Brandi Glanville Cheated On Eddie Cibrian First, Says ‘Sources’ That Are All LeAnn Rimes

February 7th, 2013 // 19 Comments
LeAnn Rimes: Idiot
LeAnn Rimes Bikini
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Earlier in the week, excerpts from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville‘s book (Yes, they’re literally giving a deal to anyone.) revealed how she found out her husband Eddie Cibrian was having an affair with LeAnn Rimes who apparently thinks asking a man to lick icing off your tits in front of his wife is discreet. Except now comes word from “sources” that Brandi allegedly cheated on Eddie first. Via Us Weekly:

Indeed, multiple sources exclusively confirm in the new issue of Us Weekly that Glanville, 40, cheated on Cibrian, 39, several times during their eight-year marriage. In one particularly shocking incident, Glanville had sex with another man in her bedroom just six weeks after the birth of son Jake, now 5.
“Brandi loves to play the victim,” one source tells Us, “but she doesn’t tell the whole story.”

When reached for comment, Us Weekly denied their sources were all LeAnn Rimes and also told everyone not to read too much into their recent invoices for laxatives and horse oats. Those were just a clerical error. Yes, a clerical error… In the meantime, Brandi has responded to the rumors with dignity and poise:

Apparently I cheated on eddie a few times with some Hot guys!Wow!Grasping at straws 4 yrs later a week before book is out #WISHIHAD watev

In related news, Queen Elizabeth II has officially declared #WISHIHAD watev as the official royal family response to salacious reports and tawdry innuendo. “Never in my 86 years have I witnessed such elegant wording emboldened with a dismissive regal splendor. YOLO, my dear countrymen, YOLO.”

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  1. Team Brandi, always and forever. I can’t wait for Ugly to fall flat on her face. Fuck, I hate her :)

  2. USDA Prime McBeef

    Considering she was 6 weeks post giving birth and needed 12 grand worth of rejuvenation on that pussy, is it not possible that the sex was accidental?

  3. karlito

    this BS is so friggin High School.

  4. Grace

    Who cares?

  5. Wait, wait, hold up… Icing and titties? Eddie didn’t stand a chance.

    In other news, whoever came up with “YOLO” should put on a rocket and fired into the Sun.

  6. that woman has some mean granny legs.
    that’s what happens when you starve yourself

  7. mike

    Valcor (the neverending story) needs to go away.

  8. Juano

    Brandi Granville seems to be a drunkard, at least based on that farcical show she is on. So, God only knows what (or who) she might have been doing after a few martinis.

    But I guess in thinking about it, I really don’t give a damn about either of the two sea hags.

  9. Lola

    Brandi and LeAnn are both idiots but that being said, I see LeAnn as immature and insecure. Brandi is just a vile pig of a woman. She is older and should know better but she continues to fuel the fire and her comments are so inappropriate. She has no respect for herself but you’d think she’d have some for her children. And, she is one unattractive woman. She needs to find a rock and crawl under it!

    • Worrier Poet

      Hi, LeAnn. I loved you back in the “Blue” days when you were rectangular and known more for singing than for being a mite cuckoo. I don’t watch the “Wives” shows, so everything I know about Brandi comes from how she’s dealt with this whole mess. My takeaway is that she may not be Mother Teresa, but I have to hand it to her — she is MASTERFUL when it comes to tweaking you.

  10. Cindy

    and we’re supposed to take the word of a bulimic homewrecker because…?

  11. liquidbabydoll

    why is only ONE of these woman called anorexic ?? laxative and barfing ,starving jokes apply to BOTH !!

  12. Brandi Glanville Cleavage Legs Short Shorts
    Commented on this photo:

    love Brandi

  13. Team Beverly Hills Ho Wife just because LeAnn Rimes is a disgusting batshit inbred loon.

  14. BOTH of these women should just STFU and go away. They are middle aged for God’s sake. They are BOTH behaving very immaturely and certainly not in the best interest of the young children who deserve better than the whole lot.

    • SLiver

      Not sure how you define middle age, but horsey sauce is 30…not middle aged, and Glanville is 40…not old actually.

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