Brad Pitt on The Today Show

Brad Pitt sat down for an interview this morning in New Orleans with The Today Show’s Ann Curry (Video after the jump). He’s currently in the 9th Ward building affordable solar-powered houses for Hurricane Katrina victims. But that shit’s for suckers; Let’s talk about those Brangelina babies! Here’s some excerpts of the interviews including a fake one. See if you guess which one it is:

On raising six kids:
“I look at my sons and my daughters, and one’s from Vietnam and one’s from Cambodia and one’s from Ethiopia, and … they’re all brothers and sisters. And they’re fighting, they’re laughing, they’re going into hysterics and staying up late, and they’re messing with their parents, and they’re driving me crazy and I’m really proud.”

On his reluctance to discuss his family in interviews:
“It just gets cheapened somehow, as it goes through the filters in the airwaves,” he explained. “And some things you just want to keep close.”

On the media:
“Listen, if I single-handedly rebuild New Orleans into a thriving metropolis complete with flying cars, then will you people please forget that I cheated on Jennifer Aniston and am criminally less sexy than that guy who writes The Superficial. It’s embarrassing.”

On getting married to Angelina Jolie:
“If we feel it’s important to our kids, we’ll do so.”

Hope you put your thinking caps on!

Answer: “If we feel it’s important to our kids, we’ll do so.” Ha ha ha! No, seriously, who fell for that one? You might want to get checked for tumors.

Photos: Splash News