Brad Pitt Wants To Be Gay

February 2nd, 2006 // 40 Comments

bradpittgay.jpgAfter the enormous popularity of Brokeback Mountain, Brad Pitt is desperate for a chance to play gay. A source told The Sun:

Brad knows it would be seen as shocking to take on a gay role because he’s seen as such a heart-throb. But he has never shied away from taking on controversial films, and he has often chosen to do smaller, more challenging movies.

This is insulting to straight men everywhere, who are forced to see him with Angelina Jolie on a regular basis. Pitt asking to play a gay man is like Donald Trump auditioning for Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol.



  1. AmberDextrose

    Memo to self: burn Team Jolie t-shirt; replace with Camp Pitt.

  2. jennyjenjen

    Ok Amber, we get it.. you’re bored.. But it isn’t necessary to comment on EVERY picture. Unless you are practicing being clever.. in that case “How’s that working out for you?” (name that Pitt Classic)

  3. CameronF

    Being Clever? Its working out great thanks.
    (Its Fight Club for all you kids who dont know)

  4. GothamGuy

    Just another step in Brad’s transformation to Mr. Jolie.

  5. Larry

    Thank God, gay people can now join the ranks of all the other groups Brad Pitt has made to look ridiculous by portraying them onscreen.

  6. Coolguy7711

    Play Gay? I thought he was… I think all these hot women are just beards.

  7. innit

    Poor Brad… so desperate to hang on to those last few minutes of fame…

  8. PapaHotNuts

    I would love to see him in “Mr. and Mr. Smith”.

    I know this was a lame post, but fuck all of you.

  9. PapaHotNuts

    Sorry about the “fuck all of you” comment. Having back surgery today and I need to vent.

    So fuck all of you again.


    Than what were Fight Club, and interview with a vanpire,


    Than what were Fight Club, and interview with a vanpire,

  12. selbytiger

    Brad Pitt play gay? Has he ever played a straight role? He was Tom Cruise’s Vampire boy toy in “Interview” and a Greek demi-god in “Troy.”

    Brad Pitt gay? seen it. over it.

  13. LaydeeBug

    One word: “Bandwagon.” God, you make a great movie and now everyone wants to take a big bite out of it, call it a gay movie and now every ugly fuck is gonna want to think he can play it gay. By the way, Brad Pitt, hot? Not so much!

  14. Bob Denver

    But wouldn’t he have to get back with Gwyneth Paltrow to acheive the gay look?

  15. And Starring Brad Pitt as Tom Cruise in this years Blockbuster…What Katie Saw.

  16. ESQ

    I knew it, it is just a matter of time before he comes screaming out of the closet. He wants to see how his audience reacts first before he says, “No really, I am NOT kidding!” Next up Tom Cruise is he in or his he out?

    I hope you get better soon, sorry about what I did to your back the other night.

  17. So I assume Pitt had finally realized that his career is heading down the drain and nobody really cares?

  18. hafaball

    When the hell has he ever done a controversial film? and when the hell has he ever done a small film? In fight club I finally respected him, but now i just can;t see him doing such a serious role…where he has sex with men… o.o

  19. escapevelocity

    i won’t even comment on that. too easy.

    what I’d like to see is a gay movie starring Katie Holmes.

    … and Angelina Jolie.

    yum yum.

    they’d call it _________ Mountain.

    someone fill that in. my head hurts.

  20. HollyJ

    Vulva Mountin’ ?

  21. escapevelocity

    #20: lol, that was actually the second thought that came to mind… after “Splittongue Mountain,” to make it more, ehem, conspicuous. (i love that word, btw – “vulva.” i could say it ove and over again. “vulva, vulva, vulva.”)

    what a coinkidink:
    brad pitt and tom cruise have played gay lovers before: in “Interview with the Vampire.”

    now it’s time to see Katie Holmes and Angelina Jolie do it.

  22. ESQ

    Ridin’ High on Pussy Mountain

  23. escapevelocity

    on second thought, yeah, “mountin’” would be bette.

  24. Bailey

    Wow, I’d forgotten all about Brad Pitt. Where did he go in 2005, anyway? he must have dropped off the radar – I don’t think I read a single article about him. That’s amazing. I can see why he wants the publicity now…a whole year with no one knowing a single thing about how you’re living your life? Inconceivable!

  25. mrschickee

    You know…gay is the new black.

  26. LaydeeBug

    VERY GOOD Mrschickee. Very Good. Remember when heroin was the new cocaine? Boy, did those people wake up one day and go, “Oh shit, you mean I have to do this forever? Aw MAAAAN!” Brad Pitt was only good in Fight Club. That’s it. Punto. And only because he was opposite Edward Norton.

  27. No way. After watching him in Fight Club and then reading this news. Too funny.

    In responce to Poster # 12 – Watching Brad Pitt kiss another guy is disturbing which I do not think he has done. To each’s own but I am not a “Yay Gay” type of person.

  28. rachel

    It makes me wonder how many people say they’re gay only cuz it’s trendy now.

  29. Average

    He was good in “Snatch” too.
    I want to hate him but cant because of that movie.
    And “Snatch” is probably the movie they are talking about when they say he has done small movies. Its one of those movies where the writer/director about crapped his pants when Pitt offered to be part of it.
    If you havent seen it, its a must see, like “The Usual Suspects”, “Donnie Darko” and “Boondock Saints”.

  30. derekd

    I don’t get your ANALogy but I would like to comment that nothing would satisfy me more that to watch Brad Pitt play a power bottom. Then I could be like, “You see honey? I told you he was a fag!”

  31. micronite

    “He was good in “Snatch” too … If you havent seen it, its a must see”

    Snatch is an extremely outstanding movie and i agree, it’s a must-see. Not only did BP not ruin it, he got right into the character and acted his *ss off from start to finish.

    But it’s not like he had a choice and could’ve phoned it in – there was so much talent all over that set that none of ‘em would’ve dared f*ck it up and embarrass themselves.

  32. LickyLicky

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Average.. TYSM! The Usual Suspects is one of my all-time faves. Now I will go rent Snatch. The only thing I really remember about that movie is all the jokes that were made about the title. I had no idea that it was on par with TUS.

    YAY! Blockbuster, here I come.

    Kaiser Soze rocks… he’ll cut your eyes out and make them watch him skull-fuck you!

  33. slinkhard

    ‘But he has never shied away from taking on controversial films’

    After other actors have trailblazed the way to enormous popularity first. How brave of you, Brad! *rolls eyes*

  34. kroft

    He must have forgotten his role as a sensitive, gay interior designer in “Kalifornia.”

    I don’t mind Brad Pitt. Fight Club, Snatch, 12 Monkeys…he’s made some interesting movies. And never been afraid to spoil his pretty boy image by playing characters that are dirty/crosseyed/get the shit beat out of them. Of course he’s starting to look like that now in real life, but nothing lasts forever.

  35. cosmo999

    As much as I would like to agree with you all the guy has a resume of some very offbeat characters – definitely breaking the mold of most pretty boy actors:

    J.D. – Thelma & Louise
    Early Grayce – Kalifornia
    Floyd – True Romance
    David Mills – Se7en
    Jeffrey Goines – 12 Monkeys
    Tyler Durden – Fight Club
    Mickey O’Neil – Snatch

  36. blackblackheart

    FUCK.. There are PLENTY of gay male actors, undoubtedly more gay than straight, COME ON HOLLYWOOD… how about an ACTUAL gay actor for once!?

  37. Skippy

    It actually takes tremendous courage to take on a gay role. Every role that an actor takes on is a calculated risk. Whether the role is as a gay or straight person. Straight-acting, come to think of it, is a stereotype in itself. What I mean is, audiences get so used to seeing an actor play only ONE type of character, so when he appears in something completely out of the ordinary, they lose their minds.

    Case in point: Tom Cruise.

  38. Churby

    Perhaps Brad can play Tom Cruise in a documentary for the Discovery Channel.

  39. A Nobody

    God, what a stupid douche. Boo hoo hoo everybody else is gay except meee, boo hoo hoo!

  40. i’ll take him, he’ll be my own friend

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