Brad Pitt to Angelina Jolie: ‘PUSH!’

December 9th, 2008 // 63 Comments

Here’s Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at the world premiere of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button last night in Hollywood. Don’t ask me what the hell they’re doing, but I’m pretty sure Brad just saw the head.

BRAD: Blue 22. Hike!
ANGELINA: Eeeyah! *pop* What is it?
BRAD: Boy.
ANGELINA: Sweet. Ready to get back inside?
BRAD: Hold up; I want to see if I can spiral it. Go long.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Craig


  2. Steve


  3. susana

    She looks so in love….

  4. English Bob

    Just looking at these pics made me wonder who puts the most into their lovemaking…? Him or Her..? What do’ya reckon fellow freaks/wasters/bored at work people..?

  5. jaime

    looks like angelina likes the “back door”!

  6. Ananana

    #6 oh hell yeah! it’s a good thing brad pitt has a good aim, otherwise i dont think she’d manage to give birth to 3 kids…

  7. Fernanado Narcos

    If her fivehead gets any bigger,there’ll be a Mexican family of twenty moving in….

  8. dude

    LMAO! Nice job fish. These comments belong in the hall of fame…”Go long.”….Lovin’ it.

  9. Photoshop Police

    Is Brad signing an autograph for a fan and using Angelina’s back as a table?

    p.s. – attention Hollywood. Movember is over. It is now officially Beard-cember.

  10. havoc

    He’s getting a bird’s eye view of the ole chocolate starfish.

    I imagine Angelina’s balloon knot is something to behold….


  11. Valkyrie

    Anybody else think Pitt would look just like Hitler if he shaved the mustache?

  12. Anna

    Someone please tell me he’s wearing that ridiculous mustache for a movie role he’s currently working on and not just because he thinks he looks good. Because he’d be kinda wrong on that.

  13. Billy Bob T

    Nothing looks worse on a woman than tattoos. End of story

  14. jrz

    Kiss your brother much, marriage-wrecker?

  15. Me Like Tits

    Are her tits real? If so, I salute.

  16. Comentator

    Yeah about that fivehead, Angie looks way better with some hair framing her face, with it all pulled back so tight and dark in color it makes her face look to severe.

  17. Anna

    god i wish she would leave! She is so trashy and UGLY!!!

  18. Ted Kennedy's Tumor

    If I wasn’t sure Brad is gay, I would think he is trying to do her. Maybe he is just “experimenting” with the Vag.

    havoc, that was pretty damn funny. Never heard of it called a Balloon Knot!

  19. Andy

    “I’m pretty sure Brad just saw the head.”

    Of what? The turtle? The prairie dog?

    Of course, when a woman eats 500 calories a day it’s a rare event that she has something to push out, and it’s pretty tiny in any event. I bet Brad has an empty Percoset bottle for just these occasions.

  20. Kayleigh C

    She’s beautiful.

  21. Jumpin_J

    Nice tat on Angelina back shoulder, looks like a frickin bar code. Wonder if it scans?

  22. Antonio

    She is looking more Indian — as in Native American — by the day. HI Yaaa hiiiiii.

    Her mams was a squaw you know. That’s why she hates her dad. Not because he cheated, but because he cheated on the TRIBE. She’s a damn savage. All that’s missing is the feather in her hair and Brad’s bloody pelt slung over her back.

  23. Davo

    so many shitty tattoos on one body…. mindnumbing

  24. Employee

    so many shitty tattoos on one body…. mindnumbing

  25. Jesse

    So she’s an Alcoholic Casino-American?

  26. Alex

    Incredibly gorgeous woman! Damn! He is super hot and has been since for ever but she is simply gorgeous, wouldn’t mind participating in a menage a trois with both of them. I’m not into girls but she definitely counts as an exception.

  27. pete

    If that were Jennifer Aniston, Brad would be staring at a 1 micrometer opening.

  28. Mama Pinkus

    Lovely dress but those tattoos look vulgar.

  29. What the......?

    #s 24 & 25–So, are you Davo or are you Employee?

  30. Both of these rich losers are reall assholes. When they were in India a couple years ago, they barged into a religious ceremony and were incredibly rude and disrupted it thinking they were above everyone there because of their bank account. They should be thankful they had good security… they were run out of the temple and could have been nearly beaten to death for their ignorance and fat heads. They put out to the public like they are the all caring hollywierd/give back attitude, when in fact they are nothing more than white trash with money. I have always wondered why it is that just because someone can act on the big screen or the T.V. why they get put on some sort of pedistal… self made or publicly made. I would not allow these two people in my house… similar to not allowing a slimy politician into my home either. Good looking? So what if they are? I have seen many beautiful people around the world that are not as big of assholes as these two… and not near as stupid as they are.

  31. tp

    Angelina is the new Skelator

  32. Richard McBeef

    her boobies look like rockets.

  33. Rick

    #31 – Lighten up, Francis. What did they do, forget to sacrifice a starving child to appease a cow-god? India is a smelly morass of brown slaves and the home to some truly laughable religions.

  34. ummm...yeah

    I totally agree with Rick#34,
    WTFC about fuckin India? What a stupid country,every fuckin body is starving and they let all the fuckin cows roam around free as you please…why don’t you motherfuckers eat a fuckin cow, eat a fucking burger and some fuckin steak and stop asking the rest of the world for fuckin money so you can feed the idiots that won’t take advantage of a walking roast beef.
    Stupid fuckin religions, stupid fuckin people…

  35. Gregg

    The assholes have once again spoke. They’re signing autographs with their usual grace and respecters of fans. Why the venom and personal attacks with no information at all about them? Brad’s mustache for you
    uninformed, again, is for the shooting in Germany of the film Magnificent Bastards. Your prejudices be it
    about looks, past years or just blindness are so over the top you make the majority of us wonder where the
    devil do you come from?

  36. Kerry

    i appreciate what they have done for my city:) they are very giving people. sure she’s a lil strange, then again who isnt?

  37. God

    Kerry, what about all that I’ve done for your city? Thanks for the shout out…..bitch.

  38. Max Planck

    Tattoos suck…especially when you have the Voter Information Pamphlet across your back.

  39. Chris

    I don’t have anything against either of them, but can the woman wear ANYTHING but black?? It’s like she’s cloaked in the color and were she to take it off, she’d become one of those shreiking satanic demon women from Van Helsing.

  40. comedian

    I didn’t get the dialogue… was it supposed to be funny?..


    #31. Is entirely right. Just look at the idiots who disagree, racist trash, that says it all, their opinion has no value. Don’t worry #31 a lot of people agree with you, these two are giant hypocrites. Only ugly brainless loosers defend or admire these two shit for brains turds.

  42. Quinn

    #42 is right. These two should be executed for not being respectful enough during the cow-worship service in India. On the other hand, my Dell is still broken, so fuck those pimento-forehead overpopulators!

  43. 7-11

    # 43 should be executed for fucking that cow in the ass during its worship service. I hear the cow was a minor

  44. Doggy Style

    I bet she looks beautiful when she’s sucking on the head of the penis, and licking and biting the ball sack, Just lovely.

  45. 42's biggest fan ever!

    # 42 I admire you! you have done so much good! just look at you driving a hybrid and supporting lesbian’s right not to wear bras! please do set more examples!

  46. Kahlee

    umm plenty of Indians eat beef. They also make a shit load of leather goods there. Thousands of cows are slaughtered every day in India.

  47. titsonsnack

    She looks massively uncomfortable in that gown. GOD WHY DOES HE HAVE THAT FUCKING FRIGGING MOUSTACHE.

  48. Danklin24

    Danklin24 to Brad Pitt: Shave that monstrosity you call a mustache right now. Christ you look like a German Nazi pedophile.

  49. original

    how come no one has mentioned that pitt has pedophile’s mustach?..

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