Brandon Davis’ grandma is a dirty liar


The grandma of Brandon Davis – the guy who called Lindsay Lohan a firecrotch – is telling her friends that Brandon Davis is now dating Lindsay Lohan. At Kenny G’s birthday party over the weekend she was overheard telling guests, “Brandon is dating Lindsay now!” A rep for Barbara confirmed her story and said that Brandon took Lindsay out to dinner last weekend, although a rep for Lohan denies everything, saying:

“It is unfortunate that Barbara Davis is desperate enough to make up a lie about Lindsay dating her grandson. Lindsay took the high road and accepted Brandon’s apology last week, but they are not dating and they did not go to dinner together. Lindsay is dating several men who live overseas.”

I’m not entirely sure replacing a small rumor she had dinner with some guy by telling everybody she’s a whore is a good idea. “My client doesn’t have dinner with billionaires! She’s far too busy sleeping with multiple foreign men for that kind of nonsense. A slut. A slut she is!”