Brad Renfro is in rehab

January 2nd, 2006 // 9 Comments

renfro-rehab.jpgBrad Renfro was a no-show for arraignment last Friday on a charge of attempted heroin possession. His lawyer said he had entered a full-time drug treatment program and the court agreed to postpone his arraignment to January 18 and allow him to remain free on $10,000 bail. Although if I was Renfro I would have just gotten plastic surgery and started my life over as an elementary school custodian or something. Because once you’ve hit rock bottom, starting your life over as Bob the Janitor doesn’t seem like such a terrible option anymore.

Brad Renfro enters drug rehab program [MSNBC]


  1. diddleysquat

    Who the hell is Brad Renfro?

  2. Princess-Megs

    I remember a time when he was the ‘it’ boy. Oh how the mighty have fallen

  3. lburghy

    I’m really happy he’s in Rehab. I have no idea why, but I have a soft spot in my heart for this boy. I’m glad he’s getting help.

  4. jellybean

    Dear Josh,
    We came by to fuck you, but you were not home. Therefore, you are gay.
    Signed Tiffany and Amber.
    wasn’t he that guy?

  5. doom

    Uh am I the only one who finds Brad Renfro really hot? I’ve been crushing on him since the Tom and Huck days. Maybe it’s just the bad boy thing drawing me forth now cause I haven’t seen him in a movie in forever.

  6. Linnea

    Is the fact that I want to bang him really disturbing? I must have a thing for junkies. First Kurt Cobain, then Conor Oberst, now this…

  7. smirkingrevenge

    He’s gonna get laid a lot in rehab. He’s pretty good looking and I’m guessing heroin has kept him out of comission for awhile, lucky fucker.

  8. um, i don’t even know who that is…

  9. Vee.Babii

    I Think Morimer Is a very unusual name!
    But i dont think the child will get bullied or picked on as he is a are child of a famous actress!

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