moving eyes closer together without fucking up the patient’s brain.

    Does she have a brain?

  37. danielle

    Racist- look it up dear. In order to be a “racist” you would have to spew filth about a “minority” onto a blog…”without” being aggravated.

    My point?

    Look at the history twat. Was I the first one to post racial slurs? No, I wasn’t. I simply gave a response…out of “Aggravation”

    Like you’re doing now….

    Aggravating me.

    Go die, asshat.

  38. BarbadoSlim

    Oh boy.

  39. Niecy

    She will probably just get community service, but then again, she is a D List celebrity now, so maybe she will actually do some time.

  40. uncle_rico

    She can join the Rebecca Gayheart celebrity driving club. You have to kill someone to join, so check.

  41. biatcho

    You’re old news, manielle. Go crawl up someone else’ ass that is interested in your jibberish. When I skim through your posts I hear the “grown up” voice from Charlie Brown cartoons… mwah mwha mwhhaaa.

  42. BarbadoSlim

    @39…she never went above D list.

  43. biatcho

    and I am glad I aggravate you. That was my intention. Thanks!!

  44. RichPort

    damnYELL and Wally need a room.

  45. HollyJ

    I’m not saying that her eyes are freakishly far apart, but I mistook a snail for her yesterday.

  46. heyheyhey

    she is horribly ugly, and the black woman’s version of tweety bird

  47. jesseeca

    with that five-head and fish eyes, you’d think that was Britney with a really dark tan.

    this chick pretty much lost everyone’s respect (if she had it to begin with, that is still up in the air) when she pretended she was married to that guy, then got engaged to some basketball player two seconds later. did anyone see her reality show on MTV when seh was pregnant? she was a BITCH! and then she didn’t want to show the baby because she wanted her privacy respected. uhhh why did you do the show in the first place? because you needed money, that’s right!

    lock this ho up!

  48. jesseeca

    #6, i’m confused. who should we have compassion for? brandy? who killed someone? right, that makes a hell of a lot of sense.

    by your logic, someone who driks and drives & gets in an accident & kills someone isn’t a murderer. seriously, you maybe be as retarded as brandy looks.

  49. I think that the word “murderer” should be reserved for people like OJ Simpson. This sounds like a bad accident, and yes, she seems to have been 100% at fault. If she wasn’t drunk, there is probably no criminal action here, only a civil one, and for that she’ll be sued big.

  50. danielle

    Seriously bitcHOE..don’t you have some AA meeting to attend, a pole to fuck, an asscrack to slide through…anything? You’re NOT funny. However to you that you are….shoot them.


    What the hell is a Wally? Sounds like your stage name over at the Fish Shack.

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