Brad Pitt’s barn door’s open (Sorry, ladies, no cow coming out.)

Brad Pitt gave the crowd his best suave, debonair looks at the Paris premiere of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Except he left his fly unzipped and was completely oblivious to the fact. Nothing like the cold, hard slap of reality that even Brad Pitt gets old:

“That’s right, Brad, give ‘em the look. BAM! That was the panty dropper. This is going so well. So well. You’re Brad Pitt. Talented. Dashing. Oddly drafty in the groin area, but do not look down. DO NOT LOOK DOWN. It’s nothing. Here we go: Tender, yet let’s do it on my Ferrari, eyes. KABOOM! I think that one just impregnated a chick. Wait, it’s Angie. Goddammit. Fortunately, no one can see the crying happening in my pants right now. Oh, no, wait. What the hell?!”

EDIT: To put things this fly incident in perspective, I added pics of Brad just days ago smuggling booze out of two separate events in Berlin. Which actually has me convinced he’s Jesus returned to Earth. Your ways are right and good, O Lord!