Brad Renfro busted on Skid Row

December 23rd, 2005 // 24 Comments

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Almost child acting star Brad Renfro was arrested Wednesday on Skid Row for trying to score heroin from an undercover officer. Nice move, Brad. Glad to see you’ve set a new standard for the Hollywood downward spiral. Before it was enough just to be molested by Michael Jackson and turn into a pothead with the occasional role on The Surreal Life. But now the pinnacle is having a picture of your arrest snapped by the L.A. Times, looking vaguely like Buffalo Bill in “Silence of the Lambs.”


  1. Nurse Kellie

    Who is he???

  2. sedation

    He’s barely recognizable now, but I think he’s the little kid from “The Client”

  3. rivercmb

    He should give the Winona Ryder “I’m just doing research for a movie role”. I tried that once when I got caught with a 9 yr old in a changing room. It didn’t work.

  4. HeeHaw

    I don’t think he’s 23 as it’s claimed he is. There were rumors about that a few years back, that he was older than he claimed, so that he could get younger roles or whatever. But he seriously looks about 40 in that pic, not 23.

    He was also busted a few years ago for stealing a yacht in Fort Lauderdale Florida and joyriding up and down the intercoastal waterway until he crashed it.

    Go Brad!

  5. RolandSlinger

    What are those clothes he’s wearing? A security guard uniform?

  6. rollergirl

    Brad Renfro had a lot of buzz surrounding him when he had his first couple films, ‘The Client’ and ‘The Cure.’ He was supposed to be the next big thing. However, since then it’s just been a series of arrests on drug and drink related charges. I was shocked by this picture, really shows how drugs age you. He was born in 1982, he really is just 23. Very sad.

  7. Captain Awesome


  8. sugarbullet

    this is so sad. i met brad a few years ago at the austin film festival and we hung and talked for a long time. he was such a nice guy. ergh, it just sucks that he couldn’t get his stuff together. plus he had actual talent and didn’t walk around like hollywood golden boy, even though he’s a very good actor. dang it! pisses me off. he does look really old in that picture, but he can’t be any older than 23, because he’s not that much older than me.

    ps. i may have posted twice, if so, please ignore because i am just a moron.

  9. kixbooty

    its so sad what happened to brad. he does look about 15 years older than he actually is! his hair is receding and his face has sunken in. he was damn goodlooking when he was younger. i think i actually saw a few crappy movies just coz he was in them. his life sure is over! i guess thats what happens when you’re addicted to sweet H!

    by the way heehaw…brad never actually stole that boat…he tried to but him and his mate couldnt untie it from the dock and he ended up doing heaps of damage to the boat and the dock. but they never got to ride it! doesnt seem fair does it!

  10. HelpingOutTheMorons

    He actually is a pretty good actor, however, he starred in one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen – “Bully.” It was about these teen jerks and sluts who kill one of their own because he happens to be a little bit of a bigger jerk than the rest of them. Also the director starts nearly every shot in an actresses crotches.

  11. Synthwhore

    Ahahaha it’s sad and funny at the same time. I just moved out of a loft a few blocks away from there. Skid Row is no joke.

  12. BillyGurl

    it puts the lotion in the basket or else it gets the hose again…

  13. Kai

    jeez, I remember having this humongous crush on him. I watched Sleepers because of him, lol.
    Look at him now, he looks like a middle-aged man :(
    And sad news too, coz he’s a pretty good actor.

  14. CeleblogHo

    I can’t believe I masturbated to him in “The Client” and as far as this rumour of his age being a big thing. It never was, he never lied about his age. I love when people create something out of nothing.


  15. Sil

    wow… brad was such a hot guy when he was older (not that he isn’t now), but his life is getting a little strange, with all this arrests and drugs… and he’s really an excelent actor! altough he’s still ”my” little mark sway! =P
    go 4 it, brad!! may luck be with you!!

  16. Sil

    wow… brad was such a hot guy when he was older

    correction: younger

  17. luvdaclient

    that can’t be little “mark sway”! Brad had really something going for him…he was a awesome actor…why does he gotta go mess up his life??? geez…well Brad now there’s no more acting and no more money, I had the biggest crush on you too!! My bedroom walls used to be covered in your pics.-well of mark…I also have pics. of you when you were 15-16yrs you looked just like mark sway…no you look like some old guy…your hair is even FALLING OUT! MY GOD! Well I can still love Mark Sway but I don’t know about Brad Renfro anymore…Brad you better fight that druggie right out of ya…may all the luck in the world be with you!

  18. Robert

    Brad joined the Leif Garret Hall of Fame. Haley Joel Osment maybe on that train, but can’t say anything, for as far as I know he stayed out of trouble since his drug bust. These guys need to read the River Phoenix story. As far as I know, Brad, Leif, Haley, and River all had one thing in common: A working class background before they were discovered and suddenly found themselves flush with cash at a very young age. A working class stiff myself, it hurts to say that maybe it is a bad thing to go from the outhouse to the penthouse at warp speed. We see the same thing with some of our professional athletes. Used to envy them, now I pity them. Too Bad.

  19. Kate

    Yikes, take this down. The kid is dead. Sad. What a waste.

  20. oglyb

    Seriously, this needs to be removed. This poor kid died three years ago and yet this article is still up that is totally making fun of him. His life was so sad. He was abandoned by his mother, raised by his grandma, given booze at 9 y/o to calm him down. He never had a chance. Addiction was normal to him as it’s all he saw as a child. My heart bleeds for him. I hope he is at peace now. RIP brad.

  21. yuck

    Oh good Lord this should be taken off of here. He died a really tragic death after living a really tragic life.

  22. Ktown

    Agree (albeit year/s later) w previous posters. Take this off your site. Why make fun of a dead man who lived a REALLY hard life that wasn’t created by him, but by his upbringing? Gods speed pagey.

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