Brad Pitt walks out on Angelina Jolie

April 6th, 2006 // 140 Comments

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are allegedly fighting, with some reports saying she’s kicked him out of the bedroom and others saying Pitt has actually moved out.

“Brad and Ange have been fighting like cat and dog over where to have the baby, over whether Angelina should continue to fly and also over her thinness,” a source reveals in NW magazine. Pitt is also apparently “under pressure” from his family to get Ange to the alter as soon as possible because Brad’s mum, Jane, is not keen on her grandchild being born out of wedlock. “Ange has been putting up obstacle after obstacle and it’s clear to Brad she


  1. Wait…why do we care about them or the fact that they are fighting? I don’t know about you guys but I come to The Superficial to read embarrassing pointless and petty news about people not to further read about a strangers real personal life.

  2. christee

    bradleeeee….can’t turn a ho into a housewife. especially not a crazy ho. damn!

  3. Italian Stallion

    I need some milk for my cereal, Angelina, little help……

  4. Ashlee

    If this is true – you just made my day Superficial! I don’t care that much for J.Anniston I just have NEVER like Jolie. I think the moment was when she posed with her brother holding her breasts. Seriously, who does that???? And she used to wear Billy Bob’s blood. And now she acts like a motherly saint????? I would love to never hear from her again.

  5. SuperSpence

    The only way to solve this problem is for Angelina Jolie to have the baby and then, when the baby fat is gone, to start having sex with me as often as possible. That should clear up everything.

  6. minime

    Ange is a serious man eater. She loves misery.

  7. honeycomb's_big_yeahyeahyeah

    (To the tune of ‘Danke Schon’)

    Schadenfreude, darlin schadenfreude…

    (insert music notes here!)

  8. senin

    How is this surprising? It was just a matter of time before she kicked him to the curb. The thrill of the chase is gone and Brad is soon to follow.

  9. CoJo

    I think it’s becoming clear that Ange just wanted some sperm that was equally as beautiful as her eggs and had no interest in the actual sperm donor.

  10. Trotter

    Hell, she probably got tired of saying no to him putting it in her pooper. After all that time of sticking in that ugly horse ass (Jen A) he’s gotten confused. Angie just needs to retrain him: “Honey, my vagina good, Jen Aniston’s ass evil…”

  11. 86

    I hope her baby has 3 heads.


  12. dimestoredetective

    I like boobs

  13. tits_on_snack

    Beautiful people do not always = beautiful offspring. I’m seriously betting the kid’s gonna come out horrid. Angelina’s smushed in pug face, Brad’s square forehead, big chin… They both have big full mouths and lips, so I’m also envisioning a rather large Clydesdale horse-like muzzle.

  14. I am sure once the baby is born things will be all sweetness and nice. The last month is always the hardest.
    Donna A.

  15. imabeeatch

    Serves the homewreckers right. Angelina is one crazyassskankyhobagbiatch!

    I love talking about bitches I hate! :)

  16. sweetcheeks

    Am I the only woman here who likes Angelina Jolie? Rather, who LOVES and ADORES Angelina Jolie?

    I have small shrine to her in my bedroom, consisting of several racy Lara Croft photos, the remainder of a biscotti she’d eaten and thrown away, and the ticket stubs from Gone in Sixty Seconds, Girl, Interrupted, and Original Sin.

    Oh, that and a vat of pig’s blood. It’s a pretty kick-ass shrine.

  17. Brokeneyes

    #13…so true. Though they might be good looking on their own, their genes aren’t going to mix well. This baby is going to be awfully similar to Heidi Klum’s Mole Child.

  18. auh2o

    I’m just glad that Pitt legally adopted all her various children before the whole thing, predictably, blew up. You don’t want to let them get out of this unscathed. She can’t commit to marriage, but letting a guy she’s been dating for a few months adopt her infant children? No problem. Angelina Jolie is from Neptune. That anybody cares about her life or can endure her atrocious movies is a sad commentary on human civilization at this particular point in history…

  19. Nimuë LaMer

    Ange’s hormones are probably playing ping pong with her brains right about now, and Brad’s finding out that playing house with real babies ain’t all it’s cracked up to be… and is probably thinking Jen had a point when she said she didn’t want kids just yet.

    Oh, 20/20 hindsight! Curse you!

  20. discreet_chaos

    She was the girl in that Winona Ryder movie, right?

  21. krisdylee

    what we have here is the super-ego power struggle… throw in some of them crazy-ass pregnancy hormones, a dose of father knows best attitude and yee-haw, we got ourselves nothin’ but fun!!!

    pass the popcorn.

  22. sweetcheeks

    The girl from that Winona Ryder movie? “That GIRL”?! Do you mean the “Oscar-winner-for-best-supporting-actress-for-Girl-Interrupted” girl??!!!

    Look, you’ve gone and made me spill my pig’s blood.

  23. Foxbase Alpha

    He’s leaving her for Angela Lansbury. The pregnant bitch don’t cut it no mo’.

  24. EvilFiend

    check out my humps, my pretty lady lumps… none in the back… all in the front…

  25. k37744

    I (purposefully-thank you) got pregnant when I was 29 years old. My daughter’s father and I had discussed marriage, but there was NO WAY IN HELL I was getting married while I was pregnant. Not only is your image of your body warped, but your entire being/psyche is put to the test wondering about priorities/mortality/parenthood etc.

    Give the woman a break. Let her have her baby. If anyone pressured me about marriage while I was carrying an extra 50 pounds of swollen ankles and kicking mini-me, I would’ve ripped their face off.

    sweetcheeks, pass me some o’ dat pig’s blood. I’ll be in Angie’s corner until she actually does something I DON’T admire.

  26. 86

    Like being a homewrecker?

  27. ribbit25

    I am supposed to believe that a 45 year old man who has doinked every “it” poa in Hollywood and then cheated on his wife with a freakazoid is “under pressure” from his mommy and that the child out of wedlock crossed the line. Please!
    Angelina doesn’t want to get married? She loves to GET married, she just can’t STAY married.
    I could care less what happens to these idiots but rarely does any couple make it through pregnancy and subsequent childbirth and beyond without getting on each other’s nerves – ask my husband.

  28. Wild Rose

    Angelina is so used to visiting third world countries she isn’t even aware she is thin. Don’t believe me? Look at her arms in the pic. The skin on her arms looks like it’s just hanging there. It’s not very attractive. At the moment she is all baby, and when she gives birth she’s going to be as skinny as ever but with humongeous boobs. Betcha you’re frothing at the mouth as you read this!

  29. k37744

    Darlin, if you think the only reason a man strays is because of the bait in front of him, you’ve got a hell of a life lesson comin.

  30. DrDanny

    Don’t _all_ pregnant women have violent mood swings and start arguments for no reason? He’d be nuts to walk out on her now: she’s a gold-plated babe! He just needs a new movie project to keep him out of the way for awhile. Or maybe a b.i.g bottle of valium.

  31. Twiggaterp

    Pitt needs to go Fight Club on her belly. Then she has no leverage on him. That way, he can just bang her and not worry about rolling out when it gets all stale.

  32. How has the thread gotten this far without a correction of Cojo’s (#9) assertion that Brad Pitt possesses beautiful sperm? Unless each individual spermatozoa belonging to Brad is rockin’ eight-pack abs, poreless skin, and anything but a “Say whuh?” expression on their faces, I beg to differ. Brad Pitt will always be “Rat Boy” to me.

  33. LRonHoover

    I’d Hit It!!!

  34. bjpack

    A relationship built on fucking,
    Is bound to end up sucking.
    Good sex will only take you so far,
    Ere another bed beckons you thar.

  35. SweetCheeks; I also saw her the other night in an old Timothy Hutton/David Duchovny thing. In it and at a crucial scene, TH told her to “think of it, like we’re adopting a Chinese baby”. Personally and considering that the film was from ’97, it may have also been where she got the idea. Otherwise, I’m sorry, but I’ve only knowingly seen in supporting roles and really only know her by her well-tooled reputation.

  36. Georgia

    Breaking News!!!!

    Pregnant Women are Irrational….

    He must be so used to being a pampered star that he can’t handle not being the center of attention.

    And screw his mom. Its not her life or her baby or her business.

    I’m sure she was also probably against Brad going to Hollywood to become an actor and we all know how that turned out.

  37. CoJo

    Thanks, #32. I just don’t that there is any other reason that she could possibly be with him, I mean, it’s definitely not personality, ala the permanent “Say whuh” expression he’s always sporting…she doesn’t need his money…I don’t get it. He must have beautiful sperm….

    What if things are going south because the baby may not be his! Maybe it’ll come out cambodian or african!

    Anyway, to sweetcheeks, I also adore Angelina. She is my “girl-ide-go-gay-for”, definitely. Skinny arms and all. I think she’s hot. However, if your over 16 and you have posters of her, I think you should consider some help, honey.

  38. playahater101

    All women go crazy that last month of pregnancy. You don’t want anyone to touch you, you want the baby out, plus he’s probably constantly nagging her for sex and nagging her about not flying. Not to mention she has 2 little ones to deal with and probably didn’t plan on getting pregnant. She probably kicked him outta the bedroom so she could get some peace and quiet. I’m sure everything will be wonderful after the baby is born.

  39. playahater101

    Doesn’t she look funny with those HUGE boobs, that big belly and those teeny weeny little arms? I can imagine her being an evil hormonal bitch, too.

  40. A Nobody

    I used to be one of those who pitied Aniston, but now I just pity her. Her skinny arms could be from feeling guilty. Poor baby. Damn that bitch, the baby’s the one I pity.

  41. CoJo

    OH, and BTW – I’ve seen many a pregnant woman loose weight during pregnancy. Some women are sick for the majority of the 9 months, so gaining weight is not an option, keeping food down is hard enough…

    Leave her alone. Let’s make fun of what a jack-ass Brad Pitt is. C’mon people! Work is just too boring today…

  42. Craig & "em"


    Angelina Jolie gives birth to Tom “Crazy Hairpiece” Cruise and Kate’s baby. MEANWHILE…Katie “Shut Your Mouth” Holmes gives birth to a 180 lb blonde (sometimes brunette) baby and named IT Brad Pitt.

    All 4 are set to star in the new WB sitcom which will tentively be called CRAZY PEOPLE AND THEIR BABIES

  43. Mrs. Boop

    All I gotta say is:

    Karma baby!

  44. trophywife

    I’m definitely an Angie fan… have loved her and had wild sexual fantasies about her for years (including and not including my husband)… But let the girl have some peace… I lost almost 50 pounds during my pregnancy, in and out of the hospital to get IVs stuck in me to get nutrition in me since I barfed it all out. I think considering the fact that she’s having to deal with it as a celebrity, dealing with 2 other kids, travelling to do her humanitarian work, she’ll be fine.

    I doubt any of this horseshit about her and Brad are true… it’s some Assiston mojo devil worshipping that she is doing to make this shit up. I’m probably one of a small minority that is pulling for all that is Brangelina. :)

  45. PapaHotNuts

    Brad really left because Angelina wanted to start paying Maddux .45 cents an hour for making clothes for the new baby. Brad knows that the typical pay for a Cambodian sweat shop kid under 8 years of age is only .30 cents an hour. Zahara works for sippy-cups full of warm milk, but that’s only for another year or two, and then they’ll have to start paying her too. Brad knows that money doesn’t grow on trees, and he won’t be coming home until Angelina gets her fucking head straight. She better realize that she’s more than just an adoptive parent, she’s also the children’s employer. .45 cents an hour! Bitch please. Form a union for fuck’s sake.

  46. texinthecity

    Pregorexic. Everybody knows that Brad doesn’t like chunky girls. Aniston lost her ghetto booty as soon as she hooked up with him. I’m not surprised they are fighting. Everyone gets cranky and bitchy when they don’t eat, especially 9th mth pregnant women. Angie needs a sandwich REAL bad.

  47. DonLes91

    I wish to be ENGULFED in all that is Angelina. Mmmm…titties…

  48. gogoboots

    I think this is all B.S., although Angie is pretty thin anyway, she’s always been this stick with tits, and now it looks like she has a basketball under her shirt.

  49. Wild Rose

    O.K. CoJo, I’ll diss Brad a bit fer ya–He’s a silly-ass twerp for getting involved with such a strong-willed woman. Ya don’t date Angelina-fricken-Jolie and expect to be the one in control of the relationship. She’s a risk-taker and he can only hope some of her coolness rubs off on him. She may very well be sweet and kind-natured in real life, but I bet she could also beat the shit out of any guy who pisses her off. Brad’s lucky she only kicked him out of the bedroom!

  50. erowens

    Based on these pictures, I think the title should read, “Brad Pitt ruins Angelina Jolie”. She looks about 60 in that first picture.

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