Why Is Chris Kyle At The DNC? This Is AMERICA

Bradley Cooper played Navy SEAL sniper/serial liar Chris Kyle in a movie, and according to people who believe an invisible ghost hippie gave them the right to shoot things to shit, that means Bradley Cooper is now Chris Kyle in real life. So imagine their surprise when he showed up to the Democratic National Convention, which you can see in its all dumb, uniquely American glory by clicking that link. As for me I’m going a different route, and posting this GIF of Sniper Jesus getting buttsexed by a liberal Jewish comedian while alt tagging it “chris kyle gay sex” because thou shall have no other SEO Gods before me. Also, I’m trying to see how many Trump voters I can take out by way of head explosion.

chris kyle gay sex

“Oooh yeah, Michael Ian Black, this is way better than guns. Let’s open up a Planned Parenthood!”

(Are your Facebook friends from high school dead yet? Keep me posted.)

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Photo: C-SPAN