Brad Pitt walks out on Angelina Jolie

April 6th, 2006 // 140 Comments

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are allegedly fighting, with some reports saying she’s kicked him out of the bedroom and others saying Pitt has actually moved out.

“Brad and Ange have been fighting like cat and dog over where to have the baby, over whether Angelina should continue to fly and also over her thinness,” a source reveals in NW magazine. Pitt is also apparently “under pressure” from his family to get Ange to the alter as soon as possible because Brad’s mum, Jane, is not keen on her grandchild being born out of wedlock. “Ange has been putting up obstacle after obstacle and it’s clear to Brad she


  1. eww her arms look gross but thats about it

  2. #50 – Further proof that by spreading his seed, he’s spreading his minginess. No one is safe.

  3. gogoboots

    #18 I applaud you, that was the best comment I’ve read on this page!

  4. Conductor71

    Apparently Brad left her because of her bizarre food cravings during pregnancy. Eating pickles with ice cream and fried soil is one thing, but when she shat it all back into his mouth during sex while simultaneously stabbing him in the groin with a knitting needle he started to get a little bored with the whole affair. Sloppy poop in the mouth is actually responsible for 78% of all relationship breakdowns, fact fans

  5. Conductor71

    Apparently Brad left her because of her bizarre food cravings during pregnancy. Eating pickles with ice cream and fried soil is one thing, but when she shat it all back into his mouth during sex while simultaneously stabbing him in the groin with a knitting needle he started to get a little bored with the whole affair. Sloppy poop in the mouth is actually responsible for 78% of all relationship breakdowns, fact fans

  6. sander

    Am I the only female out there, that just doesn’t see Brad Pitt as hot??? I can’t figure out why Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston, two beautiful women could be with him…ugh! However, I hope Angelina gives the bastard what he deserves for his treatment toward Jennifer. Now Brad is getting the cold shoulder…bawahaha

    I have to agree with the statement about beautiful parents not always having beautiful children…I have seen the fugliest with the most beautiful children ever. Must be god’s way of making it up to the parents.

  7. tits_on_snack

    “She can’t commit to marriage, but letting a guy she’s been dating for a few months adopt her infant children?” – whoa i never actually thought about that… That *is* fucked… Hello person I’ve only been with for a few months, why don’t I just hand over complete control and custody of my children. Let’s not get married yet, though. I’m not sure about making such large commitments.

  8. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    She looks like big fat pouty hippo. Aww, poor hippo. I wish I could make Angelina cry, and run out the door laughing with a bag full of her good looks and money. But all I have is the pouty hippo comment. Well, at least I’m not pregnant.

  9. sweetcheeks

    I’m afraid I’ll have to dismiss everyone who hates Angie as “unattractive.” That’s right, I said it. YOU’RE PROBABLY UGLY. Every person I’ve ever met in the flesh who didn’t like Angie was a stumpy, beastly troll.

    And I can say that confidently, as I am strikingly attractive.

  10. okiedoke

    #49 – are you right on the money or WHAT?!!

  11. Sweet_cheeks

    oh my god, this is priceless.

    i be Jen is throwing herself a “waiting to exhale” party right now.

    angelina is such a stupid fake person. she’s just like nicole ritchie. bitch goes from being a nasty, blood swapping slut to a UN ambassador overnight. how quickly do we all forget her fuck-fest with billy bob, and think she’s some quiet wholesome good woman.

    brad pitt is just a lying slut. making Jen look like e left her because she won’t have his kids. so now that he found someone to have his kid with, he’s still not happy.

    celebrities will rot in hell

  12. Shelley Bonnechance

    Boyoboy, does she ever look mean in that first picture. Eeeyikes….Brad had better watchit. He’s such a skeevy wanker and she could probably go all Lara Croft on him and break him over her knee like a twig, pregnancy hormones or no.

  13. sweetcheeks

    Sweet_cheeks! Why are you using my name?! You’re fucking up the system, man!!!

  14. Elikapeka


  15. Bellisima

    I seriously hope this is true because I am so sick of the “genetically blessed duo” dominating the news. They are BORING. Who cares if they look good. They are SO uninteresting and I disagree with sweetcheeks because it is usually un-attractive people who idol worship someone like AJ because she embodies all they are not and wish to be. Also good-looking people are more likely to pose rather than toot their own horn by repeatedly claiming they are “strikingly attractive”. Just my thoughts.
    Angelina just have the dann baby and move on to your next victim! I hear Tom Cruise is single.

  16. suzy

    i am not angelina’s biggest fan… but she isn’t crazy fat… she’s just stupid for flying airplanes..

    and why is she always wearing black… she needs to embrace her pregnancy and dress with color…

    like katie holmes… i’m not her biggest fan anymore.. but at least she looks good being pregnant…

    jeebus… and i predict she is having a girl

  17. D_Bones

    Um I think thats all a bunch of tabloid stories put into one big story. Will they just come out with a porn already! Thats the only news I wanna hear about them!

  18. mamaE

    okay, this is one woman who should have stuck with adopting babies, not making them. an unmarried woman who adopts babies does it because she has no desire to have a life long relationship with any man, which is what happens when they knock you up, like it or not. even if you leave them, you always have their DNA in your kids.

    for those of you that worship this crazy bitch, or say its just hormones, think about how crazy she was before brad. wearing a suit and a friggin name tag around your neck a the WEC doesn’t undo your insanity. Adopting from third world countries is great, but lets not forget how many children in this country really need good homes–people love to ignore the epidemic of poverty here. Not that i want good ‘ol Ange to adopt here–i don’t think anymore kids in this world need to be subjected to “who’s your new daddy this year.” hey, i’ve been boinking you for like 2 months now, want to adopt my kids? can they have your name at least? these kids will have 15 differnt last names by the time the are 18.
    it bothers me that public figures are made saints by their actions abroad, or for humanity at large, but don’t have any morality or sanity in their personal lives. and for those of you ladies out there that worship this woman as an actress, watch Alexander and tell me she can do an accent. PATHETIC! you ladies just need to have some sex with other women and stop fixating on her.

    i personally don’t care about Aniston–she truly sucks. but i do think Ange is a homewrecker–her own. poor M and Z.
    rant completed.

  19. Hey, whats Brad gonna do, Angie’s fat now, and nobody likes a fat chick. Either that or they both realized they can do better. He can find a woman without kids and she could date somebody with a less acne scared face who doesn’t smell like bongwater and Aniston yeast.

  20. juicylips

    Nobody gives a shit.

  21. kpatton

    See my previous post, Angie is a nut job. Brad is getting a real taste of it and if he isn’t brain dead he will bail. The key is knocked up she can’t keep the hook (great weird balls to the wall sex)set in the man and he is see daylight. Maybe the black eye she gave him was a wakeup call too! In the pictures she looks like a pregnant 50 year old, old lady arms and all. Those jugs will be watching her tie her shoes in a couple of months.

  22. Kapuka


    =/ Meh, that wasn’t really that funny. I just needed a smooth and subtle introduction to this little chat fest going on.

    That wasn’t too subtle was it…

  23. M

    So my dear sweetcheeks ( notice with no underscore) I am a beasty troll eh?
    Apparently you have become blinded by the enormous flabs of skin that protrude from Jolies face, what some people call lips, to see the true hideousness that sometimes causes me panic attacks at the mere sight of her on a celeb gossip magazine.
    Face it.
    Shes Fugly.

  24. HughJorganthethird

    Here’s a scenario: AJ wants a baby, figures the sperm of one of the planet’s best looking guys should do. Get’s pregnant and then dumps his whipped ass. Sounds about right.

  25. ThatWeirdChick

    I’ve always liked both of them, and when I heard they were doing a movie together the threesome fantasies took on a whole new life in my brain. And now they’re together! And making babies! Who cares if the kid’s ugly, for christs sakes? For that matter, who cares what exactly it is that they’re doing every goddamned minute of the day? Seriously, let them live in piece. No relationship could go unscathed under that kind of scrutiny, thousands of people that have never met them dissecting and making judgements about every little thing they do. There are more important things to be spending so much time on.

  26. xd

    she has gotten crazy fat??? are you fuckin kidding me??? I hope so… because for being pregnant she looks amazing.

  27. xd

    She is so fucking HOT…

  28. Trotter

    75 – why wouldn’t she use her brother’s sperm?

  29. xd

    how could anyone say she’s ugly?? she’s definitely the fucken hottest and most stunning woman in Hollywood by far *sigh*:

    gotta love her in her hot little Lara Croft outfits… she’s such a hot sexy bitch!!!!

  30. god her arms are disgusting….she’s just not attractive anymore…ew

  31. mija289

    I never knew there were so many gullible people out there! You read some swill straight out of a tabloid and it’s as if Moses spoke!

    They (together) moved completely from the Paris apt nearly 5 days ago and have been in Namibia Africa “together” as of 4/4, and if you’d get the desire for ugliness to be the truth out of your heads for a second, then maybe you’d stop taking the trash the tab’s say about generally everyone they write about as bull.

    If you choose to read something “reputable” here’s the link.$StorySummary$0.$DirectLink$1&sp=l28257

  32. M

    Reputable posts have no place on the Superficial.

  33. Trotter

    uh, #83, Moses? Reputable?

    You’ve obviously been hanging out with Tom Cruise.

  34. bjpack

    From the link in #83:
    Iyambo said the couple opted to employ their own security men for the operation, rather than involve the Police.

    Didn’t the Police break up long, long ago? Does this have something to do with Sting’s orgy bar? This story gets stranger and stranger.

  35. tits_on_snack

    Angelina looks too much like her dad (squeal like a pig!) for me to ever entertain any sort of lesbo fantasy about that overrated, tacky-tattoo’d, balloon-lipped clown.
    Posting heavily airbrushed studio-lit professionally photographed pictures of her posing seductively with tons of makeup won’t change my mind eiher.

  36. tits_on_snack

    #80 – lol. I wonder how her brother feels about Brad moving in on his turf. I bet the baby is actually his.

  37. katie

    people who like boring, not pretty aniston over angelina are insane. aniston is a crappy actress, not attractive without makeup or her nose job to get rid of her gigantic greek nose, and hasnt done a damn thing for this world.

    angelina is beautiful, smart, an ambassdor for the UN, a great actress and interesting. yeah shes done some insane shit but honestly, its better that doing nothing which is exactly what aniston has accomplished. also, angelina doesnt give a shit about what people think of her, and is a very very strong woman.

    all you see about aniston is her running around trying to make people feel sorry for her.

    and i dont think angelina’s a homewrecker. why always blaming the woman? brad had a choice and he took it, and i would have (and so would many other men AND women) as well. if it wasnt angelina, it would have been someone else bc clearly brad wasnt happy with whiny, pity-me, lame ass aniston.

    maybe they will break up, maybe they wont, but angelina will always be beautiful and brilliant and brad (who has SERIOUSLY lost his looks) will move on to someone else.

    what it comes down to is that a little redneck state mid western boy cant handle a real woman.

    and who knows, maybe they wont break up after all

  38. tits_on_snack

    “people who like boring, not pretty aniston over angelina are insane. aniston is a crappy actress,”blahblahlblahllablahlblaah

    Hey – just because someone doesn’t wanna eat a big plate of angelina’s shit while furiously masturbating to fantasies of keeping her menstrual blood in a big mason jar around their neck, doesn’t mean they automatically by default love jennifer aniston.

  39. #89, this is THE SUPERFICIAL. Now go to your room and don’t come back out until you have something shallow and insulting to say about this story.

  40. Trotter

    Why do you think Brad & Angelina went to Africa to birth the baby? For the clean hospitals? No, to hide from Angie’s enraged brother. I hear he wants to perform the episiotomy himself and Brad is PISSED.

  41. Discordia

    Goddamn, I bet she could poke someone’s eye out with those elbows.

  42. gogoboots

    On second thought, Angie is kinda nuts, she won’t get married bc she doesn’t want to commit but she’ll let Brad adopt her children. And she’s having his baby?! What a weird world we live in….

  43. Bellisima

    #89 Angelina is that you??!!!!

  44. Pelle

    i pity her kids, micheal jacksons kids are better of, and they get thrown off balconys ffs! now the most interesting thing with that photo is that shes large in the torso and her arms are sharper than a fucking sword, wtg! miscarriage, she will have

  45. fanie

    It’s all about the babies, for this woamn. LOL! “Oh, I’ll have anyone’s babies, but I won’t commit or marry them. I won’t even bother dating them. I’ll just have their babies, and then adopt more.” is probably what she is thinking.

  46. bluecanary

    His MOM wants them to be married? She’s not keen on having her grandchild born out of wedlock?

    If I were Angelina Jolie I’d say f**k your mom. Nothing like a nosy, overbearing mother to make your “fiance” run for the hills.

    Please, please, can I marry a man who lets his mommy run his life?? PLEEEEEEEASE?

  47. CancerNipples

    To the girls who posted stuff like “Am I the only one who thinks Brad isn’t at all hot” and “Am I the only one who actually likes Angelina Jolie?”

    You ladies are not alone! I have never thought Brad Pitt was hot, or even a particularly good actor! Fuck him.

    Also, Angelina is awesome. I LOVE reading about all her “whacky adventures”. Billy Bob, all the tattoos, kid-collecting, brother-kissing, on and on. She’s a weirdo, but she’s also a strong woman and just cool as hell!

    I don’t hate Jennifer Aniston, but I think she’s nothing special careerwise and in the media she is always portrayed as a weak little victim and the “girl next door” Booooorring! Give me Angie any day.

    I would like to agree with the person above who said Angelina just took Brad because she COULD, and she was just using him so she could have (she hopes) a beautiful baby.

  48. mija289

    So let me get this straight:

    It’s only ok to delve deeper into the story as long as it’s in the negative, but once something pops up that may provide someone with a differnt pov then it’s not ok to say it here because “this is thesuperficial?”

  49. Don'tPanic

    #69 Preach on Spindoc, I was wondering when someone would mention his acne scarred face. I find Brad Pitt reasonably attractive but he’s not the hottest man in existence.

    #87 tits_on_snack, I was thinking the exact same thing about the photos. The right photographer and make-up artist can make anyone look presentable.

    Of course they are going to break up, its just a matter of when not if.

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