Brandon Davis is broke


Brandon Davis – the guy who called Lindsay Lohan ‘Firecrotch’ and made fun of her for only having $7 million – allegedly bounced a $10,000 check he gave to Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis. Additionally, he supposedly owes record producer Scott Storch and The Palm casino owner George Maloof money, suggesting the billions of dollars his grandfather made aren’t readily accessible by his family.

Before Brandon told Page Six, “[Bleep] you,” and hung up, he explained that his check had bounced because he was switching banks and that he’d paid Francis back in cash (which Francis denies). The check, a copy of which was obtained by Page Six, states it was refused for “insufficient funds.”

The only justice now would be for Lindsay Lohan to make fun of Brandon Davis’ poverty by driving by in her Kia and offering him some cash. Only she can’t afford to give away real money so it’d have to be the Monopoly kind. Or maybe just newspaper cut into little rectangles with “Real Moneys” written on it with permanent marker.