I Think Brandi Glanville Might Be Drunk

“I don’t care you got fat, Eddie Cibrian, I’monnafuckyou.”

Here’s Brandi Glanville literally being dragged out of the London Hotel last night after getting completely shithammered from taking a sniff of Vermouth because she’s locked in an anorexia battle with LeAnn Rimes. That or this an elaborate ruse to lure Gerard Butler back. “Aw, that’s right, ya drunken whore, walk your wee bonny ass to the Porta-potty. Oh, look at that, it’s a blue one the way I like it. Ol’ Gerard shouldna nevah left ya. He’s a damn fool!”

Adding… I’m pretty sure this is how Steubenville started.

Photos: Fame/Flynet, Pacific Coast News